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Sep 15 2017

Strand Weekly Email – September 15, 2017

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The time is upon us for more comedy!   COSTAKI ECONOMOPOULOS will return to the Strand on Saturday September 23rd for one night only!    Tickets are still available at Mickey’s T-Mart (cash or check only), Skyline Drive-In, and online at


If you listen to WSVX Giant 96 they will be giving tickets away this week!    Win or buy, it is a win-win.   Costaki is funny, and you will want to be at the Strand.


As an added bonus and in honor of Costaki’s triumphant return to the Strand, our downtown will be transformed into a BBQ and Brewfest!    There will be craft beers and great barbeque, all within walking distance of the Strand.   How cool is that!   (editor’s note:   We booked this show so it would purposely coincide with the downtown event but don’t tell that to Costaki)




SEPTEMBER 23, 2017


(bar provided by The Fly)


This past week we had two events.   Last Saturday night we welcomed the Blackwood Bluegrass Band.   This group for Lawrence County drew an excellent crowd.  Everyone enjoyed the straightforward bluegrass and gospel music.   They were fantastic.   Thank you to all who attended and supported live entertainment in Shelby County.


We have one more bluegrass concert yet this year.   On Veteran’s Day November 11th we will welcome back the BROOKE STEELE BAND.   While there are no jingoistic tendencies for that day, we decided to do our patriotic part by presenting purely American music.    Brooke’s group also sings some gospel music too.


Wednesday was our September Community Treasure Series lecture.   This month Rachael Ackley and Nisha Ciarletta discussed Shelby County Tourism.   There was so much information that we are inviting them back the first quarter of 2017.   If you missed it Wednesday night, which we think you did, that is OK as you can catch it in the months ahead.


We had three new volunteers on Wednesday night.   These young ladies want to give back to the community and came to the Strand to help!   We love new volunteers…how about you?


We have several wonderful events in the coming weeks.   After Costaki the Shelby County Players load-in for their performance of BOEING BOEING.   This classic farce by French playwright Marc Camoletti will be sure to tickle your funny bone!   The play runs for two weeks starting September 29th.   As an added bonus at the Saturday October 7th performance there will be a bar (provided by The Fly).   All the more reasons to have some fun and here is why:  


The Shelby County Players will take you on a trip around the world without you having to ever leave your seat with the shamefully funny farce, BOEING BOEING.  You will find this 2008 Tony Award Winner for “Best Revival of a Play” explosively entertaining!


Set in Paris, France, an American bachelor, Bernard [played by J.T. Kent] enjoys scheduling his Italian [Letitia Clemons], American [Nicole Bentley], and German [Karen Markle] airline hostesses for intermittent rendezvous; until unexpected scheduling changes bring them all into town simultaneously.  Bernard would not be able to survive the turbulence without the aid of his meticulously organized maid [Rachel Scudder] and enthusiastic old college friend [Carey Nigh].  Directed by Lindy Meyer, this hilarious farce will have you fastening your seatbelt to keep from rolling on the floor with laughter.


Immediately following the Players run, we have our Community Treasure Series on October 11th featuring the SHELBYVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT.  October is National Fire Protection Month and we will help celebrate that with an informative and entertaining talk from our own fire department.   


The following Friday October 13th the Shelby County Arts Fest will present their annual COUNTY CHOIR CONCERT.   This will feature talented young singers from our County schools.   We always enjoy this event.   This will be the second year we are able to present the choirs without the use of microphones.   The auditorium is very quite with our new heating and AC equipment and the microphones aren’t necessary.    The joy of multiple voices.   The concert is free. (paraskevidekatriaphobia doesn’t apply)


There are lots of fun things at the Strand.   We will be busy from here on out until the end of the year.   It is nice to get back to the business of running the theater.   It is all because of you and your support…thank you.   See you at the Strand!

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Sep 08 2017

Strand Weekly Email – September 8, 2017

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$10 Advance $12 Door





SEPTEMBER 13, 2017

7:pm  FREE





SEPTEMBER 23, 2017


$15 Advance $20 door

(Same night as Brewfest!!)


Dear Strand Fan,


Did you have a nice break?   We did too.    This week we get back to doing what we love…events at the Strand.   On Saturday night we welcome the BACKWOODS BLUEGRASS BAND.    This will be a fun concert and will start at 7:30pm.    Plenty of tickets are still available.


Tickets are something we work on consistently.   We are fortunate that two businesses in town volunteer to sell our tickets.   Mickey’s T-Mart and the Skyline Drive-In both sell our tickets.   Since they are volunteers as well, the money they collect comes completely to the Strand.   As such they only accept Cash and Checks.    Mickey’s has sold thousands of tickets on our behalf.  Both are true community partners.   If you would like to purchase with a credit card for pre-sale priced tickets, you must do that online at   This service charges a small fee for each ticket.      


