Oct 20 2017

Strand Weekly Email: October 20, 2017

Dear Strand Fan,


Wow!   The Shelby County Arts Fest Choir Concert was wonderful.    The 5 choirs sung beautifully.   The finale was a Mozart piece sung by all 5.   The sound was glorious. Thank you to all who worked on behalf of this annual event.


On Wednesday we double dipped.   In the afternoon we participated in the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Community Expo.   This annual event is held at Shelbyville High School.   It was nice to see everyone who stopped by our booth.   It is always a pleasure to spread the good word about the Strand.    

Wednesday evening we hosted POETRY NIGHT.  This event, coordinated by Three Sisters Books and Gifts, drew a number of talented poets.    The verbal pictures that were painted evoked an imaginative awareness of experience expressed through meaning, sound, and rhythmic language choices.    The event was well attended brought out Shelby County’s vibrant writing community.


Tonight we welcome ROCK STEADY BOXING’s  COMEDY FOR A CAUSE.    This comedy fundraiser will tickle your funny bone as well as bring awareness to the transformative work done by the Rock Steady Boxing program for their Parkinson Disease participants.  Program founder, former prosecutor, and funny man Scott Newman will be there to share some thoughts on his journey that lead to the founding of Rock Steady Boxing.   Master of Ceremonies and regular Strand performer Mark Steenbarger will guide the evening with 4 comedians performing.    It will be fun, hope to see you there!


Tomorrow we welcome back TERRY LEE and the ROCKABOOGIE BAND to the Strand’s stage.  Terry brings his high energy show of early rock and roll.   He focuses on Jerry Lee Lewis, but we will also hear Elvis and a little gospel too!   It is always entertaining.   Tickets are still available.


Will he or won’t he?    Our bet is he will.    We will all find out on October 26th the scheduled release date of 3500 JFK documents from the National Archives.    President Trump is the only person that can halt the release.    As we prepare for this potentially historic new information the Strand is hosting two events:


JFK Lecture


Tuesday October 24, 2017

7:00pm  FREE


JFK (1991)

Film by Oliver Stone

Wednesday October 25, 2017

7:30pm  $5


The real knowledge will come on Tuesday night as we listen to JFK historian Andrew McRoberts speak about the events before and after that fateful day in November.    Andrew is a history teacher, so he will take us through the events methodically and factually.    The spin that Oliver Stone put on the assassination with his 1991 movie is not shared by all, but it was the film that most closely covered the topic.    The Strand is proud to participate in this national event helping elevate the knowledge of our community and re-starting a conversation that has faded through the years.   What is your bet?


The week continues on Thursday October 26th  with Friday Night Frights.   (Editor’s note:  Yes, we know that it is a Thursday night, but happily every Friday night in October was booked.   We call it our “Thursday Edition”) This month we will screen WASP WOMAN (1959).    The balcony will be open!


Friday night you need to make sure your toga is pressed and ready to go.   ANIMAL HOUSE (1979) is coming to the Strand.    This FREE movie is sponsored by Mayor Tom DeBaun.   As with the JFK question….will he or won’t he?  We’re betting Tom’s toga might be too worn for public display.   Come out and join the party and celebrate at the Strand the accomplishments of living in a wonderful small town.  


But wait, there’s more….Saturday night we welcome AFTERMATH and SLEEPING DOG to the Strand for THE GREATEST SHOW UNEARTHED.   Aftermath was formed this summer and is comprised of 4 people who were in the now-defunct band, Cosmos, plus 2 new people who are very good at their craft and have worked with each other for a long time. They joined together for their love of the music of Jethro Tull, Heart, Led Zeppelin and many other artists.  Band members include Laura Harmon, Davey Berling, Alanna Toon, Brian Kelley, Bob Medearis, and Seth Eoff.


Sleeping Dog formed in 2014 in Indianapolis as an all-original rock band with their roots based around classic rock.  Striving for an organic sound they are driven by tubed amps to capture that raw unadulterated sound of pure rock & roll.  You will find an array of writing styles that are incorporated in their music. With a no-frills approach in their recordings and during live performances, Sleeping Dog brings the feeling, attitude, and appreciation that only well written songs can deliver.  Their songs are not masked by effects and gimmicks.   Band members include Ronnie Brewer, Ron Stewart, Jim Hargraves, and Ray Rowlett.   It will be a fun show.   Come in costume!


