Jul 27 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter 7/27/2018

RADIUM GIRLS opens tonight!  In 1926, radium was a miracle cure.   Madame Curie was an international celebrity, and luminous watches the latest rage – until the girls who painted them began to fall ill with a mysterious disease.   Inspired by a true story, RADIUM GIRLS traces the efforts of Grace Fryer, a dial painter, as she fights for her day in court. Her chief adversary is her former employer, Arthur Roeder, and idealistic man who cannot bring himself to believe that the same element that shrinks tumors could have anything to do with the terrifying rash of illnesses among his employees.   As the case goes, however, Grace finds herself battling not just with the U.S. Radium Corporations, but with her own family and friends who fear that her campaign for justice will backfire.

Written with warmth and humor, RADIUM GIRLS is a fast-moving and highly theatrical.  Called a “powerful” and “engrossing” drama by critics, Radium Girls offers a wry, unflinching look at the peculiarly American obsessions with health, wealth, and the commercialization of science.   The Shelby County Players present this play this weekend and next. Tonight and tomorrow at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2pm. Plenty of tickets are still available.


The Shelby County Players have been hard at work getting the scenery and lighting ready for their performance.    The set utilizes the height of our auditorium. It is always nice to see new and creative uses for the Strand.


Last week we discussed our trials and tribulations with our Coke machine.  This week we are happy to report that it is fixed! It required 9 volunteer labor hours to solve a problem that took 20 minutes to fix.   We look forward to not having to go through that process again. When you’re at the theater this weekend you can enjoy a Coke!


We have had a stressful summer.  The road construction has been detrimental to our attendance.   At Friday Night Frights a patron came to us and said “you need help.”  She gave us a very generous donation. Things like this reinforce our belief that we live in a wonderful community.


We also had a patron inquire about a hearing assistance system.   Rather than just ask, we received a very generous check to cover 100% of the system.  We will be starting work soon on installing this complex hearing system. Work sessions will be needed to help with that too.   On behalf of the Strand and our community THANK YOU to these generous donors.


Strand Fun Fact:   The Strand is located on Harrison Street and Post Street.   Yes, the alley behind the Strand is actually a street. The Strand Annex is addressed on Post Street.    


Look at our schedule, we have something for everyone.   We hope to have a great turnout for all our events. If you are interested in OPEN MIC, turn that interest into action and perform on the Strand’s stage!    

We do all this because of the support and generosity of our community.    We had over 450 people attend Strand programs last week. This is all because of you, thank you.   See you at the Strand!

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Jul 20 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter 7/20/2018

Fun at the Strand!   This week we have 4 events.   2 down, and 2 to go. We had our Community Treasure Series Lecture featuring the Shelby County Players on Wednesday.   Tom and Noelle Krughoff longtime volunteers with SCP spoke about the ins an outs of play production. They also discussed their upcoming production of RADIUM GIRLS which opens July 27th at the Strand.


Daniel Lusk returned with his new magic show on Thursday night.   The Shelby County Library sponsored this event and we had a full house of thrilled children enjoying the magic and hijinx.   We look forward to having Daniel back in 2019. Until then we wish him the best of luck on his grueling schedule and all those other things that get in the way.


Today as this email is launched will have a full theater for the Shelbyville Parks Department’s RED CARPET DAYS.  This is a talent show presented by the summer campers at the Parks Department.   Each year we are tickled with the creativity presented. A big thank you to all our volunteers who make this middle of the day event possible.   As an all volunteer organization things like this take lots of coordination.


Tonight we finish with Friday Night Frights and presentation of the 1932 classic FREAKS.   Needless to say this presentation is in glorious Black and White.   The movie starts at 7:30pm and admission is $5 at the door.


Speaking of creativity on our stage, now is your chance.   For the first time ever we are having OPEN MIC at the STRAND.
Do to the length allowed by this email, the rules will be sent in a separate email (sorry).

OPEN MIC is August 8 – Music; August 9 – Comedy; August 10 – Open Stage.   We hope to see you there!


The KING, KILLER, and MAN in BLACK performs music of Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash on Saturday August 11th.


The following week on Saturday August 18th  we welcome the FUN 4 for a BEATLES CONCERT.  In addition to the concert the SKYLINE DRIVE-IN has announced that after the concert they will be showing YELLOW SUBMARINE and the Monkee’s movie HEAD.   This will be the ultimate Beatles weekend from the Strand and the Skyline.    


