Apr 09 2018


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Dr. Rock & the Rollers

May 12


Tribute to Glen Campbell

June 9


Buddy Holly Tribute

with Kenny James

(and Barney Fife!)

June 23


King, Killer, and the

Man in Black

August 11


Fun 4

Beatles Concert

August 18


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Community Treasure Series


April 11, 2018

7:00pm Free


Friday Night Frights


April 13, 2018

7:30pm  $5


Indianapolis Motor Speedway



April 18, 2018

7:00pm   Free


Shelby County Tourism


April 20, 2018



Bluegrass Concert

Catrina and the


April 21, 2018


$10 Adv. / $12 Door


Shelby County Players


1951 Radio Drama

April 27, 2018

April 28, 2018

7:30pm   Free (with ticket)

Tickets available from Shelby County Players & at the Strand


Three Sisters Books & Gifts


April 30, 2018


7pm – Free


Festival Film Series


May 1, 2018

7pm – $10


Shelby County Proscecutor



7pm  Free


Shelbyville High School


May 5, 2018

7pm  – Free




May 7, 2018



Advantage Shelby County


May 9, 2018



Community Treasure Series


May 16, 2018

7pm – Free


Shelbyville Middle School


May 17, 2018

7pm – Free


Country Music Concert


May 19, 2018

7:30pm  $20 Adv / $25 Door


Friday Night Frights


May 25, 2018

7:30pm – $5




June 2, 2018

7:30pm – $20 Adv / $25 Door


Tribute Concert


June 9, 2018

7:30pm – $20 Adv / $25 Door


Community Treasure Series


June 13, 2018

7pm – Free


Friday Night Frights


June 15, 2018

7:30pm – $5


Tribute Concert



(and Barney Fife!)

June 23, 2018

7:30pm – $20 Adv / $25 Door

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Mar 22 2018

Special Work Session – March 24, 2018

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Feb 23 2018

Strand Theatre Weekly Newsletter: February 23, 2018


Tonight is opening night for MURDER INN presented by the Shelby County Players.   Curtain is at 7:30pm.   Tickets are still available.   The play will be performed this weekend and next.    Come out and support live theater in downtown Shelbyville.




Art in its fundamental form is communication.   The Strand, as an Arts organization, believes in communication.   This next discussion is for our Strand Fans who live here in Shelby County.    This has to do with access to the Strand between now and Thanksgiving.

The Indiana Department of Transportation is rebuilding State Road 9 (Harrison Street) from Broadway Street  to the Bartholomew County Line.    This is something that the local authorities were unaware was starting.   Everyone was notified with the “Road Closed on 3-1-2018” that magically appeared on Muchmore Hill.  Here is what we think is going to occur:


Broadway south to Colescott will be restricted to two lanes (the eastside lanes) starting next Thursday.    This will continue, alternating to the west lanes, through Thanksgiving.   Many of the side street access points will be closed.   Since the Strand is on the westside lanes, there will be NO ACCESS to the Strand.   We are working with the contractor Milestone to come up with a solution.   We are meeting next week and will report what happens.    


SR 9 will be closed from Colescott south to the Bartholomew County line.   This is happening as you read this.    There will be portions that will be open to one lane of southbound traffic only.    This too will be until Thanksgiving.   We have several volunteer that live in the southern part of the County.   They are not jumping for joy.   


Shelby County will have the GIS Thinkmap updated continuously.  Search for “SHELBY COUNTY INDIANA GIS” to access this.   It is public information and is expertly updated by Tom Debaun.  You now know as much as we do, but since this project will impact the Strand, we will keep you informed every step of the way.




The Strand is hosting a 4 part lecture series on the United States Constitution.   These will be held on Tuesdays in March.   Admission is free and the lectures will start at 7pm.   This is in conjunction with Hillsdale College from Michigan.   We presented their Winston Churchill Series a few years ago and that was a great success.   We look forward to an in depth look at our Constitution from an academic viewpoint.    We hope you can attend.


On March 17th we welcome Tim Grimm and company to the Strand performing PURE PRINE: MUSIC OF JOHN PRINE.   NUVO in Indianapolis said PURE PRINE: “dramatically integrates Prine’s graceful lyrics and music into a story warming your heart with pathos, humor, loss, hopefulness and above all, caring about each other….superb musicianship.”   7 musicians present 35 Prine songs that span 30 plus years.    Tickets are on sale now.   They are $20 Advance at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash or check only) or online at Brownpapertickets.com.   As always, we have them at the Strand Box Office during performances.    This is a wonderful value for top flight entertainment.    


