Aug 16 2018

BEATLES CONCERT – Saturday August 18, 2018

Tickets still available!!

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Aug 16 2018

Friday Night Frights – DEEP RED – Cancelled

We goofed! The Beatles Concert on Saturday Night (tickets still available) has a set to resemble the Ed Sullivan Show appearance. Ringo sat on an elevated platform. The platform was built and is in the middle of where the movie screen is lowered. Unfortunately the platform is built into place and we cannot lower our screen for Friday Night Frights. On the bright side, the Beatles set will look great! It was quite the “ah ha” moment when we made that realization.     We will reschedule this film.


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Aug 16 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter – August 17, 2018


AUGUST 18, 2018

8PM   Tickets still available and at the door.

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August 17, 2018 (tonight)


We goofed! The Beatles Concert on Saturday Night (tickets still available) has a set to resemble the Ed Sullivan Show appearance. Ringo sat on an elevated platform. The platform was built and is in the middle of where the movie screen is lowered. Unfortunately the platform is built into place and we cannot lower our screen for Friday Night Frights. On the bright side, the Beatles set will look great! It was quite the “ah ha” moment when we made that realization.     We will reschedule this film.


The Beatles show will be fantastic!    This will be a wonderful concert featuring outstanding music performed my top flite tribute musicians.   It also includes multimedia presentations. Plenty of tickets are available and will be available at the door too.   See you there!


Thank you to Cagney’s for helping us out this week.   Our Coke ran out last Thursday night. We knew we were close, as our delivery was scheduled for Tuesday.   With two performances, Cagney’s came to the rescue!


We had to reconfigure the theatre this week for the Beatles show.   As discussed last week we hung our small movie screen. This job was not easy, but the hardest part was figuring it out.   The actual work zipped along. It went as planned, almost. The screen will be in place, albeit temporarily for the show.  We will permanently fly it in the coming weeks. We also built the set for the show. Remember when the Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan Show?  (Editor’s note: If you are too young to remember, click here)   We built a representation of the arrow set on the Strand’s stage.  Thank you to volunteer Floyd N. for helping with this task.


Did you notice all the Mystery & Magic posters around town?   Mat LaVore’s marketing team did a great job getting the word out for his August 25th performance.   We are excited about his performance. The night will feature Hypnosis, Mind Reading, and Magic! It will be fun.  Maybe we will get a few of our volunteers on stage to be hypnotised too!


Posters distribution is something that we do not do well.  We have wonderful posters produced by a variety of graphic artists.  If you are interested in volunteer and helping distribute posters, please respond to this email or call 317-395-3318.   Not all our events have posters, but we typically have 6 to 8 performances per month that do.


The King, Killer, and the Man in Black took a tremendous amount of work and coordination by our volunteers.   Work started at 7AM last Saturday and continued until the show started. The setup was complex and we have been dealing with some equipment failures that make it more difficult.   The problem is from overuse, which we think is a good problem to have! The show required our sound and light crew to be on top of things the entire concert. It was a workout!  The concessions crew had their largest night in several months too. The large crowd restored our faith in our programs being supported! All our volunteers and patrons were spent after listening to all that high energy music!    Thank you to all who supported this show and the Strand. Remember tomorrow is our Beatles Concert. Let’s have a repeat!


Speaking of overuse our projectors had the same fate this week.   (warning, tech talk ahead). We control our projectors from a cables strung from the projector tree above the balcony to the sound board.  This snakes through the ceiling, into the projection booth, into the balcony structure, down a support column, into the old tunnel under the floor and up into the soundbooth.   The cables transmit the commands to each projector (we have 2). Both systems failed…ugh! The Beatles show needs the top projector and Friday Night Frights needs the bottom projector.   After lots of volunteer hours we were able to isolate the problem. A quick call to Steve Dennis Electric and Steve was there with the proper testing equipment to verify and fix the issue. We are good to go.   


Not everything went smoothly last Saturday night.   (warning, more tech talk ahead) For the SIXTH time our condensate line failed in the lobby furnace and AC.   This has been a problem. Once again the ceiling in the women’s restroom is ruined with the floor full of water.   Additionally our new north office has water damage on one wall. Two contractors have failed to get it fixed and our volunteer crew has now failed twice for a total of six time.  Bob S. has had enough, he made a material list to completely replace every component of that system. We are tired of this problem! True to form Bob found the problem and over engineered the solution.   The problem was two fold. We had a connection completely fail. We have no idea how. The other problem Bob takes full ownership. When he rerouted the condensate line the last time, he place that line along the ceiling rafter that just happened to have a nail.  The nail was in the exact spot he put the retaining strap. What are the odds…