The fun continues, just look at the list to the left!   This is all because of you, thank you for the support.   See you at the Strand.

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Oct 13 2017

Strand Weekly Email: October 13, 2017

Dear Strand Fan,

Tonight we welcome the annual Shelby County Arts Fest Choir Concert.   This free concert will feature the BLUE RIVER COMMUNITY CHOIR joined by MORRISTOWN, SOUTHWESTERN, TRITON, and WALDRON HIGH SCHOOL CHOIRS.     It is always a music filled evening highlighting wonderful local talent.    We hope you can join us at 7:00pm tonight for this very special concert.   


This past week we wrapped up the Shelby County Players’ performance of BOEING BOEING.   We heard great things from patrons and even better from our own volunteers.   It was a funny and thoroughly enjoyable evening of live theater!   The Players will be back the beginning of December with their children’s show.


Our Community Treasure Series lecture featured CHIEF TONY LOGAN of the SHELBYVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT.   Chief Logan gave a very informative talk about what it takes to maintain a first class department.   Our local firefighters do an outstanding job protecting our health and property.    Thank you Chief Logan for sharing with us during Fire Safety Month.


This week a Strand performer was featured on network television!   On November 8, 2014 the TOP HAT BLUES REVIEW was joined by SHOCK THERAPY in  Blues at the Strand.    The concert (our 75th that season) featured Brian Berholder’s band Shock Therapy.   This week on CNBC Brian was featured on the show Adventure Capitalist.   While not in his performing capacity, it is still nice to see one of our performers make it to the national stage.   Check out his products at https://www.tantrumcycles.com/




COMEDY FOR A CAUSE:  Rock Steady Boxing.     The Strand will be filled with laughter on Friday October 20th for Comedy for a Cause.   Rock Steady Boxing is a program that helps Parkinson Disease patients.    This fundraising event will feature laughs along with information on this wonderful program.   Advance tickets are available at Mickey’s T-Mart and online at BrownPaperTickets.com


TERRY LEE and the ROCKABOOGIE BAND:   Terry Lee makes a return engagement to the Strand with is Rockaboogie Band on Saturday October 21st.  His show is very energetic and features music of Jerry Lee Lewis and that of the early rock and roll era.    We look forward to having Terry bring some high energy fun to the Strand!  Advance tickets are available at Mickey’s T-Mart and online at BrownPaperTickets.com


JFK LECTURE, ANDREW McROBERTS LECTURER:   The Federal Archives are scheduled to release 3500 documents related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy on October 26, 2017.   This week we have JFK scholar Andrew McRoberts presenting a lecture on the events of that November day in 1963.  Andrew is an educator who has been studying all things President John F.

Kennedy from an early age. By the age of 12, he had read over 50 books related to JFK.  Of particular interest to him are the events surrounding November 22, 1963. With so many conspiracy theories about the assassination, including who shot from where, who covered up what, and who may or may not have been killed to keep quiet, it is easy to forget that our country lost an incredibly bright and young leader.  As much as Andrew

enjoys overanalyzing all of the theories surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, he reiterates to his students the importance of using facts and research to back an argument or hypothesis. This is why the October 2017 release of crucial documents related to the JFK assassination is of great historical significance. It will be an interesting discussion and preamble to what we might all discover in those released documents.    Admission is FREE.


JFK (1991):   Director Oliver Stone’s award winning movie JFK will be shown on October 25th.   While this film became embroiled in controversy, it is fitting to be watched on what might be a historic day.     Tickets are available at the door.


JFK DOCUMENT RELEASE:  While not a Strand event, we are all curious to see if this will actually happen.


THE WASP WOMAN (1959):  Friday Night Frights returns with a special Thursday October 26th edition.    The Wasp Woman was directed by famed director Roger Corman.   If you watch closely you will see a cameo by Mr. Corman!


