Feb 24 2017

Strand Weekly Email 2/24/2017

Dear Strand Fan,

This week comedy returns to the Strand.   MIKE GARDNER will perform on Saturday night February 25th at 8:00pm.   Mike will be joined by Ryan Shipley.   Mike if very funny, so come out for an evening of (adult) humor.   Tickets are available for only $15 at Mickey’s T-Mart or online.    We hope to see you there.
This past week we kicked off our Friday Night Frights series.   We are returning to a more classic film format.   The next two months we will have films featuring Vincent Price and followed by his great friend Christopher Lee.    It will be a fun series.  We are going to announce the summer movies shortly, so stay tuned.

Our renovation work still continues.   The offices and upper lobby are slowly taking shape.   We will be holding a few more Saturday work sessions to complete the transformation.   We still need to finish painting the upper lobby, three offices, and the projection booth.  Many of the hard things have been done, so it should be clear sailing from here on out.

The lobby has displays from the Shelby County Historical Society.   The signs above items were produced by Stage Door Graphics.  When it came time to get an invoice, Dick D. said “no charge.”  Thank you Stage Door Graphics.
One of the biggest safety improvements to the Strand happened this week.  You will (hopefully) notice our new lobby exit doors.   They should be installed as your read this on Friday.  This has been a long time in coming.  The doors we replaced were installed in the 1967 renovation that enclosed the lobby.   These doors have served us well, but need to be replaced.   They are made of wood and in the summer stuck, in the winter let the outside air in.   We are happy to finally have great fitting, fully functional, and secure doors.  Thank you Adams Glass and Garage Doors!   Al Anderson and his crew worked with us the past 18 months to finally get to this point.

The Shelby County Players are loading in this weekend for their performance of VANYA and SONIA and MASHA and SPIKE.  The 2013 Tony award winner for Best Play will be performed at the Strand the first two weekends in March.  This hilarious comedic farce with some adult language was nominated for six Tony Awards and is one of the most lauded and beloved Broadway comedic plays of recent years. Karen Markle, director of last years The Dixie Swim Club along with set designer Lindy Meyer have collaborated again to provide Shelbyville a memorable night of live theatre at the Strand.

In the story, middle aged Vanya, played by Tom Krughoff and his adopted sister Sonia, played by Rachel Scudder live a quiet life in the Pennsylvania farmhouse where they grew up, but their peace is disturbed when their movie star sister Masha, played by Brooke Collins, returns unannounced with her twenty-something boy toy Spike played by Dion Lee.  Shannon Gaudin & Danyel Comstock round out the cast as a weekend of rivalry, regret and raucousness begins.    Performances are March 3-5 and 9-12.

The Strand would like to express our deepest condolences for the loss of a great friend and Strand patron Dr. Paul Inlow.   Paul could be seen at many of our performances.  Memorably he attended everything from plays to heavy metal concerts.   Paul was a wonderful mentor and friend, he will be missed.

Make sure you check out our schedule.   We have lots of great entertainment coming to the Strand.   We want to thank the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce.   We are proud members and they alway do a great job in helping to get the good word about the Strand out to their members and the community in general!

We love what we do.   It is all possible because of your support, thank you! See you at the Strand.

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Feb 17 2017


Brooke Steele Band will perform at the Strand Theatre in Shelbyville, Indiana on Saturday March 18, 2017.   Brooke plays Bluegrass, Traditional Country, and Gospel music.   Tickets are available in advance at Mickey’s T-Mart or online at BrownPaperTickets.com


Brooke Steele Poster small



Feb 17 2017

Strand Weekly Email 2/17/2017

Dear Strand Fan,

The Strand opened Saturday night and we welcomed everyone for the showing of the 1946 MGM musical “Till The Clouds Roll By.”   The predominantly out of town audience had a good chance to see the changes and experience the movie much as it was when first released.   A special thank you to the 14 volunteers who just showed up on Saturday morning to get the theater into shape for the evening.   The work isn’t done, but for now it is confined to our offices and will not impede any performance.

Our first COMMUNITY TREASURE SERIES was on Wednesday night.  Janet Wallace from the Shelby County Public Library gave the presentation.  Everyone in attendance learned something new about our library.   It was an interesting presentation.  Thank you Janet.

Next Saturday comedy returns with MIKE GARDNER.   Tickets are $15 advance and available at Mickey’s T-Mart or online.   This is an adult show.

