Aug 25 2017

Strand Weekly Email: August 25, 2017

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Dear Strand Fan,


We have two events this weekend.  First is August’s installment of FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS.   We are showing NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) tonight!   The director, George A. Romero passed away the past month.   Strand volunteer Branden Yates met Mr. Romero and will speak before tonight’s film.   If you are a Monster Movie Fest ticket holder from the Skyline, your ticket is good for admission to our film too!     Remember, it is still light at 7:30pm when Night of the Living Dead starts.   Last time we checked, it needed to be dark before a drive-in movie could start.   See you there.


On Saturday night August 26, 2017 we are showing THE BLIND SIDE (2009).   This is free of charge.   We are showing this to help get a positive dialog started on racial and cultural issues.   There is plenty of negativity in the news today.   Come to the Strand and see a film about tolerance, hope, and trust in people.   While we can’t fix our national life, we can do our part here at home.    If you have seen The Blind Side, then you know it is a good movie.   If you haven’t seen the film, you will be entertained in a positive way.    The balcony will be open.


This past week the Strand received an donation of an electronic keyboard from local businessman Daryl Mollenkoff.   Daryl has been a supporter of the Strand, and this keyboard will be a valuable addition.   Thank you Daryl.


Tour season is in full swing, or at least we feel like it is.  The Strand hosted two tours recently.   The first was a group from Elanco.  This group lead by their department manager Steven Browning (who is also a Strand volunteer!) toured the theater and discussed our efforts towards customer service.   We discussed best practices and operational challenges.   They also spent time working on customer service topic of their own in the comfort of our balcony.   We enjoyed the group.

The Strand also hosted a downtown tour on behalf of our community’s partnership with Rose-Hulman Institute.   We toured the Blessing Opera House (18 on the Square) and the Strand.   Thank you to Paul Dillow for opening up his building for our tour.   At the theater we were able to explore finished and unfinished spaces.   It is important to help these engineering students form a contextual sensitivity to historic properties.   With old buildings, just because a space hasn’t been used since the 1930’s, doesn’t mean it isn’t still usable.   A tour of the upper floors of the Strand Annex proves that.


We still need to have evening work sessions.  If you are available evenings during the week, please reply to this email and we will contact you when our sessions occur.   One of the items on the list is to fix our marquee (again).   While we have the lift, courtesy of Mark Polston, we will remove the old movie posters from the second floor of the annex.   They are too large and have to come out through the window.  The lift will make it easy.    It will be nice to get those wonderful artifacts safe and secure.


This week the Strand received a very kind donation for a group in Washington DC.   This was on behalf of patrons that donated to us through them.    We are honored that people donate to our project.


We have added our fourth 50s/60s Rock and Roll show of the season.  On Saturday November 18, 2017 Dr. Rock and the Rollers will perform at the Strand.   This will be an 8pm start.   Dr. Rock, also known as Darryl Hood, will put on a great show.   


Our lobby is cool!   We think we have the pesky lobby AC unit fixed.   Keep your fingers crossed, but this week so far, so good.


We are still busy with our 2018 season.   It is filling up nicely.   It is shaping up to be a busy year.  That puts us on cloud nine, as that is what the Strand is all about.


Thank you for your support.   We look forward to our films this weekend.   See you at the Strand!

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