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Dec 05 2018

Time to say goodbye…

Our website has been the same since 2008.   The server space has been donated by National Automotive Lines for the past 11 years.   It is time to say goodbye to this old WordPress site.   In January 2019 we will be launching our new website!    This will be much easier and friendlier.   How can a website not be friendly?   Have you every tried our current site on your phone?  It doesn’t work well.   The new site is customized for the viewing platform.   All the content of this site will be on the new site.    Take a look at the old site as you will soon see a change.

Thank you,
The Strand Marketing Volunteers.

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Oct 17 2018

Upcoming Events





Doors open for early show 6pm

Estimate doors open for late show: 9pm 




2 shows!

December 15, 2018

7pm is SOLD OUT

9:30pm is SOLD OUT




Shelby Community Band


December 16, 2018

2:00pm  Free

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Oct 04 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter: October 5, 2018

This is the last week for the Shelby County Players’ performance of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST.   Performances are tonight (Friday) and Saturday at 7:30pm.   The final performance of the run will be Sunday October 7th at 2pm.   We hope to see you at one of these performances. You will be glad you attended!


(Editor’s Note:  Our last email we discussed the author of the original book for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as Ken Kelsey.   This was a ploy to see how many people read these emails closely. Within 30 minutes we received a comment that we spelled the name wrong…it should be Ken Kesey.  That patron was correct. But it didn’t stop there. Another said we left the apostrophe out of “Cuckoo’s” on the marquee. When asked, our volunteer who takes care of the marquee said “I am a Rose-Hulman mechanical engineer, not an English major.”   The mistake was corrected)


On Monday night October 8th the J. KENNETH SELF BOYS & GIRLS CLUB will be holding its 2018 football awards program at the Strand.  This year’s event will be recognizing 113 players and 55 adult coaches and volunteers from the 2018 program. Six teams ranging from grades Kindergarten through 6 competed against other travel programs from central Indiana, playing 41 games over the course of a three-month period. Awards will be presented to each grade’s Outstanding Offensive Player, Defensive Player, Most Improved and Mental Attitude.  This was the Boys & Girls Club’s 30th season providing youth football for the Shelbyville community. The event is free and starts at 6:30pm.


Across the parking lot, GIRLS INC will be presenting at our October Community Treasure Series Lecture on Wednesday October 10th.   The program starts at 7pm and is free.   


We finish out the week with a private event on Friday and BOB ZANY on Saturday October 13th.   

In 1977, at the tender age of fifteen, BOB ZANY on the infamous Gong Show. Halfway through his stand-up routine, which he read from a piece of paper, he was pulled off the stage by a man dressed like a nun wielding a net. Eleven years later, he made a triumphant return as a celebrity judge.


This marked the first of over 100 appearances on national television. In 1981, while attending Mt. San Antonio College, he applied for a job as a newscaster at the campus radio station but was turned down.  Later that year, he auditioned for the owner of The Ice House in Pasadena. The audition took place in the middle of the afternoon in a club that seats 300. From the only occupied chair came the voice of the owner, “You’re not ready”.  Zany looked around the empty showroom and said “Neither is your club!”


Undaunted, he talked the owner into letting him produce his own show so he could have the stage time, and for the owner, an audience. The result was The Bob Zany Show featuring such newcomers as Garry Shandling, Yakov Smirnoff, Robert Wuhl, Kevin Nealon, and Nia Peeples. After one show, Bob was approached by Frazier Smith, the host of a top-rated radio show on KLOS/LA. After a short time doing guest spots on Frazier’s show, Zany was hired by KLOS as a personality with his own show on Saturday mornings.


Other accomplishments include the creation of Bob Zany’s Comedy Outlets, with over 50 locations throughout California and Nevada; a comedy album “Hi Home, I’m Honey”, on Laff Records; a soon-to-be published diet scrapbook, “Laugh at Fat, Bay-bee!”, and the highlight of his career to date, being hired by his idol, Steve Martin, to appear on George Burns’ Comedy Week.


Bob will perform at 8pm on Saturday October 13, 2018 at the Strand Theatre.  Tickets are still available online or at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash or check only)


The Strand and community lost a wonderful supporter.  William “Bill” English passed away this week. Bill and Carolyn English were staunch supporters and consistent patrons in the early years of the Strand.   They provided us with needed words of encouragement, patronage at our events, and support in many other ways. The Strand sends our condolences to Bill’s family.   


This week we booked another October event.  On Sunday, yes Sunday, October 21st comedian SAMUEL J. COMROE will perform at the Strand.     Tickets are only available online or at the door.   Samuel J. Comroe, a Los Angeles native, is a stand-up comedian who performs at over 100 clubs and colleges annually. He made his TV debut on TBS’ Conan, BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood with Kevin Hart and he’s a contestant on the current season of America’s Got Talent.. In addition to his TV appearances Sam was recently featured on All Def Digital’s Comedy Originals. He is also the winner of Ricky Gervais’ Comedy Competition, The San Francisco Comedy Competition, and has over 40,000 subscribers on his Youtube Channel. His comedy is made up of the trials and tribulations of living with Tourette’s Syndrome since being diagnosed at age six and observational material based on his life experiences.   The performance starts at 7:00pm.