We finished several little projects this week.   Among the projects is continuing installation of our public wifi system.  (warning, tech talk ahead).

The Strand just doesn’t have enough bandwidth to sustain our needs and those of people wanting to use our wireless connection.   Cody V. our board member who takes care of such things has designed a system that will allow public access.   Our new neighbors Mach1PC will be providing the connection for this system at no charge to our patrons.  Thank you Scott and Vinny.   The system includes fiber optic links from our projection booth, location of our main networking rack, to the ancillary switch locations.   Our public system is located in the closet that used to be the ticket booth years ago.  During our renovation we cleaned, painted, and carpeted that space.  It is now full of hi-tech play toys.

The Strand was built in 1916, but our data infrastructure is cutting edge.   It is fun that our network rack is located in the original 1916 nitrate film vault.   Little did they know in 1916 that it would be the hub of the digital age at the Strand!   Until the system is completed we have no outside connection for our users, but hopefully that will change soon.

Tonight we have the first in our 2017 season of FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS.   This popular film series continues with I BURY THE LIVING starring Richard Boone.  This 1958 film takes us back to a time when theaters like the Strand showed horror movies every weekend.    Tickets are only $5 and are now available at Mickey’s T-Mart as well as at the door.

The lobby looks great, the upper lobby is looking great, and the theater is back to doing what we do best.   Thank you to the numerous volunteers who helped get us to this point.

Thank you for your support.  Planning is in full swing for the next round of changes for the Strand.  We are also working hard on our upcoming season.   As you can tell from the schedule at the left, we have many different and interesting events in the coming weeks.   Tonight is Friday Night Frights.    See you at the Strand!

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Feb 10 2017

Strand Weekly Email 2/10/2017

Dear Strand Fan,

We open for our 2017 Season this week!   Our construction is coming to an end and it is time to get back to what we are here to do.    This week we will kick things off and try things out with the a free showing of the 1946 MGM musical TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY.   The song list for this film includes:

  • Cotton Blossom” – MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus
  • Where’s the Mate for Me” – Tony Martin
  • Make Believe” – Kathryn Grayson/Tony Martin
  • Life Upon the Wicked Stage” – Virginia O’Brien/MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus Girls
  • Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man” – Lena Horne
  • Ol’ Man River” – Caleb Peterson/MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus
  • Ka-Lu-a” – MGM Studio Orchestra
  • How’d You Like to Spoon with Me” – Angela Lansbury/MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus
  • They Didn’t Believe Me” – Dinah Shore
  • Till the Clouds Roll By” – June Allyson/Ray McDonald/MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus
  • Leave It to Jane” – MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus/June Allyson/Ray McDonald
  • Cleopatterer” – June Allyson/Ray McDonald/MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus
  • Leave It to Jane” (Reprise) – MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus/June Allyson/Ray McDonald
  • Look for the Silver Lining” – Judy Garland
  • Sunny” – Judy Garland/MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus
  • Who?” – Judy Garland/MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus
  • One More Dance” – Lucille Bremer (Dubbed by Trudy Erwin)
  • I Won’t Dance” – Van Johnson/Lucille Bremer (dubbed by Trudy Erwin)
  • She Didn’t Say Yes” – Lyn Wilde/Lee Wilde
  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” – Cyd Charisse/Gower Champion
  • The Last Time I Saw Paris” – Dinah Shore
  • The Land Where the Good Songs Go” – Lucille Bremer (dubbed by Trudy Erwin)
  • Yesterdays” – MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus
  • Long Ago (and Far Away)” – Kathryn Grayson
  • A Fine Romance” – Virginia O’Brien
  • All the Things You Are” – Tony Martin
  • Why Was I Born?” – Lena Horne
  • Ol’ Man River” (Reprise/Finale) – Frank Sinatra/MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus

This film is a rarely shown gem from the MGM archives.   If you saw La La Land, come see what a Hollywood musical from the heyday of Hollywood musicals.   Admission is free.   Saturday February 11, 2017 at 7:30pm

Next week we have the first in our Community Treasure Series.   This is chance to hear what is going on in our community.   The speakers will all share updates on projects and plans.   You will have the opportunity throughout the year to hear directly from the people guiding growth and change.

Our inaugural speaker (and a true community treasure) will be Janet Wallace, director of the Shelby County Public Library.   She has worked for the library since 1981.  She obtained her undergraduate degree from University of Indianapolis in 1980 and Masters of Library Science in 2000.  Janet starting working in the library on the bookmobile and has worked in technical services, youth services and administration throughout her career.   She  loves children and enjoys working with them anytime she has an opportunity.

