Apr 07 2017

Strand Theatre Weekly Email – 4/7/2017

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Dear Strand Fan,


Welcome new Strand Fans.   We added several people to our list this week.  We are an organization with no secrets.   The Strand is your theater, and we want you to always be “in the know.”    We hope you enjoy reading about the Strand.   The anthropologists and historians in the future will be happy to read these too!


We are in the middle of a fun week, but we want to share our BIG news first…..we will welcome our 100,000th patron on Saturday night!   Will it be you?     It has been a long haul and we are happy to cross the six figure threshold.   Before you know it we will be announcing our one millionth as a performing arts center (although if you do the math since 1916, the building has long since passed that).   Thank you for helping make the Strand a reality.

This week Poetry helped inch us closer to 100,000.   Three Sisters Books and Gifts hosted another wonderful event.   The next poetry night will be October 18th.     It is always a fun and worthwhile event.


Last night we welcomed Donald Davidson back to the Strand.   Donald spent almost two hours telling incredible stories and answering questions.   On the trivia portion of the night our audience proved to be sharp.  Kudos Mr. Harrold and Mr. Jones for answering the tough questions correctly.   Thank you to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for this event.   It was nice to see so many patrons from outside Shelby County making the trip to the Strand.


We also want to thank WSVX Giant 96 for interviews with the Baggy Bottom Boys and also with Donald Davidson.   It was nice to see Donald Davidson’s picture in the WSVX studios.  


Tonight we have Friday Night Frights.   You will see Peter Cushing (not in CG) in HORROR EXPRESS (1972).   The movie starts at 7:30pm and the balcony will be open.   We will announce the next three month’s films shortly.


Tomorrow night April 8th our 100,000th patron will be at the Strand to hear CATRINA and the BAGGY BOTTOM BOYS.   This bluegrass group will have your toes tapping.   They always have an entertaining and energetic concert.   The Strand is looking forward to hearing them again.  The concert starts at 7:30pm and tickets are available at the door or at Mickey’s T-Mart and online at BrownPaperTickets.com


This week we had a pleasant surprise.  A contractor working on our block asked if he could use the spigot at the Strand for water.   We were happy to help and turned the water supply on for his use.    To our surprise the next day we found out our facade had been power washed.   Thank you AK Construction!!!    We live in a great community.


We also have a new neighbor.  Welcome to Mach1PC.   Scott and Vinnie are open for business next door at the former Tippecanoe Press Building.   It is nice to finally see the lights on and activity inside.   Vinnie and our own Cody V. are working on providing wireless access, courtesy of Mach1PC,  for all our patrons.   What great neighbors, thank you.


You might have seen or heard the Strand in the news recently.   WIBC 93.1FM shared with us that our story on their web site garnered the most traffic of the week.   The Strand’s volunteers sincerely thank all the people who have wished us well after that story aired.   We look forward to moving on, but are happy to gain more Strand Fans.  


Uhg.   We were proud to replace all 18 lamps in our auditorium lights last month.   It is an unpleasant job.    It requires a tall ladder, lots of patience, and a strong back.    As you know the world is moving away from incandescent light bulbs.   (warning, tech talk ahead).   Our auditorium lights have to be incandescent because of the dimmer system.   The dimmers we use were industry standard, at the time,  SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) dimmers.   These dimmers work by cutting off part of the sine wave to decrease the voltage.  Modern LED lamps will not work with this type of dimmer, as such we are relegated to using incandescent lamps.  While the glorious light from the lamps, at about 2300° Kelvin looks good, the bad part for us is that a quality lamp isn’t readily available.


On Thursday night one of the new lamps burned out, hence the uhg.   That means the other 17 are soon to follow.   One month of use…really?    We are on the hunt for Group 7 industrial 130 volt 40 watt lamps.   We aren’t going to play this game again for at least 2500 usage hours.


Next week we have our COMMUNITY TREASURE SERIES with Gary Nolley, DISH IT OUT, and UKULELE RUSS.


Dish It Out is a cooking competition.   Competitor’s will have an hour to prepare their dish – and present to the panel of judges for critique.


Students participating in this second-year competition include Megan Carter, Gabriela Jones, Andrew “AJ” Roche and Michael “Alton” Danzall. These four students are in the Culinary Arts program at Blue River Career Programs. Chef Jodi Traub, the Culinary Arts Program Director at BRCP, anticipates a great evening of competition from her students. “These students are all extremely talented, and plan to pursue a secondary education in Culinary Arts after high school. Shelby County Tourism and Visitors’ Bureau has created a fresh and fun way for these kids to show off their abilities, while hosting an event everyone can enjoy. The students know what they are preparing, and each have a theme they will be working with in preparation of their selections,” comments Chef Traub.


Judges for this years event include Greg Pence, the Head Chef at Indiana Grand Racing and Casino, Brad Mendenhall, Senior Chef at Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky and Trish McIlroy, a Professor of Culinary Arts with Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis.  Liz Biro, Food and Beverage Critic with the Indianapolis Star will be the Master of Ceremonies.


A $2,000.00 scholarship will be awarded to the winner that evening, with all other participants receiving prizes as well. The winner will also have a booth at this year’s Taste of Shelby County event on June 2, 2017 – so everyone will have an opportunity to try their award-winning dish.   Last year this event was among the most fun of the season, come experience it!


Thank you for the support.   It has been a week filled with highs and lows.   Good for us all problems vanish as soon as we walk through the theater’s doors.  Yours will too.   We hope to see you at the Strand!


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