TERRY LEE and the ROCKABOOGIE BAND tickets are now available!  You can get yours at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash or check only) or online at   The concert is Saturday October 20th at 7:30pm.   

We are looking forward to our October events.   Take a look at the list to your left. Please note the Shelby County Arts Fest Choir Concert has moved to October 25th.    


This email is being written early in the week.  We have been told by the contractor that the road work in front of the Strand should be done shortly!   We met to discuss parking spaces, and our loading zone is being striped preciscely in front of our marquee.   We look forward to the completion of this project. While we have reservations on the design done by INDOT, we are extremely pleased with the contractor Milestone Construction on how they communicated and dealt with the Strand.  We are always consulted and in the loop. Although it was tough, we knew they were doing their best for us. Thank you to the construction superintendent Kyle for all he has done for the Strand and our neighbors.


We have 15 events this month!   We have already hosted 96 events in 2018.  Our volunteers are busy. This is because we believe that a great community deserves a great performance venue.   This is because of you, thank you! See you at the Strand.

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Sep 21 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter: September 21, 2018

Tonight Friday Night Frights returns.   This month we are screening BLOODY PIT OF HORROR (1965).   The movie was filmed in Italy.   The US version, which we are showing, runs 74 minutes.   This film is a classic example of the Gothic Italian Horror genre.    A movie like this would most likely not be made today. Friday Night Frights takes us back to when the Strand was a movie theater, and this was standard late night weekend fare.   Join us at 7:30pm tonight for BLOODY PIT OF HORROR.


Tomorrow’s concert by the Cincinnati based group COLLY has been postponed.   We hope to have them return in 2019.  This is a very talented group and we were one stop on a 40 venue tour.   We look forward to hearing their music in the Strand next year.


Next week the Shelby County Players open their production of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST.    The play is based on the 1962 novel by Ken Kelsey.   In 1963 shortly after the novel debuted, the stage adaptation by Dale Wasserman was produced.   Over fifty years of productions have been produced including the 1975 film. The book is considered one of the best American novels of the twentieth century.   The title of the book (and play) is derived from a nursery rhyme:


Vintery, mintery, cutery, corn,

Apple seed and apple thorn,

Wire, briar, limber lock

Three geese in a flock

One flew East

One flew West

And one flew over the cuckoo’s nest


ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST opens on Friday September 28th.  Curtain is at 7:30pm. The production runs Friday Saturday and Sunday the first week.  Thursday through Sunday the second week. Sunday matinees start at 2pm. We hope you can attend the Players’ presentation of this American theatrical classic.  


Drip Drip Drip.   Somewhere in the Strand we had a fixture that was left running.  How do we know this? Normally our water bill is $40 per month. This month is was $200.   This happens more than we would like. Our volunteers are working on a solution to solve this problem.    


BOB ZANY is performing on October 13th.   You hear Bob on the nationally syndicated radio show Bob & Tom.    He is a clever entertainer. This will be his third performance at the Strand.   Each time we are amazed and laugh hard. His jokes sometimes take a few seconds to soak in.   It will be a great night of comedy by a nationally touring artist right here in downtown Shelbyville.   Tickets are available online at and locally at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash or check only).    Come support our efforts to bring wonderful entertainment to Shelby County.    Bob’s comedy is for mature audiences only. The bar is provided by Pasghetti’s and The Fly.   


PULP FICTION is on tap for October 26th.  This movie by filmmaker Quentin Tarantino was nominated for seven Academy Awards.    For those who know the film, it is quirky! The title refers to the popular magazine and hardboiled crime novels of the day that know for their graphic violence and punchy dialog.  Come have fun with us as we watch PULP FICTION.


This week we had a young performer film her audition tape on our stage.   It is always amazing hearing the wonderful music wafting out of the auditorium as they diligently perfect and record the performance.   We do this often and it is always fun.


Lot of things good things are happening at the Strand and in Shelby County.   Before you come to Friday Night Frights, stop by BBQ & BREWFEST in Downtown Shelbyville.   It too is tonight, how convenient!


Thank you for your support.   The Strand might be ordinary in our own community, but we are unusual in what we present and how we operate the theater.    See you at the Strand!

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Sep 14 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter: September 14, 2018

This was a quiet week at the theater, but a busy week getting things ready.   We worked on several projects as well as continued our work for 2019. Our volunteers do a great job keeping things on track and on time.   

This week we have two fun things at the theater.  On Saturday we will provide that “ah ha” moment and a blast from the past.   The Shelbyville High School Class of 1968 will tour the Strand as part of their Fiftieth Reunion Festivities.   Think back to 1968…the balcony was open, it was dark, it was private (at least in the back row)… these people have THOSE memories.   It will take them back! The Strand is a generational venue and that will be proved once again on Saturday morning. The Class of 1968 had may classmates attend from near and far.  One member of the class came back from California!