Janet has helped many organizations (and is a Strand volunteer too!).    She is going to talk about the changes coming to our library.

A week from Friday we will reintroduce our Friday Night Frights series.    We will get back to showing films that were common at the Strand way back when.

Our work in the public areas of the theater is coming to an end.  The new carpet was laid (and donated!) by Shelbyville Paint Floors and More.   It looks wonderful!   Some of the smallest improvements are huge for us.   The threshold between the lobby and women’s lounge is gone.  It is now smooth continuous carpet.   The women’s lounge has a new baby changing station too.

You will notice a new monitor (we can’t really call it a TV anymore) in the lobby that scrolls our renovation pictures.   Like everything else, we bought this locally from Mach1PC (our new neighbors).   When they gave us the invoice it said Paid, No Charge!   Thank you Scott and Vinny.

The signs above the newly installed Shelby County Historical Society exhibit are done.   The metal needed to be cut to size.   Piercy Machine did this for us.   When we asked for an invoice, Gaylon said “no charge.”  They are being lettered by Stage Door Graphics and should be done soon.

The upstairs lobby is done.   The lobby has a concessions area/bar and looks into our new offices.    This is done in the same color scheme as the main lobby.   We look forward to our sold out shows where this space will help with intermissions and audience comfort.

The new ceiling in the projection booth was installed this week.   The black drop ceiling covers up a multitude of vents, holes, and chipping plaster.   We will be installing new can lights this week.  The can lights are recycled from the demolition and reconfiguration of Captain D’s restaurant.   Thank you Runnebohm Construction for saving them for us.   These lights are in our offices and upstairs restrooms too.   The projection booth will use the last of these fixtures.

Thank you for your support.  Thank you to ALL the volunteers that helps this past month.  We logged over 1000 hours in this project.    We look forward to see you at the Strand!

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Feb 04 2017

Strand Weekly Email 2/4/2017

Dear Strand Fan,

It is a busy week.   We had wonderful work sessions.   The new colors are taking shape and almost done.   Slowly new spaces, unused since 1967, are emerging.   It is exciting!   Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who have helped this current project.

Not everything has been inside.   We had volunteers go on our roof and make emergency repairs.   We replaced one third of our roof last year.   Unfortunately the remaining two thirds is in very bad shape.   We have pampered and patched the roof since we started.   Last week was yet another finger in the dyke of Strand.   Hopefully we can buy ourselves a bit more time, as the replacement will be expensive.   So far so good, all the patches have held and we are doing well.

The Strand donated a piece of our history to the Shelby County Historical Society this week.   As part of the lobby renovation, we removed the old ticket booth.  This is where we had our TV that scrolled renovation pictures.   In the booth was still installed the mid 1940’s ticket dispensing machine.   That equipment is now in the hands of the Grover Museum.   It is a part of local history and generations of patrons have received their ticket from that machine.   Do you remember as a child (or even an adult) watching the ticket seller push the button and out came the correct number of tickets you purchased?   That history is now preserved.

We are now planning our work in the Annex.   This is the project that was prohibited by the State Fire Marshal.  Now that is resolved, we can pick up where we left off.   When done this will be one of the best safety upgrades to the Strand in over 100 years.

This project removes our fire exit from the right side of the stage and replaces it with a bigger better exit.  They initially put a stop to our increasing the size of the exit from 36” to 72”, lessening the slope to get out from an 8’ length for the rise, to a 22’ length for the rise.   Lastly the new doors will exit the theater at alley height.   Currently there is a step down to the alley from the existing exit.   This is a critically important improvement with many benefits.   First and foremost it will make the Strand safer.   Second it will allow us to expand our stage and make the stage handicap accessible.   We are still mystified why this safety improvement was challenged.

The Strand was invited to speak at the Shelbyville Rotary Club this week.   We enjoyed bringing them up to date on all our improvements.   Many in the room were Strand volunteers and all have supported us from the beginning.  Rotary has a wonderful and positive impact on our community.   Thank you for what you do from all of us at the Strand!

We look forward to finishing our work and getting back to what we do best…presenting wonderful performances for our community.   We will be holding a work session tomorrow:


FEBRUARY 5, 2017

9:00am – 1:00pm

We still have painting to do.   We will also be uncovering all our seats and getting the Strand performance ready.   The new carpet is in the lobby and looks great!   We hope you can help.

