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Strand Weekly Newsletter 7/6/2018

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No parking, no problem!


As those of you in Shelbyville know, we cannot park in front of the Strand because of road construction.  This week it is no problem…as we are spending the week with all our arts partners at the Shelby County Fair.   Come visit us in the Brinson Building.


Exhibiting this year are our friends at the Arts Alliance, Shelby County Players, Shelby Art Guild Association (SAGA), Wool Spinning, Shelby County Historical Society, Shelby County Tourism, Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, The Icing Shoppe, and Tim and Janice Conway doing stained glass.   (As you enter the Strand you are always greeted by Tim Conway’s lovely stained glass hanging behind our ticket booth) It is quite the party, come join us. As an added bonus the Brinson Building is air conditioned!


While we are out of the theater we did some much needed work.  The students from Advantage Shelby County helped with a work session to move our office furniture into place.   This sounds easy, but in order to do the job, we had to bring the furniture in the alley doors, through the auditorium, up the stairs to the balcony, through the upper lobby, and into place.   Some items took another staircase up to the projection booth. This was a big project that went as planned.


Things go up, things come down.  In this case the large green metal cabinet (that was in the offices since who knows when) came down the stairs, through the auditorium, out the door into the alley, on a trailer, and over to Grover Museum.   When we were done with that we placed our Wurlitzer Marimba and Xylophone with the rest of the organ. These are the items we just received from J.L.Weiler, Inc in Chicago. Things are definitely coming together!


We had our annual Department of Homeland Security State Fire Marshal inspection.  It went perfectly. We appreciate the inspector Dave Millhoan’s offer to help us with safety issues.  His 35+ years of experience will be nice. Our annual Amusement and Entertainment Permit is renewed for another year.


Big news on the marketing front.  The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce just launched a new community calendar!   This can be accessed at WeAreShelbyCounty.com.  It will be a comprehensive list of everything.   The Chamber has always been wonderful to the Strand always helping market our events.  Our Chamber membership is a valuable part of the Strand. The new calendar is another step up.  It will include all events, whether Chamber members or not. If you have an event to list, please contact them through the new website.


While we are munching on corn dogs we have everything ready for a busy week ahead.  We kick things off on Tuesday July 10th with the 1992 film GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS. Based on the David Mamet play of the same name, this difficult subject takes the audience on a ride of greed, averous, and economic doom.   A modern day Death of a Salesman, it is worth the 100 minutes invested in seeing this movie. Please note the film contains mature language.


We continue on Wednesday July 11th with our Gettysburg Lecture.   This informative lecture, given by Andrew McRoberts, will take us through the battle of Gettysburg.   The lecture will finish with Danny Russel, an Abraham Lincoln interpreter, giving the Gettysburg. The president will be escorted by Civil War guard Shawn Bentz who is a Union soldier interpreter.   All three will be available for questions after the lecture.


The week wraps with the showing of the film GETTYSBURG.   This will be especially impactful after learning about the battle, and the stories associated with that military conflict.   The film starts a 6:30pm. It is 4 hours and 10 minutes, but will have an intermission. This beautifully shot film tells the story based on the book Killer Angels.  We are proud to have a theatrical showing of this important film so we can all remember those events that shaped our history.


The Shelby County Players are working on their coming pro.   Rehearsals take place 4 nights per week along with work sessions to build scenery on Saturdays.   The director is Carey Nigh, a Morristown High School alumni, and a teacher of economics at Franklin Central High School.  His dad Mark is a frequent Strand performer too. The set will be multi level creating a diverse space for different scenes.  Play opens Friday July 26, 2018. Advance tickets are available.


We have added new poster images at the bottom.  Check them out.


Lots of fun happens at the Strand.   It is all because of you. Thank you for the support and encouragement.   See you at the Strand!

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