The following Saturday August 25th Mat Lavore presents MYSTERY and MAGIC.  This show features Hypnosis, Mind Reading, and Magic.   Mat LaVore has toured “Magic & Mystery” for the past five years across 34 states to countless college events and numerous sold out theater shows and is now coming to the Strand!


Blending cutting-edge magic, theatrical mind reading, and state-of-the-art demonstrations of hypnosis, “Magic & Mystery” offers audiences a full array of all the mystery arts in an incredible 90-minute medley of wonder.


Those are just the highlights, we have several other events in August too!   Getting there will be interesting. Did you notice the road is under construction?


After several suggestions last week for dropping off patrons, we have a solution.   Some of the suggestions included blocking off traffic, closing the road, and using a golf cart to transfer patrons.   The winning and doable idea is utilizing the new handicap parking space at the the corner of Hendricks Street. That is the indentation into the new sidewalk just past the Strand.  You will see our STRAND LOADING ZONE sign there for all performances until the parking is restored. It is relatively close to the front door and is safe for the patrons. We used it this week and it worked perfectly.   While not as good as in front of the theatre, we feel it is a workable solution.


Strand Fun Fact:   The concession stand serves Coke products.  Did you know at the equipment is located under the concession stand in the basement?  That basement required 6 weeks of cleaning and removal of “treasures” when we renovated in 2007.   


We have a wonderful relationship with Coke.  They are a large company, and sometimes it isn’t the easiest on small customers.   This week we had a failure of our pump that distributes Coca-Cola to the fountain.  We found out that Coke reorganized how they do repair. It took all week, but we are on track to have the problem fixed.   Coke is also making arrangements to move our equipment from the basement to the new storage closet just outside the basement entrance.   Our youthful crew can’t quite carry the heavy product and CO2 down the stairs like we did a decade ago, so thankfully it will be upstairs soon.

When the problem occurred Robert Lewis owner of The Bears Den came over and helped us troubleshoot the problem.  He also provided excellent tips on maintenance of the pumps to help prevent this type of problem in the future. The Strand crew loves Hurriburgers with Squeezy Cheese.  (editor’s note: you know you are from Shelbyville when you order squeezy cheese, as it is not listed on the menu!)


We hope you enjoy our programming.   2019 is shaping up to be our best season yet.  For 2018 we are 65 performance done, 60 to go!    It is all because of you, thank you. See you at the Strand!

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Jul 13 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter 7/13/2018

Variety is our middle name…so to speak.   The Strand presented 3 things for our community.   We showed Glengarry Glen Ross on Tuesday, had our Gettysburg Lecture on Wednesday, and finished with the movie Gettysburg on Thursday.   It was a fun, educational, and thought provoking week. Thank you to all who attended.


Traffic Update: Traffic on Harrison Street continues to cause us grief.  We are making the best of it. Did you notice our marquee? “PLENTY OF PARKING – JUST NOT IN FRONT.”  It is going to be a long summer. We were informed that the traffic lane will be pushed to the west side of the street until the end of August.  This means no parking in front of the Strand. We can deal with that. It also means we cannot have patrons dropped off at the front door of the theater.  That is unacceptable. For our upcoming concerts we have many people that are mobility impaired. This will prevent them from coming to our concert.


We are dismayed at this new development but are working for an equitable solution.  We will let you know what we figure out. If you have a suggestion, please let us know!


ANNOUNCEMENT:   The Strand will hold our first ever OPEN MIC AT THE STRAND on August 8-10.   We will have open mic for music on Wednesday.   Open Mic for comedy on Thursday. Open Stage for performances on Friday.   This will be fun. We will post the details on our website and Facebook page shortly.  Until then, save the date! We want your talent on our stage. A complete set of rules will be published in this newsletter next week.


Several things are on the horizon.   On Wednesday we welcome the Shelby County Players as a presenter in our Community Treasure Series.  This is an opportunity to learn the “behind the scenes” of what it takes to produce a play.   The lecture starts at 7pm and is free.


Magic returns with ROCKIN’ TOGETHER: A MUSICAL MAGIC SHOW on Thursday July 19th.   Magician Daniel Lusk will present a fun evening of magic and learning.  This free event is sponsored by the Shelby County Public Library. Tickets are available from the Library.   The show starts at 6:30pm. Doors will open at 5:45pm.


On Friday we have the Shelbyville Parks Department summer camp coming for their annual RED CARPET DAYS.   This is a chance for the campers to perform on the Strand’s stage.  It is a fun time. The performance starts at 11:30am on Friday July 20th and is free.


