Feb 02 2018

Strand Theatre Weekly Newsletter: February 2, 2018

Dear Strand Fan,




9AM – 1PM


We have a very small task list for tomorrow though it will be quite time consuming.  We have to try to get all the painting done.  This is they type of project that can “linger on.”   It is time we get our offices done and in use supporting the mission of the Strand.   Once the painting is done, we have to clean up the balcony area and  the offices.  Finally moving everything back into place!  We could use your help, hope to see you there.


Next week we start our 2018 Season.   We have two events:


Friday Night Frights


February 9, 2018

7:30pm   $5


Driller Killer, from 1979, is iconic for fans of the genre.   It will kick off our 2018 Friday Night Frights Series with a recently restored copy.   


Valentine’s Concert

DANIKA and the JEB

February 10, 2018


$15 advance $20 door


If you like “coffee house” easy listening music, you will want to experience the nationally touring duo.   We are fortunate to bring them to Shelbyville.   The contact with the artists started May of 2017 for the performance this coming week.   This is a concert where we need our community to support our efforts in presenting not only local and regional entertainment, but also groups who tour the country.


If you can’t help tomorrow, that is OK.  Stop by and check out the progress!   Thank you for your support.  See you at the Strand.

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Jan 26 2018

Strand Weekly Newsletter: January 26, 2018

Dear Strand Fan,

Casablanca was a wonderful experience.   Our patrons experienced the film 75 years later, sitting in the same auditorium that showed it that night.    We are looking back at the Strand records to verify that, but have relative certainty that the Strand would have been on the first run list.

The Strand through the years has enjoyed excellent movie distribution relationships.   Once a movie is made, it is up to the distributor to get it into the theaters.    Going back to 1928 the Strand was one of the first theaters in the state to get Vitaphone.   According to a newspaper article at that time, the Strand’s reputation and connections led to the early installation.   That remained true the entire for-profit tenure of the theater.    The Strand played the biggest movies on opening weekend.    Hence, our belief that 75 years ago Tuesday, the Strand showed Casablanca.


So how was the French 75?  Our patron’s liked it.   (editor’s note: sampled for review purpose only!)   It was extremely easy to drink, very much a morning beverage.   No one ingredient overpowered the taste.   It added a certain connection to the action on the screen.  Thank you to Paul Dillow and his crew from The Fly and Pasghetti’s for making it happen.


We had several patrons seeing the film for the first time.  There is a reason it is a classic.   Thank you to all who came from both near and far.    Our new Strand friends in Anderson enjoyed their visit to Shelbyville.   Finally thank you to Strand patron John W. who made the suggestion.    This was a hit!


Our work sessions continue tomorrow.   This is the final work scheduled work session, but the work is far from over.   Since what we have left is in our offices, we can work while we are in the middle of our season.   We’ll let you know when the future sessions are scheduled.


This week we continued to improve the Strand.   We installed a new monitor for our ticketing information in the lobby.   This was something we planned on years ago, and sure enough all our electricity was right where it needed to be.   We used it for the first time during Casablanca.  It was be a nice addition, not only in looks, but it also saves volunteer time.     We also upgraded the lighting behind our lobby stained glass to LED.


Our stage lighting project has turned out to be a bit more complex than expected.   Before we can move forward, we have to remove our old AC water tower from above the stage.  While it isn’t difficult, Strand volunteer Bob S. says he needs help.   He was specific, he needs “young guns.”   It is big and awkward, and for the strapping individual not too heavy.   If you are in need of volunteer hours for school or a team, please keep us in mind.   Bob would appreciate it too.

As always we have fun doing what we do.   It is all because of your support, thank you!    Please check out all the wonderful events schedule in February.   See you at the Strand!

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Jan 19 2018

CASABLANCA – 75th Anniversary Showing

Casablanca – General Release January 23, 1943

TUESDAY January 23, 2018 –  Admission $5 – Bar Available serving “French 75”

Casablanca Poster WEB

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Jan 17 2018

Strand Theatre Weekly Newsletter: January 19, 2018

Dear Strand Fan,

This month has flown by.  We had three work sessions since the last email.  Great progress has been made.  Thank you to our wonderful volunteers for helping.    There is still more to do.  If you would like to help the next session is tomorrow (Saturday) from 9am – 1pm.   


One of our friends from the Shelby County Players asked about our upcoming lighting upgrades.   Here is a brief overview of what is planned (warning, tech talk ahead).  We are hanging 10  545W 19° Ellipsoidal from each of the lighting positions on either side of the stage.   There will also be 4 general wash LED fixtures hung there too.


We are installing 6 LED wash fixtures for downlight above the stage.  We removed the 150W PAR lights that were up there.   There will be two additional LED fixtures on the ceiling, but they will be used to light the curved sidewalls for R&R shows, but they will always be available.    We mounted 3 LED par cans on either side of the proscenium, and an additional 2 above the proscenium.   They are easily removable, but will need to be replaced in the same position if taken down.   They are mounted with studs and wing nuts.    They also will have DMX connections if needed.   When done we will have an additional 20 ellipsoidal and 24 mounted LED fixtures.   Just to give a comparison, the ellipsoidal instruments require circuits to support 10,900 watts.   ALL the LEDs combined don’t even pull 1000 watts, or less than your average hair dryer.