This summer has been the best yet, but the most challenging too.   We want to thank our media partners at the Shelbyville News and WSVX Radio.   We also want to thank the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce. They all did an outstanding job of helping promote our concert on Saturday.    Did you notice the front page of last Friday’s Shelbyville News? How could you miss it. The article and page design were fantastic. Did you catch the interviews and talk on WSVX?  Equally fantastic. Going into Friday we had sold 40 tickets. That was not good. Greatly due to the radio and newspaper we sold 130 tickets the final 24 hours! If you ever doubt the power of local media, we are willing to give testimony that it works.   Everyone who came into Shelbyville saw our concert on the Chamber’s sign. The Chamber faithfully distributes our events and newsletters each and every week. We are proud to be an advertiser in the Shelbyville News, and advertiser on WSVX Giant 96 and a member of the Chamber of Commerce.   The audience was treated to almost 3 hours of continuous music. The energy was so high it even wore us out. It will take us until October (when Terry Lee returns) to recoup. We love it when people dance in the aisles. There was a whole lot of shakin’ going on.


Tomorrow is the final concert in our summer concert series.    We hope you can attend. Next Saturday is Mat LaVore with Mystery & Magic.   It will be a new and entertaining evening at the Strand.

We do this all for you our community.   From time to time we get down as the pressures of supporting our performing arts center are tremendous, then something happens like selling 130 tickets in a single day that restores our confident in our community .   Thank you. See you at the Strand!

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Aug 10 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter – August 10, 2018



Saturday August 11, 2018  

7:30pm – Tickets still available!


On Saturday night we welcome back Brad McCrady, Terry Lee Ridley, and Frank Hamilton as Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash.    The KING, KILLER, and the MAN IN BLACK is a rock and roll concert playing all your favorite and familiar Sun Records tunes.   This year we also welcome Will Weigand as CARL PERKINS. Come out have enjoy a wonderful evening of music at the Strand.  The concert starts at 7:30pm and plenty of tickets are available. Tickets are available locally at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash or check only) or online at   


Before the concert on Saturday we urge you to visit the Shelby County Fairgrounds for the first BIG BLUE BARBEQUE FESTIVAL.   Get your grill on for this nationally sanctioned BBQ event.    It starts at 10am so plenty of time to visit before our concert.  


Next week on Saturday August 18th we host an outstanding BEATLES CONCERT featuring the FUN 4.   The Fun 4 is comprised of musicians from Florida and Arizona that have toured the country performing high quality Beatles tribute concerts.   Tickets are still available locally at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash or check only) or online at    We hope to see you!


Only 2 weeks until we have our highly anticipated HYPNOSIS DEBUT.  Mat LaVore is bringing his nationally touring magic, mind reading, and hypnosis show to the stage on August 25th.  Come see astonishing magic, impossible mind reading, and some of the world’s very best hypnosis all together in one incredible night.  If you like Harry Houdini, David Blaine, Michael Carbonaro, or Penn & Teller, you DO NOT want to miss this. Tickets are still available locally at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash or check only) or online at


This week we hosted our first ever OPEN MIC at the STRAND.   Wednesday saw 6 musicians taking their talent to our stage.   Host Mike Evans welcomed Erich Davies, Jocelyn Sadlowski, Kari Snepp,  Ian Hall, McKenna Hall, and Jim Wendel. (Local musician Bob Rogers was late in arriving and was not able to perform)   It was a fun night. Mike Evans is witty and excellent MC!


Thursday Night we welcomed the comedy crowd to the Strand.   Host Lissa Sears ran the evening for the Strand. Lissa came to us via our friend Todd McComas.  She has opened for Pat Mcafee and is a funny person! We had 3 test their comedy on our stage. Each did a great job.   Since it was a low turnout we suspended the five minute time limit. The evening finished with comedian Artie Widgery who came to support our efforts with open mic.   Thank you to all who attended or performed in our first two nights of OPEN MIC. We continue tonight (Friday) with open stage night. Our host will be hip hop artist Kid Quill.   We don’t quite know what will be on our stage, but take a chance with us and come tonight. The performance starts at 7:30pm.



