May 05 2017

Strand Theatre Weekly Email – 5/5/2017

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Dear Strand Fan,



SATURDAY MAY 6, 2017   7:30PM    FREE


What do Buddy Holly, Barney Fife, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Magic, Faith, and Improv Comedy all have in common?  Each will be represented in upcoming performances at the Strand.


MAY 12, 14, 25 – SAVING FAITH.  This is a newly released faith based movie by Chip Rossetti.   The movie features performances by Vince Gill, Amy Grant, and Michael W. Smith.   This gentle film is in limited release across the United States.   The Strand is thrilled to be able to screen this movie.


MAY 20 – POINT OF VIEW COMEDY.   Since 2009, thousands have been entertained from their point of view by Point of View Comedy all over the Midwest.   This performance will be Point of View Comedy’s debut after working with Jimmy Pennington from the Annoyance Theater in Chicago. In the Who’s-Line-Is-It-Anyway format, you’ll get to experience interactive comedy that is super fun . Don’t worry – you can be exempt from being ‘called-on’ so come on out and enjoy the show. Point of View Comedy consists of Mark Steenbarger, Dennis Tooley, and Ryan May.


JUNE 24 – A TRIBUTE TO BUDDY HOLLY.   Kenny James and Rave On, a Tribute to Buddy Holly will perform at the Strand.  A live rock and roll tribute to one of the pioneers of rock and roll music.   Kenny James is an award winning tribute artist. Traveling all across the country bringing to live the sound of Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Playing Buddy’s top hits and some songs Buddy Holly people may be hearing for the first time. Always a crowd pleaser, Kenny James gets the crowd to their feet and always leaving wanting more.


Also Kenny James will appear as the fearless Barney Fife. An amazing likeness to the most popular deputy on television. People return to see “Barney” hoping to be his next participant is his on stage antics.


Both characters voted #1 in Pigeon Forge, TN where Kenny James performed for over 12 years.


JULY 6 – LEGGO MY MAGIC SHOW.    This is a FREE magic show by Daniel Lusk.   This is a free event with a ticket that you can get at the Shelby County Public Library.   Tickets will be available June 1st.  Bring the kids and grandkids.   Daniel Lusk is always entertaining.


JULY 29 –  The KING, KILLER, and the MAN IN BLACK.   A live musical tribute to the legends of Sun Records featuring Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash.  Stellar performances by world renown tribute artists Brad McCrady, Terry Lee Ridley, and Frank Hamilton.   This concert also features Roy Kyle & The Hot Rod Cruisers.   Frank Hamilton performed at the Strand as Elvis our very first season, and Terry Lee Ridley plays the Strand each year with the TERRY LEE and the ROCKABOOGIE BAND.   Terry will return on October 21st.


Next week we will host May’s COMMUNITY TREASURE SERIES lecture.  This month the crew from WSVX RADIO GIANT 96 will be presenting the program.  We will learn about the history and what it takes to have a local radio station.   It will be an interesting topic.   Wednesday May 10 at 7:00pm.  The event is free.


All this and more! We are getting back into the groove at the Strand.   We have had enough of things distracting us, or so we thought…


Last Friday night we received 3.125 inches of rain.   The Strand, as you know, has been struggling to keep our roof in tip top shape.   It needs replaced.  We know that.   So far we have replaced about one third, but the majority of the work is yet to be done.   


This spring Strand volunteers spent many hours patching and coating problem sections.    Our work was put to the test, and failed.   During the Friday performance our roof started leaking.   It was slow and unnoticeable during this show.   Overnight was a different story.   We came into the theater Saturday morning to find a small flood on the auditorium floor.    We had a problem.


As you long time Strand Fans know, we used exclusively local vendors.    We believe in our community just as our community believes in us.   As such at 1:30am Saturday morning the Strand emailed Doug Ellerman of Ellerman Roofing.   Doug provided the new rubber roof over our offices.    Early Saturday morning Bob S. went to the theater and discovered the flood.    We had three volunteer mopping all the while the drips continued.   We did the best we could.   Around 8:45am we received a call from Ellerman Roofing.   Scott, the same talented roofer that installed our office roof, would be there soon.    It was pouring rain.   Scott, Bill W. and David F. ventured on the roof to find the problem.   Good new and bad news.   The good news was the major work the Strand volunteers accomplished last month held!    It was still solid and impervious to the water.   The bad news was a new section failed.   To make matters worse it was in the direct path of the water coming out of the stage house downspouts.    


We came up with a strategy and waited for a break in the weather.   About 10:30am we got the break we needed!   A quick trip to Builders Lumber for materials, and the under the direction of Scott we proceeded to make repairs.    An hour later things were patched and ready.   Now to wait for rain.


In the meantime the theater was cleaned and all the water mopped.  Fans ran to completely dry anything wet.   The leak stopped and we were ready for the Saturday night performance (which was excellent too!).   Overnight we had rain.  An inspection on Sunday found our new patch held.    Thank goodness.    This does not solve our problem, but we have successfully kicked the can down the road.    The roof is easy, it just requires $15,000.   Needless to say it is at the top of our priority list.   One we get done with having our attention diverted by our issues with State Fire Marshal Greeson, we can work in earnest to solve this problem.


A big thank you to Scott from Ellerman Roofing for helping us out on short notice.   This is one of the joys doing business locally and doing business with your friends.   The Strand is proud to have friends (and vendors) like Doug Ellerman.


The Strand is always looking to the future.   Our needs constantly re-prioritize.   Right now the roof has unexpectedly come to the top sooner than planned.  Thank is OK.  If you have a 1916 theater, you better be ready for things like this.   

We can do this all because of you!  There are several great concerts coming up.   Your support at these concerts is what allows us to branch out further and bring more and different type of entertainment to our community.    Thank You.   See you at the Strand.

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