On Tuesday April 10th the Strand welcomes international singer-songwriter DAMIAN McGINTY to our stage.   Damian McGinty was born in Derry, Northern Ireland.   Damian is has performed with CELTIC THUNDER and was on the hit TV series GLEE.   We are honored that he put the Strand as a stop on his SLOW DANCE TOUR.   Tickets start at $35 for general admission to the concert.   For admission to the meet and greet the ticket is $60.    For admission to the soundcheck, meet and greet is $100.   This is the first time we have had a $100 ticket at the Strand.   We are pleased to announce that several have already been sold!


We are looking forward to the murder mystery taking place in the Strand tonight.   MURDER INN starts at 7:30pm.    Things like this happen because of you, thank you!   See you at the Strand.

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Feb 16 2018

THIS WEEKEND – Important Information


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to CANCEL this weekend’s concerts.

CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL TRIBUTE – Hopefully will return in 2019

GLEN CAMPBELL TRIBUTE- Rescheduled to June 9, 2018


If you purchased your tickets online, your credit card will automatically be credited the full amount.   If you purchased your tickets locally at Mickey’s T-Mart, you may receive a refund by bringing your tickets to any Strand event.   If you paid by check, the checks have NOT been deposited.  We will return your original check.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.   We hope to see you at another Strand event soon.


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Feb 16 2018

Strand Theatre Weekly Newsletter: February 16, 2018

Dear Strand Fan,


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the concert’s this weekend had to be cancelled.   The Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute concert is cancelled and we hope to rebook the group in 2019.   The GLEN CAMPBELL TRIBUTE CONCERT has been rescheduled to JUNE 9, 2018.


If you purchased tickets online, your credit card has already been credited with a full refund.   You should have received and email from BrownPaperTickets verifying this.   If you purchased your tickets at Mickey’s, you can bring the tickets to any Strand performance for a refund.  If you paid by check, we will return your check (they have not been deposited).     If you paid cash, you will receive a cash refund.  If you have tickets for the Glen Campbell Concert, those tickets may be returned for a refund, or my be used at the June 9th performance.   For further information, please call 31-395-3318.   We are sorry for the inconvenience.


On to better things… The Saturday we are holding a work session from 9am – 1pm.  We are getting the last of the “must do” list finished.   This includes some painting on the stage and removing the scaffolding.    We will clear our Cabaret Area.  It is full of new lighting equipment.  This must be stored in our Annex until we are ready to install these new instruments.  The final job is paint, paint, paint!   We are on a roll with our offices and are excited as the end is in sight.  The major work to do is…you guessed it, Paint!   Thank you to our volunteer Mike who prepared all the plaster work.  It is nice to have talented and dedicated volunteer.  He has made a tremendous impact on our work.


We hope to see you Saturday!


Not all problems are bad.  When a door shuts, another opens.  Although we had to reschedule our Glen Campbell, that left the theater dark on Saturday night.   The Shelby County Players are now able to load in a day early!  We are both all volunteer organizations, as such we totally understand the need for as much stage time as possible.   We look forward to the Players load in for their upcoming play MURDER INN.   Murder Inn will perform starting Friday February 23rd with performances on Friday,  Saturday, and Sunday this week.  The following week MURDER INN will perform Thursday through Sunday.  


Last Friday Danika and the Jeb presented a fantastic concert.   Jeb played an 8 string guitar.  It had a wonderful sound (warning, luthier tech talk ahead).   This guitar was made by Frantisek Furch.   He has been building guitars since 1981 and is established a fine reputation selling instruments across Europe and Japan.   In North America these guitars are marketed by Stonebridge.   The twist on Jeb’s guitar is that most octave the E and A (top two) strings.  This twist adds depth on the D and G strings while inverting the octave string.   The concert was wonderful, Danika is a wonderful singer.  We hope to have them back in 2019.


Work Session on Saturday, Murder Inn a week for today!   We do this because of you, thank you for your support.   See you at the Strand!

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Feb 09 2018

This Week at the Strand

Danika and Jeb Poster WEB FNF February WEB

Friday Night Frights


February 9, 2018

7:30pm   $5


Driller Killer, from 1979, is iconic for fans of the genre.   It will kick off our 2018 Friday Night Frights Series with a recently restored copy.   


Valentine’s Concert

DANIKA and the JEB

February 10, 2018


$15 advance $20 door


If you like “coffee house” easy listening music, you will want to experience the nationally touring duo.   We are fortunate to bring them to Shelbyville.   The contact with the artists started May of 2017 for the performance this coming week.   This is a concert where we need our community to support our efforts in presenting not only local and regional entertainment, but also groups who tour the country.

