Feb 16 2018

Strand Theatre Weekly Newsletter: February 16, 2018

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Dear Strand Fan,


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the concert’s this weekend had to be cancelled.   The Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute concert is cancelled and we hope to rebook the group in 2019.   The GLEN CAMPBELL TRIBUTE CONCERT has been rescheduled to JUNE 9, 2018.


If you purchased tickets online, your credit card has already been credited with a full refund.   You should have received and email from BrownPaperTickets verifying this.   If you purchased your tickets at Mickey’s, you can bring the tickets to any Strand performance for a refund.  If you paid by check, we will return your check (they have not been deposited).     If you paid cash, you will receive a cash refund.  If you have tickets for the Glen Campbell Concert, those tickets may be returned for a refund, or my be used at the June 9th performance.   For further information, please call 31-395-3318.   We are sorry for the inconvenience.


On to better things… The Saturday we are holding a work session from 9am – 1pm.  We are getting the last of the “must do” list finished.   This includes some painting on the stage and removing the scaffolding.    We will clear our Cabaret Area.  It is full of new lighting equipment.  This must be stored in our Annex until we are ready to install these new instruments.  The final job is paint, paint, paint!   We are on a roll with our offices and are excited as the end is in sight.  The major work to do is…you guessed it, Paint!   Thank you to our volunteer Mike who prepared all the plaster work.  It is nice to have talented and dedicated volunteer.  He has made a tremendous impact on our work.


We hope to see you Saturday!


Not all problems are bad.  When a door shuts, another opens.  Although we had to reschedule our Glen Campbell, that left the theater dark on Saturday night.   The Shelby County Players are now able to load in a day early!  We are both all volunteer organizations, as such we totally understand the need for as much stage time as possible.   We look forward to the Players load in for their upcoming play MURDER INN.   Murder Inn will perform starting Friday February 23rd with performances on Friday,  Saturday, and Sunday this week.  The following week MURDER INN will perform Thursday through Sunday.  


Last Friday Danika and the Jeb presented a fantastic concert.   Jeb played an 8 string guitar.  It had a wonderful sound (warning, luthier tech talk ahead).   This guitar was made by Frantisek Furch.   He has been building guitars since 1981 and is established a fine reputation selling instruments across Europe and Japan.   In North America these guitars are marketed by Stonebridge.   The twist on Jeb’s guitar is that most octave the E and A (top two) strings.  This twist adds depth on the D and G strings while inverting the octave string.   The concert was wonderful, Danika is a wonderful singer.  We hope to have them back in 2019.


Work Session on Saturday, Murder Inn a week for today!   We do this because of you, thank you for your support.   See you at the Strand!

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