Jun 01 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter: 6/1/2018

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Dear Strand Fan,

June is busting out all over….    Did you notice the hot weather? So did we, fortunately the Strand is nice and cool.   We are ready for the summer heat and humidity.


Saturday night we welcome ERIC SOMMER to the Strand’s stage.     The theater is completely accessible. Indiana Department of Transportation and their contractor made good on their promise to the Strand.   The sidewalks were poured on Thursday and they are ready to go. The will be no problem getting into the theater for Saturday night’s concert.


The State Road 9 rebuild hasn’t been the easiest for the our management, but it hasn’t been bad either.   There are a myriad of details that need oversight. Fortunate for us the crew working on this project has done a great job of staying in communication with us.   Last week we cancelled our Friday Night Frights. This was the right thing to do. There was no sense in having a temporary sidewalk installed for one event.


We had to work with the State road engineer for the distance from the front of the building to the new walk.   We had a good comprise that poured new concrete up to 18” from our building. We also had to work on our marquee drains which flow under the sidewalk to the street.   The contractor has an entire underdrain crew! The installed the new drains before the new walk was poured. It is a needed repair.


We worry that our local patrons see the construction and are reticent to come to our events.   Trust us, it is fine! We could really use your support for the talent we are bringing to our community.


Next week is our rescheduled GLEN CAMPBELL TRIBUTE CONCERT with Ralph Curtis.   This will be an outstanding show and we hope you can join us. Saturday June 9, 2018 @ 7:30pm


This week Strand volunteers David F. and Maurice F. traveled to Chicago to acquire items for our theater pipe organ project.  (warning, tech talk ahead)


Our organs are built by the Louisville Pipe Organ Company (LPO).   LPO was a very small firm that existed from 1925 – 1928. We have 3 complete LPO organs, but will be building a large concert instrument from LPO components.   There are two items that will be almost impossible to find. First is a xylophone. We know that LPO built one for Opus 523 installed in the Temple Theatre in Louisville.   That organ still exists and is playing, but there is no LPO xylophone. It is an item lost to the decades. We think that is the only xylophone LPO built.


The second item was never built by LPO.   Large concert instruments have several tuned percussions.   Ours will have a marimba. This is the same marimba you would find in an orchestra or a concert band.   The only difference is that it plays from the organ. Larger instruments would have a marimba. Since LPO never built a theater organ larger than 10 ranks, they would have never used an expensive percussion such as a marimba.    


In order to have what we need, another manufacturer is necessary.   J.L.Weiler, Inc. of Chicago has served as consultants on the historic nature of our project.   When they found out we needed those two items they graciously offered a xylophone and marimba manufactured by Wurlitzer to the Strand.    This week we retrieved these components and they are safely back with the rest of our project waiting on restoration. Thank you to Jeff Weiler and the always cheery Robert Ridgeway for making this possible.    


Lots of fun happening.   Check out our schedule to the left.    We hope you will be able to attend one of our upcoming events.


Thank you for your support.   We try not to get discourage, but it seems like we deal with one thing after another that has a negative impact on our shows.  From bullying by the State Fire Marshal, to power outages, to this road construction, it tends to get us down. That lasts until we open the doors for a performance, then all is right with the world.   That is why we exist and we are proud to accomplish our core mission each and every week. The performance on Saturday night is number 53 for the 2018 season! We are proud of our pace and what we bring to the community.    See you at the Strand!






Tribute to Glen Campbell

June 9


Buddy Holly Tribute

with Kenny James

(and Barney Fife!)

June 23


King, Killer, and the

Man in Black

August 11


Fun 4

Beatles Concert

August 18

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