Jan 26 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter: January 26, 2018

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Dear Strand Fan,

Casablanca was a wonderful experience.   Our patrons experienced the film 75 years later, sitting in the same auditorium that showed it that night.    We are looking back at the Strand records to verify that, but have relative certainty that the Strand would have been on the first run list.

The Strand through the years has enjoyed excellent movie distribution relationships.   Once a movie is made, it is up to the distributor to get it into the theaters.    Going back to 1928 the Strand was one of the first theaters in the state to get Vitaphone.   According to a newspaper article at that time, the Strand’s reputation and connections led to the early installation.   That remained true the entire for-profit tenure of the theater.    The Strand played the biggest movies on opening weekend.    Hence, our belief that 75 years ago Tuesday, the Strand showed Casablanca.


So how was the French 75?  Our patron’s liked it.   (editor’s note: sampled for review purpose only!)   It was extremely easy to drink, very much a morning beverage.   No one ingredient overpowered the taste.   It added a certain connection to the action on the screen.  Thank you to Paul Dillow and his crew from The Fly and Pasghetti’s for making it happen.


We had several patrons seeing the film for the first time.  There is a reason it is a classic.   Thank you to all who came from both near and far.    Our new Strand friends in Anderson enjoyed their visit to Shelbyville.   Finally thank you to Strand patron John W. who made the suggestion.    This was a hit!


Our work sessions continue tomorrow.   This is the final work scheduled work session, but the work is far from over.   Since what we have left is in our offices, we can work while we are in the middle of our season.   We’ll let you know when the future sessions are scheduled.


This week we continued to improve the Strand.   We installed a new monitor for our ticketing information in the lobby.   This was something we planned on years ago, and sure enough all our electricity was right where it needed to be.   We used it for the first time during Casablanca.  It was be a nice addition, not only in looks, but it also saves volunteer time.     We also upgraded the lighting behind our lobby stained glass to LED.


Our stage lighting project has turned out to be a bit more complex than expected.   Before we can move forward, we have to remove our old AC water tower from above the stage.  While it isn’t difficult, Strand volunteer Bob S. says he needs help.   He was specific, he needs “young guns.”   It is big and awkward, and for the strapping individual not too heavy.   If you are in need of volunteer hours for school or a team, please keep us in mind.   Bob would appreciate it too.

As always we have fun doing what we do.   It is all because of your support, thank you!    Please check out all the wonderful events schedule in February.   See you at the Strand!

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