We are back to what we do best next weekend.    The Academy Awards are just around the corner.   La La Land was nominated for multiple awards.   It is a new Hollywood musical.   If you saw La La Land you will want to come to the Strand to see the 1946 Hollywood musical TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY.     This musical is from the height for the MGM musical heyday.   It starts a who’s who of Hollywood including Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Lena Horne and many others.   The movie will be FREE.   Come see our improvements and spend the evening with the music of Jerome Kern with TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY.


February 11, 2017


Admission FREE

The Strand is a fun place.  We couldn’t do it without your help and support, Thank You!    See you at the Strand.

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Jan 27 2017

Strand Weekly Email 1/27/2017

Dear Strand Fan,
This week the work continues.   Bob S. has been diligently fixing all sorts of things.  We have expanded our concessions storage and fixed trim work throughout the lobby.   When we first did the lobby we installed rubber base board.   Two reasons, one we had it, two we were out of time and money.   We have replaced the rubber with wood to be contextually consistent with the rest of the theater.

Pat Turner of PET Construction has been doing drywall and plaster repair upstairs.   We have put finish coats on all our office spaces.   This means that it is ready to paint!   This has been a long time coming for the Strand.   The office spaces were abandoned in 1967 and have been basically dormant ever since.   This was due in large part to no heat or air conditioning.   We also had to install electricity, as there were no outlets in the offices.   Much of the preparation work has been done over the course of the last 7 years.   We have taken baby steps, but now is the time to take a giant leap and bring these spaces back to life.

The offices will arrive not one moment too soon.   The Strand as an organization has grown tremendously.   We have volunteers who focus on marketing, scheduling, theater maintenance, and business continuity.    We need the space to work.   While we will love our new offices, we are already out of space.  Every inch is accounted for…which is a good problem to have.

We are holding a work session Saturday January 28, 2017 (yes that is tomorrow) from 9:00am to 1:00pm.  This is going to be a big push to get everything painted.   WE NEED YOUR HELP!   Put on your paint clothes and come join us.   If you have a paint brush bring it along too.    We have many different spaces to work.   All the painting tomorrow will be with water based paint.

The Shelby County Historical Society is getting their lobby displays ready for the Strand.   This will be a great addition to the Strand.   Our audience will get a glimpse of the vast SCHS collection and hopefully visit the Grover Museum.   While locally we all know the Grover, many of our patrons are from out of town.   This will give them a chance to see what else Shelbyville has to offer.   The Strand has been partnering with organizations since we started.   This is a continuation of our commitment to the entire community.

We are now planning our stage work.   The process was derailed by the State Fire Marshal’s inspector.   He was going to require us to sprinkle the Strand if we opened the connection to our annex that was cut in the side wall of the auditorium.   We already had a state Construction Design Release for that project with no conditions.   We had followed all the proper steps and met with the local building and fire inspectors well before submitting the project.    The inspector remained resolved to require sprinkling.   We had been diligent in our planning and we were not required to do that, as demonstrated by the CDR with no conditions.   Would we like to install sprinklers, of course, but after Mr. Knaepple made that requirement,  our costs were over $500,000 to accomplish the task.   That would mean we would close the Strand.

With the help of local attorney and Strand volunteer Lee McNeely, we met with the leadership of the State Fire Marshal’s office, including Jim Greeson, the State Fire Marshall.   The result was they rescinded our Construction Design Release!   We were flabbergasted.   We have no idea what they wanted to prove, but were forced to go through the legal remedies.   We were entitled to a conference before we filed a formal appeal that would have  been heard by an administrative law judge.   At that meeting, the State decided that we were OK, and reinstated our Construction Design Release.

We are an all volunteer organization.  The State Fire Marshal’s office has done irreparable harm to the Strand, its leadership, volunteer base, and ongoing mission.   We will overcome this setback, but it certainly dampened our enthusiasm.   You will see a direct result of their actions by our work on the lobby and the lack of performances for the first quarter of 2017.   Now that issue is resolved, we can get back to the straight line process of improvements to our theater, focusing on our performance space first.

