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Strand Theatre Weekly Newsletter: January 19, 2018

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Dear Strand Fan,

This month has flown by.  We had three work sessions since the last email.  Great progress has been made.  Thank you to our wonderful volunteers for helping.    There is still more to do.  If you would like to help the next session is tomorrow (Saturday) from 9am – 1pm.   


One of our friends from the Shelby County Players asked about our upcoming lighting upgrades.   Here is a brief overview of what is planned (warning, tech talk ahead).  We are hanging 10  545W 19° Ellipsoidal from each of the lighting positions on either side of the stage.   There will also be 4 general wash LED fixtures hung there too.


We are installing 6 LED wash fixtures for downlight above the stage.  We removed the 150W PAR lights that were up there.   There will be two additional LED fixtures on the ceiling, but they will be used to light the curved sidewalls for R&R shows, but they will always be available.    We mounted 3 LED par cans on either side of the proscenium, and an additional 2 above the proscenium.   They are easily removable, but will need to be replaced in the same position if taken down.   They are mounted with studs and wing nuts.    They also will have DMX connections if needed.   When done we will have an additional 20 ellipsoidal and 24 mounted LED fixtures.   Just to give a comparison, the ellipsoidal instruments require circuits to support 10,900 watts.   ALL the LEDs combined don’t even pull 1000 watts, or less than your average hair dryer.


The stage will be divided into 8 lighting areas, 4 across in front of the proscenium and two upstage.   Each area will have a key and fill from the new positions.  In olden day terms, they will be 02 & 52.   They will be the same configuration as our current light plot.    


The final item, which we are not 100% sure we will do, is we are going to patch the 2000W follow spots into the lighting system.   They would then be able to be dimmed.   The big benefit will be the ability to have them blacked out by the master electrician, not the follow spot operator.   Now you know!



It is time to start transforming ourselves back into performance mode.   That starts on Tuesday with the 75th Anniversary showing of CASABLANCA.   This iconic film will be shown just as it was on January 23, 1943 when it was originally released.    The Strand will be ready, complete with a French 75 available at the bar.    If you are one of those people who have never seen Casablanca, now is your chance.  It is a relatively short movie by today’s standards.   Running time is just 102 minutes.   The movie starts at 7pm.  Advance tickets are not necessary, but they are available online or at Mickey’s T-Mart.  


We have several concerts to start our 2018 performance season.   



Friday February 10



DANIKA and the JEB will bring coffee house style music the our stage.   You may have heard Danika on Sirius XM’s Coffee House station or on one of 150 radio stations around the US spinning her tunes.  She has played in theaters, wineries, clubs and living rooms around the US, UK and Europe in one of over 400 shows since 2010 when she decided to pursue music full time, abandoning her PhD, only a dissertation short of becoming “Dr. Holmes.”


In 2010, Danika joined forces with guitarist Jeb Hart, a phenomenal player who’s not afraid of shredding on an acoustic guitar.  Jeb’s clean and sophisticated style of playing along with Danika’s smooth, soulful vocals has created their own unique blend of acoustic pop.  Fans come to Danika shows expecting to hear Jeb Hart on guitar the same way they know they’re going to get Slash at a Guns N’ Roses concert.


This is a concert that will be a special Valentine’s Day treat for you and your loved one.   Come out and support this outstanding entertainment right here in Shelby County!    Tickets are available online or at Mickey’s T-Mart.  


The music continues the following weekend with two special concerts




Friday February 16





Saturday  February 17



Both these concerts will feature talented musicians playing the songs you know and love.   The Strand is looking forward to starting our performance season with these three outstanding concerts.   All tickets are available online at BrownPaperTickets.com and locally at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash and check only).


If you can come to Saturday’s work session, we could use the help.  As always everything we do is because of you, THANK YOU!   See you at the Strand.


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