Sunday we welcome back the SHELBY COMMUNITY BAND for DANCING AT THE STRAND.   This will be a great concert and is FREE.   The concert starts at 2pm. The Shelby Community Band is our local concert band.  They were founded in 1973 by forward thinking members of our community. Now in their 45th year, the band continues to entertain audiences with music from today and yesterday.


Next week we welcome COLLY to the Strand.   Their progressive rock will be presented on Saturday September 22, 2018 at 7:30pm.


The Shelby County Players are gearing up for their production of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST.     Technical Director Greg Cox has things coordinated with the Strand for a smooth and (hopefully) easy load in.  Every time we get another Strand project done, we can count on the Shelby County Players to use it first!


Sometimes we need to do serious things.   Once such thing is on the horizon. The Strand has been in operation for 11 years (hard to believe!).   We need to revisit and rethink our mantra “Audience Safety, Audience Comfort.” This has served us well.  This week we were incented to broaden the statement. Now it will be “Safety, Comfort.” We are starting a comprehensive safety training program for all our volunteers.    Although young, we have just enough experience to be sloppy. We aren’t going to get caught in that trap. We have enlisted the help of wonderful business in Shelby County to guide us with our safety training.   


The Strand is a place for everyone.   The past two weeks we welcomed six new volunteers.   We enjoy meeting and getting to know our new family members.   They bring a fresh perspective. We do this all because of you, thank you.   See you at the Strand!

Bob Zany 2018 Poster SMALL 2 Colly WEBSCB Season Poster WEB

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Sep 07 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter: September 7, 2018

Dear Strand Fan,


This past week we had our rescheduled Friday Night Frights.   Sure enough, our fans from Muncie made the drive down, again, to see DEEP RED.   We appreciate their (and your) loyalty. We followed the showing with Saturday’s concert by Kit Haymond and PRESSED IN BLACK.

Kit was joined by Trent Moss and the FAIRLAND RAMBLERS.   Trent did a great first set. It was clean and sharp. Trent is a fine guitar player and singer and has assembled a dynomite group.   Kit played the second set with PRESSED IN BLACK. He started with three new songs. Each was catchy, interesting, and all were good tunes.   He proceeded to fill the evening with fantastic music from the Strand’s stage. Kit has grown musically since his last concert. We are looking forward to his next concert!


This holiday weekend we took a break.   We had an opportunity for a last minute booking on Sunday September 2nd, but being an all volunteer organization we did have the volunteers necessary to hold the concert.   As an organization, the Strand is trying to work as far into the future on bookings as possible. There are many details that are required for each and every show.


We had a cancellation for this weekend, so we are dark.  We are back on September 12th with our Community Treasure Series.  This month the BOY SCOUTS will present about their dynamic and changing organization.   We are fortunate to have several Eagle Scouts as volunteers through the years!   The lecture starts at 7pm and is free.


The Shelby Community Band returns on Sunday September 16th with DANCING AT THE STRAND.   The concert is free and starts at 2pm.    We continue on Friday September 21st with Friday Night Frights.   This month we are showing the 1965 classic BLOODY PIT OF HORROR.


September 22nd the Strand will host a rock concert on Saturday night by COLLY.  This group from Cincinnati is on a midwest tour and we are pleased to welcome them to the Strand.  


Cincinnati’s Colly nimbly balance robust song craft and electronic pop ambition, maintaining the perfect push-and-pull among seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum. (Think The 1975 producing Kings of Leon, and you’re halfway there) Formed in 2017, the quintet quietly drummed up a buzz with early acclaim from Alternative Press, Substream Magazine and more in addition to attracting a growing fan base fueled by marathon touring. The groups forthcoming full length debut, I Can’t Sleep at Night [Paid Vacation Records] will illuminate their intimate, idiosyncratic, and infectious style. Join Colly at the Strand Theatre on Saturday, September 22nd as part of their nationwide tour following their recent release of “Shelter Me”.


The Strand is scheduling safety training to reinforce and expand our safe operational practices.   We will be focusing on how we deal with heights, ladders, and scaffolding. We will require all groups who use the Strand to adhere to our safety standards.   It only takes a second to have a problem. We need to do everything we can to mitigate the chance of an injury at the Strand. We have asked several local businesses to share their safety practices and trainers with us.   These businesses have all stepped up and are helping the Strand remain as safe as we are entertaining.


Tonight is FIRST FRIDAYS downtown.   The theme for September is the Arts.   Many of our friends and performers will be downtown.   We hope you will all visit the activities and fun tonight.   We are dark, so our volunteers can check it out too!


BOB ZANY brings his funny brand of comedy to the Strand on Saturday October 13, 2018.   Bob is clever and witty. We hope you will join us that night for an evening of laughs.


We have fun!    This passed week we welcomed several new volunteers to the Strand family.   They are helping make our theater special, as it is what our community needs and deserves.   Thank you for your support in everything we do. September will be a great month. See you at the Strand!

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