The Shelby County Players are hard at work preparing their production of RADIUM GIRLS.   It will perform for two weeks starting on July 27th.


We have something new.  On August 25th the Strand will host our first Hypnotist.  Mat Lavore will bring his MYSTERY & MAGIC to the Strand.  No rabbits out of hats or sawing people in half. No trick boxes or swing pocket watches.  Real magic. Real hypnosis. Real mystery. World-class magician and hypnotist Mat LaVore performs his theatre show “Magic & Mystery” to the Strand.   It’s not your average magic or hypnosis show! LaVore performs mind blowing magic, impossible mind reading, and jaw-dropping hypnosis all in one incredibly interactive show.  Be prepared to walk away astonished! Tickets are available locally at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash and check only) and online at BrownPaperTickets.com.


Strand Fun Fact:  Did you know that we have a skylight in one of our offices?  This was originally installed in 1916 and was covered decades ago.  It is now re-installed with energy efficient glass and looks great. Next time you are at the Strand, ask us to show you.


We are in challenging times.   For whatever reason our attendance is down, hence our revenue is down.   It is stressful for our volunteers. You can help by coming to an event.  We will make it through the road construction, hot weather, phases of the moon or whatever causes this to occur, but it is a steep hill to climb.

We do this all for the quality of life for Shelbyville and Shelby County.   We want to make an impact. We want the performing arts to be accessible to every citizen.  We want to stretch our community’s understanding of historical and current events. Most of all we want all of us to live in a fun, fulfilling place.   We couldn’t do this without you. Thank you! See you at the Strand.

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Jul 06 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter 7/6/2018

No parking, no problem!


As those of you in Shelbyville know, we cannot park in front of the Strand because of road construction.  This week it is no problem…as we are spending the week with all our arts partners at the Shelby County Fair.   Come visit us in the Brinson Building.


Exhibiting this year are our friends at the Arts Alliance, Shelby County Players, Shelby Art Guild Association (SAGA), Wool Spinning, Shelby County Historical Society, Shelby County Tourism, Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, The Icing Shoppe, and Tim and Janice Conway doing stained glass.   (As you enter the Strand you are always greeted by Tim Conway’s lovely stained glass hanging behind our ticket booth) It is quite the party, come join us. As an added bonus the Brinson Building is air conditioned!


While we are out of the theater we did some much needed work.  The students from Advantage Shelby County helped with a work session to move our office furniture into place.   This sounds easy, but in order to do the job, we had to bring the furniture in the alley doors, through the auditorium, up the stairs to the balcony, through the upper lobby, and into place.   Some items took another staircase up to the projection booth. This was a big project that went as planned.


Things go up, things come down.  In this case the large green metal cabinet (that was in the offices since who knows when) came down the stairs, through the auditorium, out the door into the alley, on a trailer, and over to Grover Museum.   When we were done with that we placed our Wurlitzer Marimba and Xylophone with the rest of the organ. These are the items we just received from J.L.Weiler, Inc in Chicago. Things are definitely coming together!


We had our annual Department of Homeland Security State Fire Marshal inspection.  It went perfectly. We appreciate the inspector Dave Millhoan’s offer to help us with safety issues.  His 35+ years of experience will be nice. Our annual Amusement and Entertainment Permit is renewed for another year.


Big news on the marketing front.  The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce just launched a new community calendar!   This can be accessed at WeAreShelbyCounty.com.  It will be a comprehensive list of everything.   The Chamber has always been wonderful to the Strand always helping market our events.  Our Chamber membership is a valuable part of the Strand. The new calendar is another step up.  It will include all events, whether Chamber members or not. If you have an event to list, please contact them through the new website.


While we are munching on corn dogs we have everything ready for a busy week ahead.  We kick things off on Tuesday July 10th with the 1992 film GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS. Based on the David Mamet play of the same name, this difficult subject takes the audience on a ride of greed, averous, and economic doom.   A modern day Death of a Salesman, it is worth the 100 minutes invested in seeing this movie. Please note the film contains mature language.


We continue on Wednesday July 11th with our Gettysburg Lecture.   This informative lecture, given by Andrew McRoberts, will take us through the battle of Gettysburg.   The lecture will finish with Danny Russel, an Abraham Lincoln interpreter, giving the Gettysburg. The president will be escorted by Civil War guard Shawn Bentz who is a Union soldier interpreter.   All three will be available for questions after the lecture.