(Yes, that is tomorrow morning)


We are hosting a work session this Saturday to prepare for upcoming performances.   Top of the to do list is to “fly” or hang a new projection screen. (Warning, tech talk ahead)  Back in the day, the Strand then called Cinema 3, had two theaters downstairs and one in the balcony.    The movie screen in the 49 seat small theater to the right in the auditorium has been saved by the Strand since we started in March 2007.   That screen has survived all these years being shuffled from place to place. It is time to press this old movie screen into service. We are hanging it off of the original 1916 rigging in the ceiling above the stage.   These pulleys were installed to fly scenery. They are being reused to fly this smaller screen that will be used for the first time at our Beatles Concert on August 18th. This is a major addition to our cache of equipment we can use for our performances.    If you can help, we will be at the Strand starting at 9am and should finish around noon.


We fought other gremlins this week too.   The Shelby County Players wanted us to move our auditorium exit sign along with the alarm strobe and pull station.    This had to be done professionally. These items are made to be installed and left alone. When we placed them back in their original location on Wednesday the pull station would not work.  This is a deal breaker, no pull station no performance. After over an hour of work the two electricians and one Strand volunteer discovered the problem. It was an odd problem, but an easy fix.    Our afternoon didn’t quite go as planned!


Work is continuing to prepare our offices and projection booth.   The offices have been on hold pending approval of funding from Mainstreet Shelbyville for professional restoration of our office windows.    When we removed the boards from the windows over a decade ago, we did those windows with volunteers. We did a good job, but not a professional job.   They have since failed and are preventing us from using our newly reclaimed office space. Window restorer (and Strand performer) Jim Wendel from Moscow Millworks will be doing the work should funding be made available.    The Strand volunteers will still be doing work, but things like outside painting. We should find out this week whether the project is funded or not as part of the Mainstreet Facade Grant Program.


Finally we are still working on the gremlin causing our lighting system to “flash.”   We have an idea, but it is labor intensive to test out the theory. One way or another we will get this solved too.

Open Mic has been fun.   Doing something different is always fun.   This is all because of your interest and support, thank you.    See you at the Strand!


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Aug 03 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter: August 3, 2018

Radium Girls – Friday, Saturday, Sunday!!


We have a busy month ahead.   This weekend are the final performances of RADIUM GIRLS presented by the Shelby County Players.    This powerful drama…


August will be fun:

AUGUST 11 – King, Killer, and the Man in Black

AUGUST 18 – Beatles Concert – The Fun 4

AUGUST 25 – Mystery & Magic – Mat Lavore Hypnotist


August will also include OPEN MIC!

AUGUST 8 – Music

AUGUST 9 – Comedy

AUGUST 10 – Open Stage


August fun continues with:

AUGUST 15 – Community Treasure Series – Special Education SCS

AUGUST 17 – Deep Red (1975) Friday Night Frights


We have a great lineup.  We need your support. Please consider attending one (or all) of these events.   We are proud to bring top flight local, regional, and national entertainment to the Strand.    Parking hasn’t been a problem, we just don’t have our spaces on Harrison Street.


Is it possible to change someone’s memories? Read minds? Predict the future? Find out by coming to the Strand Theatre on August 25th. Nationally touring magician and hypnotist, Mat LaVore, will be bringing his critically praised theatre show, “Magic & Mystery” to the Strand’s stage ONE NIGHT ONLY. You will not want to miss this.  Are you a Harry Houdini fan? Come see LaVore perform one of his most famous magical feats!

“Magic & Mystery” showcases 90-minutes of the most spellbinding and revolutionary magic and hypnosis ever performed on stage.  August 25, 2018 at 7:30pm. Tickets are available now at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash or check only) and online at

Starting in 2008 Kit Haymond started writing his own songs and formed his own group called Pressed In Black. Their first performance ever started at The Strand and 3 albums later they are back to play select songs from their 3 album catalogue. The band consists of Kit Haymond on Guitar/Vocals, Alex Moss- Bass/Vocals, and Cole Bettner on drums.   Kit will be joined by Trent Moss and the Fairland Ramblers in concert on Saturday September 1st. This is

outstanding local talent.


Strand Fun Fact:  Smelzer’s Jewelry Store was located in the Strand Building.   It was in the storefront where our current concession stand and men’s bathroom is located.   Chet Smelzer sold that business to Mr. Connor. It moved a few doors down and operated another two generations.    We have a ring box in our collection that is from Smelzer’s Jewelry Store.


We are hard at work booking our 2019 season.  This week the Strand met with Alex and Sarah from the Grover Museum.   We are working on collaboration for 2019 events. On the list that was discussed is the 60th Anniversary Buddy Holly Tribute, Lincoln series, and a potential lecture series highlighting religion.   Sarah and Alex are two stars in the community and are eager and creative. We love their fresh perspective. It will be a fun year.