The stage will be divided into 8 lighting areas, 4 across in front of the proscenium and two upstage.   Each area will have a key and fill from the new positions.  In olden day terms, they will be 02 & 52.   They will be the same configuration as our current light plot.    


The final item, which we are not 100% sure we will do, is we are going to patch the 2000W follow spots into the lighting system.   They would then be able to be dimmed.   The big benefit will be the ability to have them blacked out by the master electrician, not the follow spot operator.   Now you know!



It is time to start transforming ourselves back into performance mode.   That starts on Tuesday with the 75th Anniversary showing of CASABLANCA.   This iconic film will be shown just as it was on January 23, 1943 when it was originally released.    The Strand will be ready, complete with a French 75 available at the bar.    If you are one of those people who have never seen Casablanca, now is your chance.  It is a relatively short movie by today’s standards.   Running time is just 102 minutes.   The movie starts at 7pm.  Advance tickets are not necessary, but they are available online or at Mickey’s T-Mart.  


We have several concerts to start our 2018 performance season.   



Friday February 10



DANIKA and the JEB will bring coffee house style music the our stage.   You may have heard Danika on Sirius XM’s Coffee House station or on one of 150 radio stations around the US spinning her tunes.  She has played in theaters, wineries, clubs and living rooms around the US, UK and Europe in one of over 400 shows since 2010 when she decided to pursue music full time, abandoning her PhD, only a dissertation short of becoming “Dr. Holmes.”


In 2010, Danika joined forces with guitarist Jeb Hart, a phenomenal player who’s not afraid of shredding on an acoustic guitar.  Jeb’s clean and sophisticated style of playing along with Danika’s smooth, soulful vocals has created their own unique blend of acoustic pop.  Fans come to Danika shows expecting to hear Jeb Hart on guitar the same way they know they’re going to get Slash at a Guns N’ Roses concert.


This is a concert that will be a special Valentine’s Day treat for you and your loved one.   Come out and support this outstanding entertainment right here in Shelby County!    Tickets are available online or at Mickey’s T-Mart.  


The music continues the following weekend with two special concerts




Friday February 16





Saturday  February 17



Both these concerts will feature talented musicians playing the songs you know and love.   The Strand is looking forward to starting our performance season with these three outstanding concerts.   All tickets are available online at BrownPaperTickets.com and locally at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash and check only).


If you can come to Saturday’s work session, we could use the help.  As always everything we do is because of you, THANK YOU!   See you at the Strand.


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Jan 12 2018

Strand Theatre Weekly Newsletter: January 12, 2018

Dear Strand Fan,


Last week we had our first work session of the season.  It was very successful.  9 volunteers helped complete the tasks at hand.   Those tasks included removal and storage of all our Christmas Decorations, assembly of our scaffolding on stage for lighting work, clearing the offices, and preparing the balcony.   


On Thursday night we continued our work in the projection booth and offices.   We have another work session tomorrow (Saturday) and would love the help.


Some of the things on the horizon include new fiber optic cable.  (Warning, tech talk ahead).   Our network guru Cody V. has determined that we need to have a fiber connection between the projection booth and backstage.   The booth, specifically our old nitrate film safe, is where our network equipment is installed.   The fiber provides fast speed, but is also immune to interference.     It is also fitting that our 102 year old theater is run on the most modern technology!


We had a meeting with our friends at the Riverfront Tap Room.   We discussed how we can help each other for our mutual patrons.  We love collaboration and are appreciative the Tap Room takes an interest in what we do.  


Did you notice we had snow the past few weeks?   Did you notice the Strand didn’t?  We noticed and wondered why it was gone.   Somehow the Strand’s snow was removed.   We did some checking and found out.   Thank you to Cody Riggs and Riggs Lawn Care.   Cody Riggs is taking care of the Strand as a volunteer.  Cody is an example of the community stepping up, without solicitation, to help our project.    We also would like to thank our new neighbors at Mach1PC.   We have a funny feeling they are in on this too!


The Strand Family is saddened by the passing of Mary Kay Pitts.  Mary Kay, one of the sisters from Three Sisters Book Store, was always there for the Strand.  She helped produced poetry and was a performer with her group Pitts Kitchen Dulcimer Band.   We will miss Mary Kay, her talent, and her energy.   We send our deepest condolences to Carolyn and Barbara.   


Race fans:  Donald Davidson is returning on April 18, 2018.    Mark you calendars now!   We continue to book for this year.    We have some dates left, but not many.   We will keep you informed.


Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped in the work sessions.   It is easier work with more people.   Yes, that includes you!    Thank you for the support.   See you at the Strand!  