The week wraps with the showing of the film GETTYSBURG.   This will be especially impactful after learning about the battle, and the stories associated with that military conflict.   The film starts a 6:30pm. It is 4 hours and 10 minutes, but will have an intermission. This beautifully shot film tells the story based on the book Killer Angels.  We are proud to have a theatrical showing of this important film so we can all remember those events that shaped our history.


The Shelby County Players are working on their coming pro.   Rehearsals take place 4 nights per week along with work sessions to build scenery on Saturdays.   The director is Carey Nigh, a Morristown High School alumni, and a teacher of economics at Franklin Central High School.  His dad Mark is a frequent Strand performer too. The set will be multi level creating a diverse space for different scenes.  Play opens Friday July 26, 2018. Advance tickets are available.


We have added new poster images at the bottom.  Check them out.


Lots of fun happens at the Strand.   It is all because of you. Thank you for the support and encouragement.   See you at the Strand!

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Jun 29 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter 6/29/2018

New things thrill us.   We hope they thrill you too.   We are trying something new. You will see our upcoming posters at the bottom of this newsletter.   Please let us know if you like them. We understand that it will slow the load speed, but we don’t know how much.   We have many great events and it has been challenging in 2018 to have an audience. Hopefully this will help. We know if we stay static, nothing will change.


This week our only event was the Community Treasure Series Lecture by the SALVATION ARMY.   It was very informative.   If you or your organization would like to be included in our lecture series, please reply to this email.  Coming up we are scheduling a talk on the Birds of Shelby County. This is by an individual, not an organization.   If you do have an organization and want to present a program, we would love that too. Let us know.


Strand Fun Fact:  Did you know that our new sidewalk is 18” wider than our old sidewalk?


Strand not so fun fact:   Traffic is going to get difficult for us.   After being spoiled by having our own private lane in front of the theater, that is going away.  According to the contractor, the traffic will become southbound only in front of the Strand. This will mean for the next 15 days starting today, we will not have parking in front of the theater.   We can live with that, but it also means we will have no place to drop off in front of the Strand. Many of our mobility challenged patrons need to be let off in front of the door. This is going to not be a good situation.  We are working with the contractor, state, and local officials to come up with a solution. We will keep you informed.


We are dark this week.   You can visit us nightly at the Shelby County Fair in the Brinson Building.  We will be there with all our Arts Alliance Partners.   We are taking advantage of having no events and doing a few housekeeping items.   First off is our annual inspection by the State Fire Marshal’s office as part of the Department of Homeland Security.    We have checked all our paperwork and to do list of things suggested, and we are good to go. For a decade we enjoyed a productive relationship with DHS.   We hope to reestablish that. Our theater is the safest it has been in our 102 year existence.


We are also going to move furniture into our new offices.   This will take some help. As soon as we have a date for a work sessions, we will let you know.   We only have two items left in the offices. Two ceilings need a final coat of paint, and our historic windows need refurbished.  We have applied to Mainstreet Shelbyville for a grant to help offset part of the cost of a historic window restoration. We had some additional information needed for Mainstreet, but finally have gotten that together.  We will let you know how that goes.


JULY 10 – GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS.   This movie is an adaptation of the David Mamet play.  In simple terms it is a modern take on Death of a Salesman.   Not too many theater show this film because of the language. When you get past that, the story is one that is too reflective of what is often American life.    It stars Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, Alec Baldwin, Jonathan Pryce, Kevin Spacey, and Ed Harris. As you can see, it is an all-star cast. This is not an easy subject matter, but is an excellent adaptation from Pulitzer Prize winning playwright David Mamet.   If you saw it on stage (which we would rather have), you know what we mean. We are proud to show it as a part of our Festival Film Series.


JULY 11 – GETTYSBURG LECTURE.   As part of our recognition of the 155th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg we are doing two events.    This lecture will take our audience to the battlefield. The lecturer, Andrew McRoberts, will discuss the strategy, topography, and the outcomes of this historic battle.  The evening will finish with an Abraham Lincoln interpreter delivering the Gettysburg Address. This should be impactful after learning the details of that fateful battle.


JULY 12 – GETTYSBURG (1993).   We are showing the 1993 epic film on based on the book The Killer Angels.   The film chronicles the events of the battle, bringing the audience onto the battlefield.   Seeing this film will have a new viewpoint for most of us after learning the details at the previous night’s lecture.


