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Strand Weekly Newsletter – August 31, 2018

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DEEP RED (1975)

Friday Night Frights

AUGUST 31, 2018

7:30PM   $5

TV - 1



September 1, 2018

7:30pm $10

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Dear Strand Fan,


“How did he do that?”   We heard this phrase from almost all our patrons last Saturday night at Mat LaVore’s Mystery & Magic.    Our volunteers can honestly say we have no idea how he accomplished the feats on stage. It was a very entertaining, thought provoking, and enjoyable evening.   We didn’t know what to expect, and we are still having difficulty grasping what actually happened! We are in talks with having Mat return mid 2019. You will have to see for yourself.   It defies description!


Saturday night we welcome back KIT HAYMOND and PRESSED IN BLACK.   Kit will be joined by first time Strand performer Trent Moss and the Fairland Ramblers.   The concert starts at 7:30pm.   Tickets are available at Mickey’s T-Mart or the band members.  We will have plenty of tickets at the door. All tickets are $10.


Just added:   PULP FICTION – October 26,2018!    We had a potential event that night, but the producer decided not to move forward.   As such we had a prime Friday night in October. We turned to our de facto odd movie picker and said “what should we show.”   Pulp Fiction was at the top of the list! It will be a fun (and quirky) evening!


This week we worked on our sound equipment inventory.   After 10 years, our equipment needed sorted, catalogued, and checked.   We are most of the way through the project. We are very fortunate to have lots of equipment.   We are pleased that we now have a complete serialized inventory of every cable. We use lots of cables!    The concert this Saturday should be snap to set up with knowing what and where things are stored. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with this project.


Mainstreet Shelbyville awarded the Strand Theatre a facade grant for professional restoration of our second floor office windows.   We uncovered and renovated them in 2008, but it was time to have a professional complete the job. The windows have functioned well, but they are no longer weather tight and have several areas of rot.   Jim Wendle of Moscow Millworks will be removing and refurbishing the windows in the coming weeks. We are excited about this project. Once finished we will be able to FINALLY move into our offices! Thank you Mainstreet Shelbyville.   The Strand has been a member of Mainstreet since we started in 2007.


We have continued the flurry of bookings for 2019.   This week we confirmed Damian McGinty of Celtic Thunder will be returning to the Strand in the Spring.   He will be joined by fabulous guitarist Dave Bakey. We look forward to their return. We have also booked a series on Abraham Lincoln based on the anniversary of his assassination.    This will include the play “The Day Lincoln Died.” We will continue our Friday Night Frights and Festival Film Series movies. We are adding a 6 month series on war films spanning WWI to the Middle East.    It will be an interesting series. We have 90 events booked, only 30 left until was are at our volunteer capacity! If you are interested in using the Strand in 2019, please let us know. You can reply to this email or use the contact section of our web site at


BOB ZANY COMEDY is returning to the Strand on October 13, 2018.   He is funny! Tickets are $20. He is a clever and seasoned comedian.  He is a staple on Bob & Tom and you will enjoy his show.


Thank you again to The Shelbyville News and WSVX Radio for the great coverage of Mystery & Magic.   They were responsible for selling over half the tickets sold…all in the final 24 hours! We were equally thrilled that both organizations were represented in the audience.   They said “How did he do that?”


We have a great time at the Strand.   2018 has many wonderful performances left.   We hope you can attend. We do this all because of you, thank you.   See you at the Strand!

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