 * * * * * * * * *


We are holding a series of work sessions this month:


Saturday January 13

Tuesday January 16

Thursday January 18

Saturday January 20

Saturday January 27


Saturdays we will work from 9am – 1pm.   On weeknights the sessions will be from 6pm – 9pm.  All are welcome to help regardless of age or skill level.   We have several projects on tap including preparing for our new lighting system, finishing our offices, finishing the projection booth, and working above the stage.   For further information or questions, please call 317-395-3318.    See you Saturday!


We hope you can join us for one (or more) of our work sessions and see the other side of the Strand.   It is fun and rewarding.

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Jan 05 2018

Strand Theatre Weekly Newsletter: January 5, 2018

Dear Strand Fan,



We are thrilled 2018 is here.   There are lots of things happening this month at the Strand.   First and foremost we will be doing work to our wonderful theater…but more about that later.


The Strand started our season with a music video shoot the past week.   Hip-hop artist JODY BLOOM shot a music video for upcoming release.  Jody Bloom is a American Rapper and Songwriter. Born in Cleveland OH, Jody spent most of his life in Atlanta GA.  Marilyn Coates, Jody’s Mother moved her family back north to Cincinnati OH in 2004.  Jody embarked on his musical career as a teenager, he released his first Mixtape in 2014 Titled, JodyBloomDaJuice. The highly anticipated sequel to this project is scheduled to be released in 2018. Jody made a name for himself in the Hip-Hop Community due to his dramatic heart wrenching poetry.  


Jody and his crew utilized the entire theater.   They needed a few extras, so Strand volunteers Bob S. and David F. were included too.   The Shelbyville News did a story on this and their talented reporter Ross Flint also got in on the action.   He was the “random patron” sitting in the balcony.   

The evening was great fun, and we look forward to Jody returning to perform sometime in 2018.


We are officially in “renovation mode.”   We are holding a series of work sessions this month:


Saturday January 6

Thursday January 11

Saturday January 13

Tuesday January 16

Thursday January 18

Saturday January 20

Saturday January 27


Saturdays we will work from 9am – 1pm.   On weeknights the sessions will be from 6pm – 9pm.  All are welcome to help regardless of age or skill level.   We have several projects on tap including preparing for our new lighting system, finishing our offices, finishing the projection booth, and working above the stage.   For further information or questions, please call 317-395-3318.    See you Saturday!


We hope you can join us for one (or more) of our work sessions and see the other side of the Strand.   It is fun and rewarding.


2017 was a fantastic year and we look forward to all the great things in 2018.   This is all because of you, thank you.   See you at the Strand!

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Dec 29 2017

Strand Theatre Weekly Newsletter: December 29, 2017

Dear Strand Fan,


It is hard to believe this is the last Strand Weekly Email for 2017.   We have had fun this year (and a little bit of heartache too).   This past weekend was a fantastic way to close our season.


On Saturday night we hosted the reunion concert for FENNS STATION.   While some of the members have changed, their fans show up and were treated to an outstanding performance.    It was fun to hear Nick and the crew perform together again.  


The evening started with BLUE RIDGE BANNED.   This was their debut performance on the Strand’s stage.    They did as well as any first time performers, it was great music played with enthusiasm.   We look forward to having them back.


On Sunday we hosted the First Christian Church for their Christmas Eve Services.    Services were at 10:00am and 6:30pm.   Rev. Bill Horner told those who attended this was not the first time that FCC held services at the Strand.   The last time their church was under renovation in 1967 they used the Strand too.    We look forward to welcoming back FCC in 2067!   


Generational memories.   The Strand is all about the long term.    We just finished our 101st year.   If you grew up in Shelby County in 1920 there are not many things today that are the same.   We love our long term local businesses, local attractions, and flavor.   


We finished our performance and financial year.   We have something that we didn’t think about.  This year our little donation drum by the lobby door surpassed $10,000 in donations!    The drum was placed there by a friend of the Strand when we first opened.   He said “you will be surprised what people drop into this drum.”   He was right!   Small but steady donations add up over time.


We had a church member ask this weekend how to donate.   Although we don’t solicited, we still gladly and humbly accept donations.    Donations can be made to:


Strand Theatre Fund

℅ Blue River Community Foundation

54 West Broadway Street Ste 1

Shelbyville, IN  46176


As we wind down our performance year, we gear up for our January work sessions.  Until then it is time to look back and reflect.    The Strand started in October 2006 with three members of our community invested $150 each to start this “performing arts center.”   We have grown from zero to consistently over 100 performance per year.   We gave welcomed over 100,000 patrons.   Although our empty theater has grown, we’re not done yet!   What we do now is a small part of what the future holds for the Strand.


This is all because of you.   Thank you for attending our performances.   Thank you for your financial support.   Thank you for your rooting for us, and most importantly thank you for being a positive part of the quality of life in Shelbyville and Shelby County.   Until our first performance on February 6, 2018…see you at the Strand!

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