Oct 04 2009

Wabash College Alumni here to help

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A group of Shelby County Wabash College Alumni volunteered their time to help the Strand.  This was on Sunday October 4, 2009 a day after the Little Giants swept Allegheny in  a 37-3 win that gave them their 600th victory.  They are only the 2nd Indiana school (Notre Dame is the other) to achieve this mark.

Curt Johnson, Jack Tandy, Phil Brown and Jason & Jodi Pike spent this Colts Football Sunday doing some much needed work at the theatre.   There were 2 crews.   One spent the afternoon giving the auditorium a much needed mopping.  In a theatre, this is not an easy task.  It means mopping multiple times.  Up and down the stairs with the mop bucket.   Our balcony and downstairs auditorium once again shine.  The dreaded sticky floor syndrome is again thwarted at the Strand.

The second, and less lucky group, helped with our office renovation.  Before any work could start in our south office, it had to be emptied.  This is easier said than done.   The south office was full of projector parts, sound equipment, seats and various other items.

One by one all the components were carried down the stairs and outside to the sidewalk.   All the items were loaded into trailers and trucks and taken to the Strand Storage Facility.  Their, the dedicated group of volunteers palletized and shrink wrapped the items for placement in the racks.

At the end of the afternoon, the office was clear and 12 skids of old theatre stuff was safely stored.  The Colts won too!

Thank you to the dedicated Wabash Alumni to help with the Strand project!

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