Mar 31 2017

Strand Theatre Weekly Email – March 31, 2017

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Dear Strand Fan,


This week and next we are taking the opportunity to fix a few problems at the theater.   It seems as though there is always something.   This week our focus falls on our sound system.   (Warning, tech talk ahead).   Our sound board has given us great service since we opened.   Each year our sound guru Ron B. opens the board and gives it annual maintenance.   This year he was unable to get that done.   We are feeling the effects, or at least we think.  We currently have 4 bad channels and last week we lost our phantom power (don’t you hate when that happens?).  It is time for a little TLC, or more aptly “miracle work” to happen.  We have our fingers crossed everything will be OK.  We know Ron will be in sometime soon to check things out.   


We are also going to make sure the stage floor is smooth.   With the wear and tear it becomes necessary to do a thorough inspection and make the necessary repairs.   The final item on the list is our semi-annual ice machine maintenance.   If you own commercial ice machines, you know the issue.   Our machine has given us excellent service.   We intend to keep it that way.


How is your bracket doing?   We are taking this weekend off to watch basketball.   We have learned from the past that the Final Four will put a damper on attendance.   Tim Spradlin will attest to that.  Good luck to all the teams.   Arts and sports come together in March in Indiana.  We are having as much fun watching the games as you are.


Next week we have POETRY NIGHT on Wednesday April 5 at 7pm.   This semi-annual event is presented by Three Sisters Books and Gifts.   It will feature poet Bonnie Maurer.   Bring poetry to read, or just come to listen.  It is always a wonderful event.   April is National Poetry Month.   Get in the spirit and head to the Strand on Wednesday night.   The event is free.


Thursday night April 6th we welcome Indianapolis Motor Speedway Historian DONALD DAVIDSON to the Strand.   This free event will give you an opportunity to hear Donald talk about things relevant to this year’s 500 as well as interesting facts from the past.   Donald Davidson is a true gentleman, and we look forward to his return to the Strand.   The event starts at 7pm and is free.


Saturday April 8th CATRINA and the BAGGY BOTTOM BOYS return to the Strand’s stage.   The Baggies are based in Metamora, Indiana.   They perform wonderful bluegrass music.   Come on out and have an evening filled with toe tapping music!   The concert starts at 7:30pm.   Tickets are available at Mickey’s T-Mart or online at    There will be plenty of tickets available at the door.


We continued our painting this past week.   It is odd to have work not associated with the stage or auditorium.   Our offices inch closer to being done.   Darlene G. spent a day getting the north office finished.   All that is left is a few touch-ups and to give it a thorough cleaning.   You will know when that is done as the chandelier will glisten and all the bulbs will be clean and bright.  You can see that from the street.


We have the south office and the southwest office to finish.   The south office is close, but we haven’t even started on the southwest office.    We have the skylight well in that office to paint.    It already looks good with the skylight (back for the first time in over 70 years!)   Once we are done with all the paint, they we can install the carpet.   It has taken us over a decade, but that is OK.   As you know we work on our core mission areas of the theater first.   The offices just aren’t that important in the scheme of things.


Thank you for all your support.  Now more than every the good wishes are appreciated by the all volunteer leadership and staff at the Strand.  We will all find out together what the future will hold.   Until then, see you at the Strand!


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