Mar 17 2017

Strand Weekly Email 3/17/2017

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Dear Strand Fan,
Did you wear Green today?    In honor of St. Patty’s Day we are showing the 1958 Vincent Price classic HOUSE ON THE HAUNTED HILL.   The movie starts at 7:30pm and is part of our Friday Night Frights series.    OK, we don’t know what Vincent Price and St. Patty’s Day has to do with each other, but it seems reasonable to us!

What is more reasonable is Irish singing star CHLOË AGNEW of Celtic Woman returns on Tuesday March 21st.   It will be a very special concert.  Tickets are on sale at Mickeys T-Mart or online at   This is a treat to have an international talent perform at our theater.   We hope you are able to attend this very special event.

Saturday night we welcome the BROOKE STEELE BAND to the Strand.   The concert will feature bluegrass, traditional country, and gospel music.   We look forward to Brooke’s first performance on our stage.  She will be fantastic.   To support this concert we had a donor place newspaper ads in surrounding communities!    Thank you to that donor who is helping highlight the great talent in Shelby County and the wonderful things go on at the Strand.

The Strand had a chance to promote several of our shows on WSVX radio last week.   We were the guest of the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce.  Their show Chamber Chat is on every Friday.    Thank you Julie Metz and the great crew at the Chamber who help the Strand each and every day.

The Shelby County Players finished their run of Vasha and Masha and Sonia and Spike.   The show was funny and all who attended had a great time.   Live theater returns to the Strand in late April with the production of TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE.  This is an adaptation of the 1997 best seller book of the same title.   We look forward to seeing this live on stage.

We had our second Community Treasure Series lecture this week.   Alex Krach, director of the Grover Museum, told us all the exciting things happening at the Museum and the Shelby County Historical Society.   This series is an excellent way to hear in depth about the things happening in our community.   The next event is April 12th where we will learn about the Blue River Memorial Park Cross Country Course.    The event is free.

2017 is turning out to be a year of surprises.   We thought we finished with that in 2016 but the “fun” just keeps on coming.

A group of volunteers went to the roof last week to tackle our pesky roof leak.   Armed with 2 pails of top quality roof coat, we stirred and spread the product in the affected area.   (warning, tech talk ahead)   The auditorium roof has quite a slope and is constructed of built up asphalt.   The common replacement strategy is to replace the section with a rubber membrane roof.   We installed rubber on the section of roof above the offices, but have yet to do the main auditorium.   There are 14,500 reasons we haven’t done that job, but are working on it.  Until then our problems are always in the same area, as the roof drains into a trough section.   During the cold weather the asphalt cracks and we have leaks.    The coating we used is impregnated with fibered aluminum.  It flows and seals those cracks.  The patch will hold only until the next time some walks on the roof in cold weather or the building flexes, as it naturally does.    The roof of the Strand gives a unique view of our community, but honestly we are a bit tired of the experience.    Time will tell on our quest to replace the roof.

Work is proceeding in our offices.   We started preparing the south office floor for carpet.  The old glue from the tile is giving us a fight, but power tools always win.   It should be done soon.  Things are getting better and better, safer and safer.    It will be nice to reclaim that space sitting dormant since 1967.

Last week we talked about an odd visit from the State Fire Marshal’s office.   It was odd, that is for sure.   Three inspectors came to the Strand to look at the construction progress.   They left citing us for not applying for their Construction Design Release for replacing our electrical panels in 2009 or replacing our existing HVAC.   The design professionals helping with this are still mystified as they have never experienced such a thing.   The work they are potentially fining us for was accomplished in 2009!  Remember when we talked about replacing our 1916 electrical panel we dubbed the “Frankenstein Switch?”    That is what they are worried about.   We are scratching our heads at their actions, but are going to get to the bottom of it one way or another.   Until then our work at the Strand will stop while we get this in order.   It will be a very sparse June and July, as those are the shows that require our effort now.

Once the weather warms a little bit we will be replacing the lamps in our marquee.  We have one panel completely dark and the others are headed that direction too.  The panels are heavy and require a lift, which requires decent weather, which requires conditions we do not have now!

The Strand organ project is rolling along.   It too is negatively impacted by the diversion of our time for the 2009 permitting issue (did we mention we had all the local permits and inspections?).   This week two positive things happened.   We had a visit from David Bottom from Lexington KY.   His is the professional guiding the volunteer restoration.   He toured our new organ shop.   We are fixed on what our first job will be and look forward getting that project into full swing.

Strand volunteers made a trip to Chicago to visit the organ shop of J.L. Weiler, Inc.   Jeff W. and Robert R. were gracious hosts and worked with us on making sure our plans for preservation of our historic instrument are communicated well.   They have more than a few play toys in their organ shop and we enjoyed playing the Wurlitzer Style B Special erected as a demonstration instrument.    Robert, a talented recording engineer, gave us concert recordings of the Uniphone Theatre Pipe Organ installed in the Rivoli Theatre in Indianapolis.   Both Strand volunteers were at those concerts in the early 1970s and it brought back a flood of happy memories.

Next week Friday  March 24th –  put it on your calendar….Earl and the Schwinn Team is sponsoring THE BIG LEBOWSKI.   This 1998 classic (if it can be called that) movie will provide quite the party at the Strand.   Our bar vendor 18 on the Square will be there with all the appropriate libations.   We will have popcorn too!  Thank you to Kris Meltzer and Tyler Brant for making this possible.

Tonight – HOUSE ON THE HAUNTED HILL.   Saturday – BROOKE STEELE BAND.   The fun continues, but only because of you.   Thank you for the support.  See you at the Strand!

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