ANIMAL HOUSE (1979):   We will stay in movie house mode for the showing of ANIMAL HOUSE on Friday October 27th.   Mayor Tom DeBaun is sponsoring this film for the community.   He encourages (as do we) togas and has his pledge pin ready.    Come join the fun.   Admission is FREE


THE GREATEST SHOW UNEARTHED:   Laura Harmon’s AFTERMATH will be joined by SLEEPING DOG for this rock and roll show on Saturday October 28th.   Costumes are encouraged for this concert featuring deep cuts from the rock and roll catalog.   Advance tickets are available at Mickey’s T-Mart and online at BrownPaperTickets.com


There are many wonderful events this month at the Strand.   We are proud of what you just read above.   It takes a tremendous about of volunteers to dedication to coordinate and present a wide range of entertainment for our community.   This is all because of you.   It would not be possible without your support and encouragement –  Thank you!     See you at the Strand

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Oct 06 2017

Strand Weekly Email: October 6, 2017


Shelby County Players

TONIGHT – 7:30pm

Saturday  – 7:30pm

Sunday – 2:00pm


Dear Strand Fan,

The Shelby County Players’ production of BOEING BOEING continues this weekend.   This is a very funny and entertaining play.   At last night’s performance a patron commented “Everyone in town should see this.   It is a great night of theater!”   Tickets are available.   Come out and get ready to take off with BOEING BOEING.


Did you notice the rain yesterday?   We did.   Our rain gauges had over 4” of rain during the morning hours.   We did a quick check of the theater and everything was dry.   We are on borrowed time with the main roof over the auditorium.   Each time it rains extremely hard we get a little nervous.


The Strand is poised for a jam packed month.    This week the SHELBYVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT will present at our Community Lecture Series.    The event is Wednesday October 11th at 7:00pm.   Come out and hear all the good things happening SFD.


Next Friday we welcome the BLUE RIVER COMMUNITY CHOIR and the SHELBY COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL CHOIRS for the annual Arts Fest Concert.   The program starts at 7:00pm and is free.


Poetry, Comedy, Rock and Roll, Movies, Lectures…they are all on tap in the next few weeks.  Take a look at the schedule to the left for a complete listing of upcoming events.


The Strand is pleased to announce that DAMIAN McGINTY of Celtic Thunder will perform at our theater on Tuesday April 10, 2017.   Damian McGinty is an actor and singer from Derry, Northern Ireland.  He has been performing for over a decade, and was a member of the group Celtic Thunder for four years starting when he was fourteen.  Damian appeared on the reality show The Glee Project, earning him a seven-episode guest-starring role on the hit Fox television show Glee which was later extended to 18 episodes.    We look forward to welcoming Damian to the Strand Theatre next year.


We have lots of events on tap.    You can start tonight at BOEING BOEING.    We appreciate your support.  It is an honor for us to host so many talented performers at the Strand.   See you at the Strand!

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Sep 29 2017

Strand Weekly Email: September 29, 2017

Dear Strand Fan,

“Curtain Up! Light the Lights!  You’ve got nothing to hit but the heights.   Starting here, Starting now….”  actually starting at 7:30 tonight!   The Shelby County Players will raise the curtain on their new production of BOEING BOEING.    They have been at the Strand all week and are ready to make you laugh.   Tickets are available in advance, but there are also plenty of tickets available at the door.     BOEING BOEING will be performed tonight and Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2:00pm.   Come out and support live theater in Shelby County!


(Honestly, did you read that in Ethel Merman’s voice?)   The theater is ready for this production.  It was a smooth and easy load-in from the Strand’s standpoint, but of course we didn’t do any of the work, we have the easy part just getting the theater ready.   The set looks great and we too look forward to the show.    On Saturday October 7th the Strand will have a Bar available for the performance courtesy of Passghetti’s.   Even more reason to come out and have a good time at BOEING BOEING.

Our energy upgrade is still in progress.    The old lamps were removed by a hazardous waste company.   (Warning, tech talk ahead)  Part of the Duke Energy program recognizes that when a business such as our replaces so many lamps, that the old compact fluorescents need to be disposed of properly.   Those lamps are manufactured with mercury.   It is important to us to be good to the environment.   While the disposal company was there, they also recycled our old marquee lamps.    The process is coming to an end with the installation of an additional 14 light bulbs that were missed in the first round.  We will also have our lobby lights replaced with the proper lamp that provides a greater light spread.    All in all this is a big deal for us.    The Strand has always tried to be as energy efficient as possible.   It is key to the ongoing stewardship that is our organization’s task.   Thank you to all who helped with this process including the vendor SmartWatt.   We hope you enjoy seeing all the chandelier lamps slit upstairs as you drive down Broadway Street.   We are proud that the Strand shows to everyone passing through Shelbyville, that we are a vibrant town and that includes our upper floors.


