Mar 04 2017

Strand Weekly Email 3/4/2017

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Dear Strand Fan,
Wow, that was a fast week.   Shelby County Players’ production of Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike opens tonight!   This is a funny play and one you will not want to miss.   You might have noticed we put only “SHELBY COUNTY PLAYERS” on our marquee not the title of the play.   Everything has a reason, and so does that.   There are 5 letter “N”s in the title and 8 letter “A”s.   We just don’t have enough letters.  Spelling out ShelbY CountY PlaYers with the 3 letter “Y”s is hard enough.    When we upgrade to an LED marquee it will not be an issue, but until that time…

Work has progressed steadily this week.   Darin M. from Steve Dennis Electric was assisted by Bob S. and David F. in reinstalling our emergency and exit lights in the new upper lobby area.   We also replaced the ceiling lights in the projection booth.   A 30 minute job took two days, but that is what happens when you deal with 1916 wiring.   Everything was safe, but we made it safer.   The projection booth will soon be usable.  It no longer serves for projection, but has a soundproof view of the stage for stage management.

Volunteer Darlene G. worked this week painting the north office.  If you look from the street you can see what she accomplished.   It is starting to look like a real office!   We are excited to finally be able to take all the bankers boxes and totes from our basements, attics, and cars and have a single place for our corporate records.

We have a problem.   Too many show posters and not enough display space.  We finally had to go to a smaller poster because places like the BOOKMARK on Public Square, CAGNEY’S across the street, and the POWERHOUSE in Columbus didn’t have enough window space for all our posters.    It is a GREAT problem to have.

Since we opened we have voluntarily listed groups with similar goals in our programs.   Mainstreet Shelbyville, Shelby County Historical Society, Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, City of Shelbyville, Blue River Foundation, and Shelby Arts Alliance have had their logos featured in each and every one of our programs.

We do this voluntarily because it is the right thing to do.    We do this because we know that we will all have better success together.    In 2017 we are now including their logos on all our posters.   In addition we are listing Shelby County Tourism, Shelby County Development Corp.,  and the League of Historic American Theatres.  Just like our lobby displays by Grover Museum, we don’t charge or ask for anything to be included.    We want to leverage our strengths to help everyone.   We are proud to be a community partner.

This past Friday our doors were installed.   They look great.  Thank you for all the nice comments.  We have many people who read these emails who do not live in Indiana.   Here is how that day went a week ago.   We started Friday in the mid 60’s.  The temperature reached 79° in the afternoon.   On Saturday we woke up to snow on the ground.  Some are thinking right now “boy I miss living in Shelbyville” and some are thinking “I don’t miss Indiana weather.”    We went from air conditioning to heat in 24 hours.  Good thing our new HVAC system at the Strand can handle that type of change.

The doors are wonderful.   The new doors fit perfectly.   They make the lobby quiet.   Harrison Street traffic noise used to filter into the lobby.  Not any more.    The biggest difference is they are dust tight.   Our lobby will be much cleaner.   We put a sign on the old doors “$100.”   In less than 24 hours, the doors were gone!!

The Shelby County Players continue their performances of Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike through next weekend.   We have a full slate for the rest of the month.   There will be something for everyone.
Thank you for the support.   It is humbling to our organization how many people and businesses help us in unique ways.   See you at the Strand!

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