The Strand is fortunate to be located in Shelbyville at the heart of Shelby County.  Our patrons and community understand the Strand.   We are pleased to be another piece of the puzzle that makes our community an attractive place to live, work, and play.    We have partners, including Mainstreet Shelbyville, Blue River Foundation, Shelby County Historical Society, City of Shelbyville, and many others that understand what we are trying to accomplish.   Thank you for your support.   See you at the Strand (hopefully tomorrow morning!)

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Jan 20 2017

Strand Weekly Email 1/20/2017

Dear Strand Fan,

Welcome to our first email of 2017!    The Strand is looking forward to our upcoming season.   Over the next few emails we will talk about all sorts of topics.   Before we look back, let’s come up to date with what is happening now.

The Strand has always closed in January to do heavy maintenance and renovation work.  This year we had a major change of plans due to requirements from the State Fire Marshal inspector Walter Knaepple.    We went through quite a process but in the end we were fine and there was no problem.   It unfortunately delayed us 6 months, so all the work we needed to do, we were not allowed to plan due to their requirements, which they later rescinded.   So instead of doing work on our stage, we had to work elsewhere.

The lobby floated to the top of the work list.   This is a project that required no permits, as it is cosmetic.    The lobby welcomes every audience member.   Originally it was painted (as we recall only 4 days before we opened) in the color scheme of the auditorium.   There was good reason for this…we had the paint!   (Warning, tech talk ahead).   The auditorium is painted with an Adamesque paint scheme, keeping as closely as we could to historic colors.   The auditorium is generally dark, and the hues of the paint wash out in the dim light.   What is left is the comfortable warm colors that we experience today.   The lobby on the other hand is very bright, hence the lobby was vibrant, maybe too much so.

The carpet in the lobby is the last remaining original carpet in the theater.    It has endured years as use as a movie theater followed by the abuse from our original renovations.   On top of that just under 100,000 patrons have walked across the lobby.   It was beyond time to go.   Since we were replacing the carpet, it was an ideal time to change the paint scheme.   Thank you to Essex Carpet Cleaning for getting us this far!   Ernie and Jack were often at the theatre getting our carpet it back into usable shape.

Shelbyville Paint and Wallpaper helped us with the new color scheme.   This was formulated around the carpet color.  They donated the carpet!   Thank you Ray and Cindy.     Since everything had to be removed, we took the opportunity to remove the two counters on either side of the lobby.   They originally hid the steel supports for the structure.   We now have more space with only two posts on either side.   This weekend we are going to paint the lobby.   Our work session Saturday from 9:00am – 1:00pm will focus on getting the lobby painted.   It requires 3 colors with 3 different types of paint!

We are also preparing exhibit space on either side of the lobby.   Since we opened, we have hung paintings from the Shelby Arts Council collection.  Thousands of people have enjoyed these local works of art dating back to 1886.   It was time to change.   The north and south side of the lobby will now have exhibits from the Shelby County Historical Society.   These exhibits will change every few months.  It is our hope that our patrons will also visit the Grover Museum after being exposed these lobby exhibits.  Thank you to Alex and everyone at the SCHS for making this happen.

The final lobby project is to replace our front doors.   The doors were installed in 1967 and have served the theater well.   It is time for modern, airtight and secure doors.   The new doors are being installed by Adams Glass.    They will include new safer lock hardware too.

The other work we are doing is cosmetic in nature as well.   Since we could not work on stage due to being stopped by the State Fire Marshal, we are also finishing our offices.   Everything needs done, and having the space usable will help our overall project.  Making the theater better for our performers and audience is first priority.   Since we could not do that, we are using the time in January while closed to bring the offices back to life for the first time since 1967.

We have repaired the plaster and installed some new drywall.   We also repaired a section of floor, all things that needed done.   We will be able to start painting and decorating.   While we were there, we also prepared to projection booth for a new drop ceiling and carpet.   The project will be transformational to the Strand for our internal operations.    We have to paint up there too.   We will be using the same lobby paint scheme for the area just outside our balcony bathrooms.   We are also painting the metal stairs going up to the projection booth.   It will look great when done.

With each day the Strand becomes better and safer.   We are proud of the work of our volunteers.     If you would like to help, we are working Saturday from 9:00am – 1:00pm.

During our break we have had many visitors.   We welcomed people from as close as Shelbyville, to those from Alabama and Maine!   We love putting little pins in a map.

Many projects do not have an outwardly visible impact.  This year everyone will see the change!   Thank you to Blue River Foundation and our many donors who help us with our ongoing renovation.     We are busy booking performances.  2017 will be fun!   See you at the Strand.

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