Our schedule is packed, we love that.   It is amazing what can happen when and organization doesn’t have distractions away from their core mission.     October 13th the BLUE RIVER COMMUNITY CHOIR will be joined by COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL CHOIRS for an evening of song.   This is part of the Shelby County Artsfest.   Admission if free and it is a wonderful evening of music!  


Our October 28th Halloween show has a title…. “THE GREATEST SHOW UNEARTHED” featuring Aftermath and Sleeping Dog.   This rock and roll show is a true music lovers concert.   We will hear things that tend to be buried on albums from the early 1970’s.    It will be a treat, with a few tricks!   Please come in your best Halloween costume, it will be fun.    The weekend will be zany, as the night before Mayor Tom DeBaun is hosting a showing of ANIMAL HOUSE (1979).   Do you have your toga ready?   


“You’ve got nothing to do but relax” and come to the Strand of an outstanding performance.  You can start tonight!   Thank you for all your support.   We will try to take it easy on the lyric reference in the future.   See you at the Strand.

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Sep 22 2017

Strand Weekly Email: September 22, 2017

Dear Strand Fan,

Tonight Friday Night Frights returns with the 1971 DRACULA vs FRANKENSTEIN.   This classic stars Lon Chaney, Jr.    It is a standard in the repertoire.   Now is your chance to see it on the big screen and sit in the balcony too!    Showtime is 7:30pm and tickets are only $5.


Hello Fall!  The equinox is upon us.    Today we are half and half, tomorrow we tip.   Tip to where?  Comedy of course.   COSTAKI ECONOMOPOULOS.    Costaki will take the stage at 8:00pm Saturday September 23rd.    He is a nationally touring comedian and is funny!   You will be happy you made it to the Strand to hear him live.      Tickets are only $15 in advance.   If you pay by cash or check, then Mickey’s T-Mart is the place.   If you would like to charge or are out of town, you can purchase tickets at BrownPaperTickets.com


We had something perplexing at the Strand.    This past week or so our doors have started to stick.   These are doors that have swung freely since we started in 2007.   Did something change that we missed?   A quick survey of our volunteers and we all experienced it at our homes and businesses too.    That is odd….    (editor’s note:  One of our volunteers checked the USGS Earthquake website.   There have been no measurable events in Indiana in the past thirty days.   Hmm)


Farce: (noun) a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.   That is the proper definition, but it is nothing compared to experiencing the real thing.   You are in luck!  BOEING BOEING (a farce) is coming to the Strand the next two weekends.    The Shelby County Players will put mayhem on stage with an outstanding cast and crew.      Be prepared to laugh (seems to be a theme at the Strand of late).   The first performance is Friday September 29th.  


We also met with the Technical Director of the Shelby County Players to go over updates and changes to the Strand since they last performed.    We discuss work-around options for those “just in case” scenarios.   Overall everything is ready to go and this production will be the easiest for them yet.   One major improvement is worklights on stage.  In the past they have been relegated to assembling the upstage portion of the set in the dark.   That is no longer the case.   We look forward to their production loading in Sunday morning for performances next week.


This week the Strand had a major energy conservation upgrade.   As part of the Duke Energy SmartWatt program, the Strand replaced 130 light bulbs.   The old bulbs were replaced with energy efficient LED bulbs.   The biggest change that will be evident is our office chandeliers.  We replaced 66 25 Watt incandescent bulbs with 66 2.5W LED lamps.    Wow, what a difference.   You can see it from the street.   We had two electricians from Duke Energy plus two Strand volunteers.   The project took 8 labor hours to accomplish.   (warning, tech talk ahead)   Since we are a 101 year old facility, the tone and color of the lighting is critical.   We specified no lamps cooler than 2700° Kelvin lamps.   The was the case with the exception of the fluorescent replacements which were 3000° Kelvin.   With color temperature the larger the number, the cooler the color.  


