Dec 01 2017

Strand Weekly Email: December 1, 2017

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Dear Strand Fan,


Tonight is opening night for THE HOUSE AT POOH CORNER.   This delightful children’s play is presented by the Shelby County Players.   The young cast will bring back memories of Pooh and the gentleness that A.A. Milne originally wrote.   It is a appropriate for all ages, especially kids!    Bring your kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews to experience this wonderful children’s play.   Curtain is at 7:30pm tonight and Saturday.   There is a 2pm matinee on Sunday.   Next week is the same schedule.


It is a good thing that Pooh performs frequently as it is a busy theater night in Shelbyville.  The annual Shelbyville Middle School Madrigal is tonight too.   This annual event provides a great start to many middle schoolers theatrical career.    It is also opening night for our friends at Buck Creek Players.  They present It’s a Wonderful Life – Live Radio Play now through December 17th at their theater at the Acton Road exit on I-74.


The Strand let us know it was over 100 years old this week.   We have talked many times in the past about the leaking brand new drain line from our lobby furnace.   You might remember that the lobby never had a complete furnace and air conditioner before last year.   The new high efficiency units constantly drain.    We have repaired the women’s restroom ceiling 4 times from leaks.   Yep, number 5 will happen in January.   The darn thing leaked again.   We have had our professional contractors fix it, we have had our plumbers work on it, and we have had our Strand volunteers work on it…twice!   We can now call that three times.   In a fit of disgust, we thought the problem through.   We rerouted the drain and abandoned the old.    Fixed!   Let’s hope we don’t write about this again.


Our stage lights are incandescent.  As a result they can burn out.    That will be a concept in a few years that the kids will not understand, as everything will be LED.    We had two instruments on the same circuit decide to retire.   Fortunately we had extra lamps and they are up and running again.   We are going to order more bulbs because we know the other 14 all have the same amount of usage.    The Shelby County Players have extra bulbs on hand for that eventuality too!


The Strand is proud to host the First Christian Church Christmas Evening Service.   Their church is under construction and they need a place to go.   We are honored to help celebrate the season with their congregation.    The late Rev. Jim Horner was one of those people that made the Strand possible.   The values and passion he instilled in many of the Strand’s leaders manifests itself in projects like our theater.   We are happy to provide the space which just happens to be decorated for Christmas too!


Plans are underway for our January work session.  We have several projects that will be happening concurrently.    The Strand’s board met in a planning session at Shelbyville Fire Headquarters this week to map out strategy.   We now have a plan and are working at assembling the pieces and parts needed to accomplish the tasks.   The majority of the work revolves around installing additional stage lighting.    We will also have plenty of painting to do!


We have talked about how pleased we are with 2018 bookings.   So far we have well over 100 events in the schedule for 2018.   That is good, but sometimes we are a victim of our own success.    We were contacted by Brick Street Poetry in conjunction with the Indiana Humanities Council to bring US Poet Laureate Tracy Smith to the Strand.   This is a great honor.   We have enjoyed hosting many Indiana Poet Laureates in the past and are thrilled at the prospect of our national poet laureate visiting.    Unfortunately the date in November 2018 they need is booked!   We are still going to participate and facilitate that visit, as it will be an honor for our community.     The joys (or sometimes not) of being busy.     


The Strand is part of the quality of life fabric in Shelbyville and Shelby County.   This is because of you.   Your support and encouragement allow our 100% volunteer organization to stay focused on our core values and accomplish our mission.    Thank You!   See you at the Strand.

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