Apr 28 2017

Strand Theatre Weekly Email – 4/28/2017

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Dear Strand Fan,


This is National Volunteer Week.   The Strand sends out a big THANK YOU to the plethora of volunteers who help make our theater what it is today.   Our volunteers do everything, literally!   We have no paid staff, we have no paid consultants, we have no paid professional cheerleaders.   Everything is volunteer.    This make the Strand, a special place in its own right, even more special.   It proves what a community can do.   

We will proudly stand with any organization in the State and challenge them to equal what our volunteers do.  We are proud of you.  It is more than building a theater, it is building a legacy of generational memories for our community.


The Strand is becoming a common reference.  We love that.   At this week’s Shelbyville High School Choir Concert the choral director read the upcoming music department schedule.   Casually he discussed the May 6th SHS Jazz Concert at the Strand.   The Strand has become a place people know.   We are proud it is an artistic destination.  



Next week starts National Bicycle Safety Month, Global Employee Health and Safety Month, and also International Firefighters’ Day on May 4th!


Sometimes being a volunteer isn’t fun.   We finally received notice that our Pre-Hearing Conference for our issues with the Department of Homeland Security is May 24th.   This is process is killing the Strand.   It is zapping the enthusiasm out of many involved, all because of one inspector Walter Knaepple.   Walter put us through this misery with what became unfounded demands.   When the State, as you recall, finally looked into the matter, they reversed their plans of stopping our new fire exit.    Walter put demands on the Strand that would have made that project impossible to do, at which time the Strand had long since properly obtained the needed design release from their department!    The State Fire Marshal Jim Greeson, who is most responsible, has allowed his staff to make statements and take actions that are perplexing.   

We have had excellent media coverage.  Thank you to Shelbyville News, WSVX Radio, and WIBC Radio for their coverage.   The WIBC report included questions to the Marshal Greeson.  His response was not the same as what they told us they were doing.   Check it out on WIBC.COM.   It is quite incredible.


This week a patron from Greensburg stopped to talk to one of our volunteers expressing their sadness we have to go through this.  He said it is a shame “they are bullying you.”    Yes they are.    It shouldn’t be allowed and we are going to do everything we can to highlight the arbitrary nature of the things they are doing.   It is obvious that the State Fire Marshal has little regard for improvement in safety with respect to the Strand.   They have proved that.


Until Walter Knaepple and his unfounded demands, we always had a great relationship with several very talented inspectors from the State.   They have helped us get to where we are.  It is a shame that one person has not only ruined that relationship, but has also potentially ruined our entire project.  What a legacy.   


Despite him and others, we will persevere and continue to be focused on our core mission.    Thank you to all our volunteer legal help that are championing for the Strand, Shelbyville, and Shelby County.   Thank you to all of you who express encouragement to our volunteers.    Make no mistake, the Strand is safer than it has been since it was built over 100 years ago.  It will continue to improve despite the efforts to hold us back.


Enough of that…

This weekend the Shelby County Players continue their run of TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE.  Director Russ Gross has put together a wonderful ensemble cast and crew.   These talented people transform the words on the page to the poignant story that many know and love.   In a first for the Strand, boxes of tissue are placed throughout the auditorium.    Come to the Strand tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday to experience this wonderful play.   Tickets still available and there are always tickets available at the door.


Next week we have several things coming up.   First, a schedule change.   SAVING FAITH will be shown on May 12, 14, & 25.  (not May 1 as previously planned)

Saving Faith is a Faith Based Romantic Comedy from Rossetti Productions.   Chip Rossetti has previously had his film 94 Feet shown at the Strand.    Of the movie Chip writes: “Saving Faith” revolves around Faith Scott and her Uncle Donny. Faith is the Executive Director of the Ritz Theater in the small Tennessee town of Clinton. After years of struggle to keep the doors open it looks like it might be time to shut them for good. In one last ditch effort to keep the theater alive, Faith and Uncle Donny look to put together a big Christmas show…in June. Using his connections, that Faith knows nothing about, Uncle Donny is able to book a big time headliner for the show – Vince Gill and Amy Grant. Peter Marsh is a local business man in Clinton that has been waiting for the Ritz to go under so he can buy it cheap from the bank and sell it to a big time developer. When he hears about the Vince Gill/Amy Grant show, he pulls out all the stops to make sure the show does not go on. Uncle Donny, Faith and their friends and family pull together to make sure that they have done everything in their power to keep the doors to the Ritz Theater open, but can they succeed?”


Next Saturday May 6th we welcome back the Shelbyville High School Jazz Band under the direction of May Festival Music Director Russell Smith.   This will a great show.     If you love big band and jazz, the Strand will be the place to be next Saturday night.   The concert is free.


The Strand is inching closer to having free wifi for our patrons.   We are partnering with our new neighbors Mach1PC to provide this service.   Cody V. and Vinnie P. are scheming away on making this a reality.   All the new gizmos in the theater have mysteriously started to flash and change color.   Something must be happening….


That must mean another visit from a paranormal group.   We know we are far from normal, but the rest of that story is for them to find out.   In a few weeks we will welcome a group from south central Kentucky making the trip to Shelbyville.   


If you know someone who would like these emails, they can now sign up directly on our web site.   We love having people in the know.   We have no secrets.   The Strand belongs to everyone.   We are thrilled you take an interest in the theater.   Thank you for the support.   Curtain at 7:30 tonight!  See you at the Strand.

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