BBQ & Brewfest Saturday night.   Costaki Saturday night.   Boeing Boeing next week…the Strand and downtown Shelbyville is the place to be.    That is because of you, that you for your support.   See you at the Strand!

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Sep 15 2017

COSTAKI Returns!

Tickets still available!   Costaki + Shelbyville Downtown BBQ & Brewfest, all the same night!

September 23, 2017    8:00pm

Costaki poster 2017 small

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Sep 15 2017

Strand Weekly Email – September 15, 2017

The time is upon us for more comedy!   COSTAKI ECONOMOPOULOS will return to the Strand on Saturday September 23rd for one night only!    Tickets are still available at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash or check only), Skyline Drive-In, and online at BrownPaperTickets.com.


If you listen to WSVX Giant 96 they will be giving tickets away this week!    Win or buy, it is a win-win.   Costaki is funny, and you will want to be at the Strand.


As an added bonus and in honor of Costaki’s triumphant return to the Strand, our downtown will be transformed into a BBQ and Brewfest!    There will be craft beers and great barbeque, all within walking distance of the Strand.   How cool is that!   (editor’s note:   We booked this show so it would purposely coincide with the downtown event but don’t tell that to Costaki)




SEPTEMBER 23, 2017


(bar provided by The Fly)


This past week we had two events.   Last Saturday night we welcomed the Blackwood Bluegrass Band.   This group for Lawrence County drew an excellent crowd.  Everyone enjoyed the straightforward bluegrass and gospel music.   They were fantastic.   Thank you to all who attended and supported live entertainment in Shelby County.


We have one more bluegrass concert yet this year.   On Veteran’s Day November 11th we will welcome back the BROOKE STEELE BAND.   While there are no jingoistic tendencies for that day, we decided to do our patriotic part by presenting purely American music.    Brooke’s group also sings some gospel music too.


Wednesday was our September Community Treasure Series lecture.   This month Rachael Ackley and Nisha Ciarletta discussed Shelby County Tourism.   There was so much information that we are inviting them back the first quarter of 2017.   If you missed it Wednesday night, which we think you did, that is OK as you can catch it in the months ahead.


We had three new volunteers on Wednesday night.   These young ladies want to give back to the community and came to the Strand to help!   We love new volunteers…how about you?


We have several wonderful events in the coming weeks.   After Costaki the Shelby County Players load-in for their performance of BOEING BOEING.   This classic farce by French playwright Marc Camoletti will be sure to tickle your funny bone!   The play runs for two weeks starting September 29th.   As an added bonus at the Saturday October 7th performance there will be a bar (provided by The Fly).   All the more reasons to have some fun and here is why:  


The Shelby County Players will take you on a trip around the world without you having to ever leave your seat with the shamefully funny farce, BOEING BOEING.  You will find this 2008 Tony Award Winner for “Best Revival of a Play” explosively entertaining!


Set in Paris, France, an American bachelor, Bernard [played by J.T. Kent] enjoys scheduling his Italian [Letitia Clemons], American [Nicole Bentley], and German [Karen Markle] airline hostesses for intermittent rendezvous; until unexpected scheduling changes bring them all into town simultaneously.  Bernard would not be able to survive the turbulence without the aid of his meticulously organized maid [Rachel Scudder] and enthusiastic old college friend [Carey Nigh].  Directed by Lindy Meyer, this hilarious farce will have you fastening your seatbelt to keep from rolling on the floor with laughter.


Immediately following the Players run, we have our Community Treasure Series on October 11th featuring the SHELBYVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT.  October is National Fire Protection Month and we will help celebrate that with an informative and entertaining talk from our own fire department.   


The following Friday October 13th the Shelby County Arts Fest will present their annual COUNTY CHOIR CONCERT.   This will feature talented young singers from our County schools.   We always enjoy this event.   This will be the second year we are able to present the choirs without the use of microphones.   The auditorium is very quite with our new heating and AC equipment and the microphones aren’t necessary.    The joy of multiple voices.   The concert is free. (paraskevidekatriaphobia doesn’t apply)


There are lots of fun things at the Strand.   We will be busy from here on out until the end of the year.   It is nice to get back to the business of running the theater.   It is all because of you and your support…thank you.   See you at the Strand!

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