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Feb 09 2018

Strand Theatre Weekly Newsletter: February 9, 2018

Dear Strand Fan,


We start our season in earnest tonight!    Friday Night Frights will get the cobwebs off and get things rolling.   Tonight we are showing the 1979 classic THE DRILLER KILLER directed by Abel Ferrara.   Strand volunteer Branden Y. has provided this excellent overview of the film:


“Most of the attention The Driller Killer has received has been because it appeared on the Video Nasties list back in the 1980’s. This list was compiled of films the UK government deemed as too violent or obscene for the public.  Though, the film wasn’t subjected to quite the same level of scrutiny as other titles featured on the list, the uncut version of The Driller Killer was still not allowed to be distributed in the United Kingdom for risk of prosecution up until 2002.


Fortunately, this list no longer exists.  Like many of the films from the 70’s, fans of this genre believe in preserving them as the new restored copy has done.  The Driller Killer, while contrevisial at the time, is hardly as brutal as what we see in horror films today.  It serves as a great looking glass into New York City in the 1970’s.  Those were wild times and when you get to the gore of the Driller Killer, you can’t help but remember it mostly for being a little before its time.”


Tomorrow we welcome the coffee house music style of DANIKA and the JEB.   We receive the following message from Danika:


Hello friends and patrons of The Strand Theatre,


Thanks for letting us take 2 minutes of your time today.  You don’t know me, but I’d like to change that.  I make up half of the acoustic duo that will be performing a concert at The Strand Theatre this Saturday, Feb. 10th  (Danika &  The Jeb).


We’ve played many concerts around the United States and Europe and are relatively new to the Shelbyville area.  That’s why we wanted to reach out and introduce ourselves… so that by the time you show up to the concert, we know each other!


So, this is the part where we’re supposed to impress you with our accomplishments, music samples, and quotes from “important people” letting you know why you should come.  But, we wanted to just send you a personal note, direct from us instead.  All the “meant to impress” stuff is out there and available if that’s what you want, but what we really wanted to say is this…


We realize that taking a chance to go see a band/artist you’ve never seen (or even heard of) before is a risk on your part, because time is limited and it’s our most precious resource… especially on a Saturday evening!  So, we’re just letting you know what you’ll be getting into!


You can expect to leave our concert feeling good.  We make that our point.  We keep things upbeat and uplifting, but aren’t afraid of tackling real life issues that we all deal with. You might laugh at times, and maybe even shed a tear… regardless, we hope that you’ll leave having felt something through our music that is real.  A true, genuine connection… that’s what we’re hoping to achieve.  After all, that’s the entire reason we’ve devoted our lives to writing, touring, and performing meaningful music.  You’ll be hearing our own  original music, stories, and a few carefully selected cover songs as well (from the Beatles and Stevie Wonder to name a few!)  Also, you can expect some phenomenal guitar playing from Jeb.  Fine, you can call me biased… but I’m willing to bet that once you see Jeb play, you’ll agree with me.


If you’d like to listen to music, see photos, videos, read a bio, etc… that’s can all be found at our website here: http://www.danikaholmes.com.


We really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to come to the show and enjoy some music!  We also really appreciate The Strand Theatre team for inviting us for a concert and letting us reach out to you directly in advance. Look forward to meeting you this Saturday, Feb 10th!   


Thank you Danika, we look forward to the concert.   Tickets are still available online, at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash or check only) and at the door.   The performance starts at 7:30pm.   You will even see some of the new lighting installed over our break!


Next week we have two great concerts.  If you like Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Friday night is your night!   The group BAYOU BLUES will be presenting an entire concert of CCR.    The performance starts at 8pm on February 16th.


Saturday February 17th we have the music of Glen Campbell performed by Country Music Association artist RALPH CURTIS.    We are honoring the recent passing of Glen Campbell with this tribute concert.  


Work has continued through this week.  Our office are coming along well.  Shelbyville Paint, Flooring and More installed the carpet in the offices and projection booth.  Wow!   That area hasn’t been used since the 1960’s and it is amazing seeing it come back to life.


We will be working Saturday morning, so if you have the time, please come and help. The project list is simple.  PAINT, PAINT, PAINT!   If you are curious about the progress, please come take a look.   Hopefully you will make it back to DANIKA and the JEB Saturday night.   As always, we enjoy helping make our community a special place to live, and that is because of you…thank you!   See you at the Strand.

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