Apr 21 2017

Strand Theatre Weekly Email – 4/21/2017

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Dear Strand Fan,


Tonight the Shelby County Players open their production of TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE.   This poignant play is an adaptation of the very popular book of the same title.  The performance starts at 7:30pm.   TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE will perform through next weekend.


The Strand is busy working on our future schedule.  Our comedy schedule includes Costaki Economopolous on September 23 & Heywood Banks on November 4.   We are also doing something new in the comedy realm.   Improv at the Strand.   Since 2009, thousands have been entertained from their point of view by Point of View Comedy (POV) all over the Midwest.  Similar to the Who’s-Line-Is-It-Anyway, POV brings the laughs leaving you with a memorable experience.    This troupe will be performing on May 20th.  


This years is the first without Shelby Idol.   As you recall the event retired last year.   It was a fantastic run and everyone had a good time, but it was time for a change.   The Strand is working with the creative team from Shelby Idol for a replacement format.    There are several ideas in the works and it is going to be fun!   There will be more about the Shelby Idol replacement in the coming weeks, so stay tuned (literally).


Ukulele Russ dazzled our audience last weekend.   Russ is from Fairbanks Alaska via Maine.   He has a unique sense of humor and is a top flight musician.   The audience enjoyed music, stories, and comedy with a slightly different twist.   After all, when have you ever heard of a ukulele player headlining?   He said he will let us know the next time his is in the “lower 48.”   It was a fun evening for all who attended.


Yesterday our work on the roof was put to the test.   In the afternoon we received 1 inch of rain in 45 minutes.   So far things look good.  We know it is only a matter of time.  Once we have all the issues with the State Fire Marshal resolved we can get back to the important work of taking care of our theater.  Until then it will just have to wait.


Every year the transition from heat to air and back again is something we take seriously.   Audience comfort is paramount.   Last week was the first real test.   The theater was comfortable throughout.   All our units have fresh filters and are ready for the season.   (warning, tech talk ahead)   The filters now used in the Strand are 4 inches thick.  Every unit in the theater has the same filter, including the Annex units.   Our old filters were changed every three months.   They were not as thick.   Now we are on a 6 month schedule!   That is a great thing for our volunteers, or should be say Bob S. who takes care of such things.


Summer is around the corner, how do we know this?   The 94th edition of May Festival at Shelbyville High School will take place on May 4th.   This has happened the first Thursday in May at 8pm for as long as anyone can remember.   Back in the Paul Cross Gym days it was always hot (remember that?).   In the Garrett Gym Days it was always hot.   Now in the JWO Breck Auditorium era everyone sits in air conditioned comfort, but we still remember those performances of days gone by.    The Strand is dark that night so we too can go to the May Festival.


We hope to see you at one of the Shelby County Players performances of TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE.    Thank you for the support.   It is always fun to do what we do.   See you at the Strand!

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