Thank you for all your support.  We have lots of things this summer (and the rest of the year too!).   We are busy booking for 2019. If there is something you would like, please let us know.   Many of our concerts and programs come from suggestions. Enjoy the posters. See you at the Strand!

Gettysburg WEB Festival Film Series 1 WEB Fun 4 Poster WEB King Killer 2018 Poster WEB Mat Lavore Poster WEB FNF July SMALL Radium Girls TV

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Jun 22 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter 6/22/2018

KENNY JAMES and RAVE ON – BUDDY HOLLY TRIBUTE, Saturday night!   Plenty of tickets are available for this outstanding show.


Last Friday night we had a surprise.    Downtown was packed with everyone for the Wine Walk.   We had Friday Night Frights.  The Strand has the largest FNF audience this year!   Amazing how that works.   Several patrons from the Wine Walk ventured down to the theater to see if we were hosting a winery.   We gave them all free popcorn for their effort! It was a fun night for everyone.


We continued the fun on Saturday night with TODD McCOMAS and JEFF VIBBERT.   They recorded their performance for a comedy CD and broadcast on Sirius XM. Sound engineer Allan set up an array of microphones to catch the crowd reaction to the jokes.   Stage and auditorium videographers captured the images. The comics were funny! Everyone had a great time. Thank you to Todd and Jeff for using the Strand for this fun event.


Our Festival Film Series continues on July 10th with the David Mamet drama GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS.   According to educator M.P. Ossa “The similarities between Death of a Salesman and Glengarry Glen Ross are quite evident in the setting (the everyday life of a salesman), the problem of the story (the need to be on top and enjoy a life of economic freedom in search of the American Dream, the atmosphere (hard times, tough competition), and the sad ending in both stories.”   This is a movie that isn’t seen often on the big screen, but is an icon of American Literature. David Mamet won the Pulitzer Prize for this play in 1984.


The Shelby County Players present RADIUM GIRLS in July.   In 1926, radium was a miracle cure.   Madame Curie was an international celebrity, and luminous watches the latest rage – until the girls who painted them began to fall ill with a mysterious disease.   Inspired by a true story, RADIUM GIRLS traces the efforts of Grace Fryer, a dial painter, as she fights for her day in court. Her chief adversary is her former employer, Arthur Roeder, and idealistic man who cannot bring himself to believe that the same element that shrinks tumors could have anything to do with the terrifying rash of illnesses among his employees.   As the case goes, however, Grace finds herself battling not just with the U.S. Radium Corporations, but with her own family and friends who fear that her campaign for justice will backfire.


Written with warmth and humor, RADIUM GIRLS is a fast-moving and highly theatrical.  Called a “powerful” and “engrossing” drama by critics, Radium Girls offers a wry, unflinching look at the peculiarly American obsessions with health, wealth, and the commercialization of science.


We were terrified last Friday.  (Warning, tech talk ahead). Horror Express was not the cause.    We came to the theater to prepare for our event and our house lights would not come on.   After some investigation we found that our 30 year old dimmer pack that operates our stage and house lights had failed.  No lights, no show. A quick email among board members and we were at the theater trying to fix the problem. Cody V. and David F. checked to make sure the DMX signal from our light board was good.   They installed a new DMX splitter in the projection booth and it indeed verified a good connections. It also provided an alternate 3 pin to 5 pin conversion to check the adaptor. They then took out the DMX card from the dimmer pack.  It was carefully cleaned. Cody reseated the IC circuits, something that is very delicate. The dimmer rack was reassembled and power was applied. After the boot up sequence, all the lights worked perfectly. The entire rack will be taken apart and cleaned in the next few weeks.   If corrosion was the cause, we want to nip it in the bud. Thankfully it worked perfectly the rest of the weekend. We are working for an alternate solution that is more permanent. It is things like this that keep cardiologists in business!

Strand Fun Fact: Did you know our main lighting dimmer racks were manufactured in 1989? They were manufactured by Electonics Diversified Industries, often referred to as ED boards. The dimmers are great with stage lights, rock solid, but sadly not compatible with LED. That is OK, as our stage lighting is all tungston halogen.


TRAFFIC UPDATE: Road work continues.   Milestone, the contractor for the project, informed the Strand the traffic on State Road 9 in front of the theater will switch next Wednesday or Thursday.   They will be working on the middle lane of SR 9. Because of this traffic will be southbound only from Broadway Street to Mickey’s T-Mart. This portion of the project is anticipated to take 15 days.   As with all work outside, the schedule is dependent on weather.


