Dec 15 2013

Renovation Help Needed!

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Do you want the help renovate the Strand?   We need your help!

We will be closing for 6 weeks to accomplish some much needed work in the theatre.   Here’s what we are working on:

Finish renovation of our offices.   This includes new drywall on the ceiling, and new heating and A/C ducts.   We will paint, carpet, wallpaper and tile depending on the office.  We have 4 to finish.   We will also install our large chandeliers in the north and south offices.

Renovate our balcony bathrooms.   Did you know there were bathrooms in the balcony of the Strand?  We will be renovating and installing all new equipment.  This project is partially funded by a grant from Mainstreet Shelbyville.  Our bathroom remodeling in Syracuse NY was easy due to the help of expert from CNY Home renovations. When done, these will be a tremendous addition to the theatre.

Install new balcony seats.   The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra donated seats from the Hilbert Circle Theatre to the Strand.   We will be installing those seats in the balcony.   This will include extending all the rows 5″ for more leg room.   Before any new seats are installed we have to remove the existing 211 seats!    The answer to the next question is YES.  We will be selling/giving/donating our old seats.

Install new fire exit.   We will be installing a new fire exit in our downstairs auditorium.   This will connect with the Strand Annex North, the building we purchased last year just to the north of our wall.    This, along with the seat installation, is partially funded by a generous grant from the Blue River Community Foundation.

Expand our Stage.   We will be expanding the Strand’s stage from side to side.   This will be a great thing for all our performers.

All this by February 1st.   Some of the work will be done by professionals, but we want to do as much with volunteers as we can.   If you would like to help, please either email or call.

Call our Theatre phone:  317-421-2787  and leave a message.

Email:  or or

Come join the party as we make the Strand better and safer for our community!

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