Time for trash talk once again.   Trash talk inherently isn’t good.  This too fits that definition. We are all volunteer.   We clean the theater 120 times a year, and it is in performance shape every day of the year.   We rely on our 4 trash totes in the back of the theater. Unfortunately people think those are for general use.   Once again we are starting a 4 performance week with no trash availability because they are full of other people’s rubbish.   We have endured our bins being stolen, used, and removed by others. This week we placed signs on our building and each bin warning they are for use by the Strand Theatre Only.   This is a needless expense, a hassled, and a sad commentary of our downtown. This can change if we all work together and lower our tolerance for activity that harms our community.  The question is easy, the answer is difficult.


We have wonderful sound equipment.   We have worked diligently and invested heavily in good equipment and quality components.    After 10 hard years of use, it is starting to show its age. One big problem is mic cables (warning, tech talk ahead)   The XLR cables are soldered at the connector. After constant use, the connections fail. This week we finally purchased a cable tester.    Our next work session in a few weeks will be focused on checking and cataloging all our sound equipment. We are like kids in a candy store.  This will be fun. We get to play with all our play toys! In the process we will find out what works, what needs repair, and what needs replacement.   This will be just in time for our concerts this month.


This week we had our annual fire extinguisher.   All of our extinguishers are inspected and cleaned by a volunteer each month.   Our vendor and supporter Crossman Fire certifies each unit every year. We passed!   We added a new fire extinguisher in the fly loft above the stage. This is a good thing to add, as it means we are making progress.  


Have you noticed our social media posts?   We want to thank our dedicated team of volunteers who diligently get things listed online.   Kori H. is one of our new volunteers and she is doing a wonderful job. She is extremely qualified for the job (by virtue of being a teenager), much better than the rest of us.


The Strand is a happy place.   We love seeing the creativity that comes to our theater each and every week.   The Shelby County Players are presenting a powerful well produced play, we hope you can attend.   Next week we have music that will get you dancing the the aisles and the list goes on. This is all because of your support and generosity, thank you!   See you at the Strand.

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Aug 02 2018

Upcoming Events


Shelby County Players


August 3 – 7:30pm

August 4 – 7:30pm

August 5 – 2:pm


Talent Showcase



August 8, 2018

7pm – $3


Talent Showcase



August 9, 2018

7pm – $3


Talent Showcase



August 10, 2018

7pm – $3


Tribute Concert

KING, KILLER, and the


August 11, 2018

7:30pm – $20 Adv/ $25 Door


Community Treasure Series



August 15, 2018

7pm – Free


Friday Night Frights

DEEP RED (1975)

August 17, 2018

7:30pm -$5


Fun 4


August 18, 2018

8pm – $30

6:30pm Meet & Greet $45


Skyline Drive-In


featuring the Beatles

HEAD (1968)

featuring the Monkees

after the concert

$5 with concert ticket


Hypnotist, Magic, Mind Reading



August 25, 2018

7:30pm  $20 Adv. / $25 Door




featuring Kit Haymond

September 1, 2018

7pm – $10




October 13, 2018


$20 / $27 Premium Seats


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King Killer 2018 WEB


Fun 4 Poster WEB


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Jul 29 2018

OPEN MIC at the Strand




General Rules

  1. All performers will be limited to 5 minutes, no exceptions.
  2. First come first serve.   Limited to 20 performers per night.
  3. Sign up starts in the lobby at 6:30pm
  4. Doors open at 7:00pm
  5. No entry fee, but must purchase a $3 admission ticket
  6. Concessions will be available
  7. Respect the “Light” which is shown when you have 1 minute left
  8. Performers cannot be intoxicated or under the influence.
  9. Do not heckle. Ever. Period.
  10. Have Fun!!



  1. Limited to 5 minutes
  2. Acoustic instruments only
  3. Groups limited to 3 performers
  4. 2 microphones and 2 DI inputs available
  5. Keyboard available
  6. No drum sets
  7. Plug and play format
  8. Tracks must be on device with ⅛” headphone plug.  No lock codes



  1. Limited to 5 minutes
  2. Exercise good judgement
  3. Groups limited to 5 performers
  4. Use original material.  Don’t read jokes you’ve seen on the internet.
  5. Do not use jokes from other comedians.


Open Stage

  1. Limited to 5 minutes
  2. Exercise good judgement
  3. Groups limited to 6 performers
  4. Soliloquies, Dance, Scenes, and all performing arts accepted
  5. Music is limited to a cappella only.  No mics, no tracks, no instruments
  6. Tracks for dance etc must be on a device with ⅛” headphone plug.  No lock codes

Open Mic 2018 WEB

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