The Shelby County Fair is right around the corner from July 3-7.  This year the Strand will be at the Brinson Building with all our other arts partners.   Stop by and visit us! There is plenty of live entertainment all week at the fair. We love that.

Thank you for your support.  Our goal is always to keep you “in the know.”   We have no secrets and the Strand is for everyone.   See you at the Strand!

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Jun 15 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter 6/15/2018

TODD McCOMAS with JEFF VIBBERT.   Tomorrow 8pm!  Tickets are still available.   This comedy show is being recorded live for broadcast on SiriusXM.   It is always nice to have “From the Strand Theatre in Shelbyville Indiana…” going across the airwaves.    Doors open at 7pm and it should be a fun time at the Strand.

Speaking of fun, Ralph Curtis played all of Glen Campbell’s hits last Saturday.   The small but enthusiastic audience was treated to an evening of music from the 7 musicians on stage.   There was even a horn section! Thank you to all who came to this concert.


You will notice we are trying something new.   On Monday we are launching and email titled “This Week at the Strand.”   It will have our weekly schedule only. We wonder if we don’t suffer from being too busy.    We believe that the Strand is here to be utilized. We book up to the capacity of our volunteers.    In 2018 we have scheduled just over 120 different events. It is hard to keep track, so maybe this new email will help.   Let us know what you think.


Just when we get the new event list started, we had a hiccup.   Did you notice this week we have no pavement in front of the Strand?  Did you notice that the sidewalk to the north is torn out? Did you notice the sidewalk to the south is torn out?   We scratched our heads…just how will people get to our front doors for the Community Treasure Series Lecture? They can’t use the street or the sidewalks, so it pretty much negated the chance of having an event.   We cancelled and rescheduled the SALVATION ARMY LECTURE.   The new date is Wednesday June 27th at 7pm.   (Editor’s note:  The road construction and lack of access and perceived lack of access is devastating to the Strand.   While this is very hard on us, especially financially, we want to compliment Milestone Construction for working with us and staying in excellent communication.   We still think: Why us?)


Our performer 2 weeks ago gave us an excellent suggestion.   He asked for a brochure on the history of the Strand. We don’t have one.   To be honest, we’ve never considered it. That is about to change. We are producing a tri-fold brochure that will highlight the history of the theater.  We are fortunate to trace our roots back over 100 years. You will see the new brochure in the lobby soon.


Strand Fun Fact:   Did you know that Strand is a fully licensed music performance facility?   Through great effort and the help of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, we were able to navigate the waters of licensing, rights, and royalties.   For music we are licensed through the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP); Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI); and Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC).   Royalties are paid for all music played at the Strand. It takes lots of work to keep up with the reporting and requirements, but it is the right thing to do. This is for music only and does not cover film rights or grand (theatrical) rights, that is another story altogether.


Our TODD McCOMAS and JEFF VIBBERT were on the Bob and Tom show this past Tuesday.   It is always fun to hear the Strand referenced and known by the cast of the show.   Todd McComas gave us our start in comedy. He along with many others have helped the Strand continue to bring outstanding comedic entertainment to the our stage.   Hear for yourself. Todd and Jeff take the stage at 8pm tomorrow night.


This weekend is busy.   Tonight we encourage everyone to come to downtown Shelbyville for the annual WINE WALK.   This is a wonderful event full of great wine and foods.   The festivities start at 5:30pm. This year there will be a concert on the steps of City Hall featuring BLUE RIDGE BANNED.   This talented group performed at the Strand in December of last year.   We know you will love their music (and the wine is good too!) We are showing HORROR EXPRESS (1972) at 7:30pm for Friday Night Frights too!


Saturday morning you can start with the FARMERS MARKET in its new location on West Washington Street across from what was Major Hospital.    Our Strand volunteers love shopping at the market.

Saturday night we have COMEDY at the STRAND.   If comedy isn’t your taste, then head out to Blue River Memorial Park for the Shelby Arts Alliance/Shelbyville Parks Department MUSIC IN THE PARK.  The concert is from 7-9pm and is free.    After all our events are done, many different bars in town offer live music.   In Shelbyville, we have something for everyone. You are always fulfilling the mission of the Strand when you attend a live performance, whether at our theater or elsewhere.




With Special Guest BARNEY FIFE


Thank you for your support.   See you at the Strand!

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