Sep 08 2017

Strand Weekly Email – September 8, 2017

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$10 Advance $12 Door





SEPTEMBER 13, 2017

7:pm  FREE





SEPTEMBER 23, 2017


$15 Advance $20 door

(Same night as Brewfest!!)


Dear Strand Fan,


Did you have a nice break?   We did too.    This week we get back to doing what we love…events at the Strand.   On Saturday night we welcome the BACKWOODS BLUEGRASS BAND.    This will be a fun concert and will start at 7:30pm.    Plenty of tickets are still available.


Tickets are something we work on consistently.   We are fortunate that two businesses in town volunteer to sell our tickets.   Mickey’s T-Mart and the Skyline Drive-In both sell our tickets.   Since they are volunteers as well, the money they collect comes completely to the Strand.   As such they only accept Cash and Checks.    Mickey’s has sold thousands of tickets on our behalf.  Both are true community partners.   If you would like to purchase with a credit card for pre-sale priced tickets, you must do that online at   This service charges a small fee for each ticket.      


When you are at either of those two places…say “thank you” on behalf for the Strand!


We are working on our January renovation plans.   As you know we have a green light for our construction projects after spending the last year in limbo.   We are going to maximize the things we do, while still staying realistic to our time schedule.    We have applied for a grant to help fund much needed lighting upgrades.    All the work will help us provide a better space to enhance our performance schedule.   


This past week some of the Strand board visited the Lerner Theatre in Elkhart, Indiana.   General Manager David Smith took about two hours as we compared notes and planned for the future.   While the two theaters are physically different is size and scope, they are the same in operations.   If you are ever in Elkhart, it is a must see facility!    They do about the same number of performances as the Strand, so they are always busy.


Next week we prepare for a major energy upgrade.   We will be replacing every feasible light bulb to LED technology.   There are some, like our stage lights and auditorium lights, that need to remain incandescent.  Everything else will be LED.   We are changing 130 bulbs!    This is a much needed in improvement in energy savings.    

We have seen some trending on energy savings from our new HVAC system.   The old 1954 heating system had pilot lights that ran all year.   Our monthly gas usage in the summer months was about $60 for gas.    We just finished the hot part of the summer.    Our gas bill AVERAGED $0.71.   Yes, you read that correctly 71 cents.    Wow!


Please support our upcoming events.   We have had an unwanted break, and it is time to get back in the groove.   You are part of that too with your attendance.    Thank you for your support.  We have had a very happy two weeks getting back to focusing on our theater operations only.   See you at the Strand.

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