Apr 25 2014


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Friday Night Frights April 2014 Worm Marquee

Worm was shows at the Strand Theatre’s April Friday Night Frights.   This new film had not had many theatrical showings.   The audience loved the film.  When finished everyone applauded.   The Strand is proud to highlight new works of talented filmmakers.   Best of luck to WORM as it progresses to general distribution.    The program notes are below:

Main Credits


Director: Doug Mallette

Producers: Jennifer Bonior & Jeremy Pearce

Editor: Ryan Kendrick

VFX Supervisor: Julián Herrera

Director of Photography: Robert Bennett

Art Director: Brooke E. Wood-Herrera

Special FX Make-Up: Abby Kelly & Elizabeth Goans

Original Music: William Mitchell


John Ferguson – Charles

Jes Mercer – June

Shane O’Brien – Reed



In a time where recreational parasites induce your wildest fantasies,

one luckless loser struggles to keep the life of his ‘dreams’ from

squirming away.


Socially awkward Charles lives in a world where we have lost the

ability to dream. He longs for friends and love but has to settle for

an over-bearing father and a cosmetically-challenged dog. When

the miracle product Fantasites, a parasite that returns our ability

to dream, hits the market, the world quickly gets swept up in the

phenomenon and Charles is no exception.

Charles sees the trendy product as a way to connect with the friends

he’s always wanted and finally get June, the girl of his ‘dreams.’

But, Fantasites aren’t without controversy. Fun-loving fantasies

ultimately give way to disturbing side effects, and when the product

disappears from shelves, users go to horrific lengths to keep their

brains detached from reality.

Charles soon finds himself struggling to keep the life he’s dreamed

about from squirming away.

Fun Facts…


-The film was shot on just a little over $7,000 and plenty of favors

from anyone who was willing to help support it.

-Nearly everyone involved in Worm were friends who had attended

the same film school in Nashville, Tennessee together.

-The entire film was improvised. There was never a script written. All

the dialogue, camera-angles, and so forth were made up the day they

were filmed.

-The film took a little over 2 years to complete in order to work around

everyone’s separate work schedule.

-As of right now, the film is not available on DVD but is hoping to

have a distribution deal in the works soon.

-The next film in the works from Untrademarked Productions is called

“Nuts.” Nuts is a bizarro, violent love story that centers around

people in animal costumes doing horrible things and having horrible

things done to them. For more info and promo art about “Nuts”

please visit…


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