Oct 13 2017

Strand Weekly Email: October 13, 2017

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Dear Strand Fan,

Tonight we welcome the annual Shelby County Arts Fest Choir Concert.   This free concert will feature the BLUE RIVER COMMUNITY CHOIR joined by MORRISTOWN, SOUTHWESTERN, TRITON, and WALDRON HIGH SCHOOL CHOIRS.     It is always a music filled evening highlighting wonderful local talent.    We hope you can join us at 7:00pm tonight for this very special concert.   


This past week we wrapped up the Shelby County Players’ performance of BOEING BOEING.   We heard great things from patrons and even better from our own volunteers.   It was a funny and thoroughly enjoyable evening of live theater!   The Players will be back the beginning of December with their children’s show.


Our Community Treasure Series lecture featured CHIEF TONY LOGAN of the SHELBYVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT.   Chief Logan gave a very informative talk about what it takes to maintain a first class department.   Our local firefighters do an outstanding job protecting our health and property.    Thank you Chief Logan for sharing with us during Fire Safety Month.


This week a Strand performer was featured on network television!   On November 8, 2014 the TOP HAT BLUES REVIEW was joined by SHOCK THERAPY in  Blues at the Strand.    The concert (our 75th that season) featured Brian Berholder’s band Shock Therapy.   This week on CNBC Brian was featured on the show Adventure Capitalist.   While not in his performing capacity, it is still nice to see one of our performers make it to the national stage.   Check out his products at https://www.tantrumcycles.com/




COMEDY FOR A CAUSE:  Rock Steady Boxing.     The Strand will be filled with laughter on Friday October 20th for Comedy for a Cause.   Rock Steady Boxing is a program that helps Parkinson Disease patients.    This fundraising event will feature laughs along with information on this wonderful program.   Advance tickets are available at Mickey’s T-Mart and online at BrownPaperTickets.com


TERRY LEE and the ROCKABOOGIE BAND:   Terry Lee makes a return engagement to the Strand with is Rockaboogie Band on Saturday October 21st.  His show is very energetic and features music of Jerry Lee Lewis and that of the early rock and roll era.    We look forward to having Terry bring some high energy fun to the Strand!  Advance tickets are available at Mickey’s T-Mart and online at BrownPaperTickets.com


JFK LECTURE, ANDREW McROBERTS LECTURER:   The Federal Archives are scheduled to release 3500 documents related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy on October 26, 2017.   This week we have JFK scholar Andrew McRoberts presenting a lecture on the events of that November day in 1963.  Andrew is an educator who has been studying all things President John F.

Kennedy from an early age. By the age of 12, he had read over 50 books related to JFK.  Of particular interest to him are the events surrounding November 22, 1963. With so many conspiracy theories about the assassination, including who shot from where, who covered up what, and who may or may not have been killed to keep quiet, it is easy to forget that our country lost an incredibly bright and young leader.  As much as Andrew

enjoys overanalyzing all of the theories surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, he reiterates to his students the importance of using facts and research to back an argument or hypothesis. This is why the October 2017 release of crucial documents related to the JFK assassination is of great historical significance. It will be an interesting discussion and preamble to what we might all discover in those released documents.    Admission is FREE.


JFK (1991):   Director Oliver Stone’s award winning movie JFK will be shown on October 25th.   While this film became embroiled in controversy, it is fitting to be watched on what might be a historic day.     Tickets are available at the door.


JFK DOCUMENT RELEASE:  While not a Strand event, we are all curious to see if this will actually happen.


THE WASP WOMAN (1959):  Friday Night Frights returns with a special Thursday October 26th edition.    The Wasp Woman was directed by famed director Roger Corman.   If you watch closely you will see a cameo by Mr. Corman!


ANIMAL HOUSE (1979):   We will stay in movie house mode for the showing of ANIMAL HOUSE on Friday October 27th.   Mayor Tom DeBaun is sponsoring this film for the community.   He encourages (as do we) togas and has his pledge pin ready.    Come join the fun.   Admission is FREE


THE GREATEST SHOW UNEARTHED:   Laura Harmon’s AFTERMATH will be joined by SLEEPING DOG for this rock and roll show on Saturday October 28th.   Costumes are encouraged for this concert featuring deep cuts from the rock and roll catalog.   Advance tickets are available at Mickey’s T-Mart and online at BrownPaperTickets.com


There are many wonderful events this month at the Strand.   We are proud of what you just read above.   It takes a tremendous about of volunteers to dedication to coordinate and present a wide range of entertainment for our community.   This is all because of you.   It would not be possible without your support and encouragement –  Thank you!     See you at the Strand

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