When you are at either of those two places…say “thank you” on behalf for the Strand!


We are working on our January renovation plans.   As you know we have a green light for our construction projects after spending the last year in limbo.   We are going to maximize the things we do, while still staying realistic to our time schedule.    We have applied for a grant to help fund much needed lighting upgrades.    All the work will help us provide a better space to enhance our performance schedule.   


This past week some of the Strand board visited the Lerner Theatre in Elkhart, Indiana.   General Manager David Smith took about two hours as we compared notes and planned for the future.   While the two theaters are physically different is size and scope, they are the same in operations.   If you are ever in Elkhart, it is a must see facility!    They do about the same number of performances as the Strand, so they are always busy.


Next week we prepare for a major energy upgrade.   We will be replacing every feasible light bulb to LED technology.   There are some, like our stage lights and auditorium lights, that need to remain incandescent.  Everything else will be LED.   We are changing 130 bulbs!    This is a much needed in improvement in energy savings.    

We have seen some trending on energy savings from our new HVAC system.   The old 1954 heating system had pilot lights that ran all year.   Our monthly gas usage in the summer months was about $60 for gas.    We just finished the hot part of the summer.    Our gas bill AVERAGED $0.71.   Yes, you read that correctly 71 cents.    Wow!


Please support our upcoming events.   We have had an unwanted break, and it is time to get back in the groove.   You are part of that too with your attendance.    Thank you for your support.  We have had a very happy two weeks getting back to focusing on our theater operations only.   See you at the Strand.

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Sep 01 2017

Strand Weekly Email: September 1, 2017

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8:30 – Noon


Dear Strand Fan,


We will be holding a work session tomorrow to finish up a few projects.   Bring your painting clothes (and a brush if you have it).   We will complete the color change under the marquee.   It needs a second coat and we are hoping it will not need a third coat.   The paint is a very deep color covering a very light color.   We’ll see how it goes.


We will also be working in our lobby closet.   We have more things to discover!    It was amazing how much stuff came out of that closet on the last session.    Those items have been sorted and stored properly.   Let’s see what we can find next…


The rest of the Labor Day Weekend we are dark.    The Strand’s board is getting back to the business of running the theater instead of spending our energies elsewhere.    You will see this with the start of the Shelby County Players’ performance of BOEING BOEING later this month.   It will be non-stop until the end of the year!


We have lots of great performances for 2018.   Celtic Thunder, Glenn Campbell, The Eagles….do these names mean anything to you?   If so, stay tuned as we announce events for the 2018 season.  

Let’s talk about seasons.   Most performing organizations run from September – June.    We are a bit different.   Since we are a venue only, we keep it simple and run on a calendar year.   This make our accounting easier, our internal control for scheduling easier, and our statistical data easier.    You will see that in 2018 we will offer more “series.”     This is a planned strategy on behalf of our Board.    We already have our Friday Night Frights and Community Treasure Series.   We will be adding addition film and concert series as well.

Next week the Strand welcomes the BACKWOOD BLUEGRASS BAND.   September 9, 2017 at 7:30pm they will take the stage.

Formed in September 2014, Backwoods is a traditional five piece bluegrass and gospel band featuring three part harmonies and driving banjo. From Lawrence County, Indiana, the band has performed at a number of events and festivals including the NIBA Bluegrass Festival, Bluegrass in the Valley, and had the honor of performing at the Indiana State Museum as part of the Governors Tribute in 2016. Backwoods has just released their second independent album “Revival”.   Their new album will be available at the concert.   We hope you can join us for this concert.  Tickets are available at Mickey’s T-Mart, Skyline Drive-In, and online at


Later this month we welcome Shelby County Tourism in our Community Treasure Series.   We know first hand the great work they do, now you can find out too!


We always have something going on.   Planning for this January’s work has already started.   We can’t do this without you.   Thank you for your support.   See you at the Strand!

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Aug 25 2017

Strand Weekly Email: August 25, 2017

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Dear Strand Fan,


We have two events this weekend.  First is August’s installment of FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS.   We are showing NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) tonight!   The director, George A. Romero passed away the past month.   Strand volunteer Branden Yates met Mr. Romero and will speak before tonight’s film.   If you are a Monster Movie Fest ticket holder from the Skyline, your ticket is good for admission to our film too!     Remember, it is still light at 7:30pm when Night of the Living Dead starts.   Last time we checked, it needed to be dark before a drive-in movie could start.   See you there.


On Saturday night August 26, 2017 we are showing THE BLIND SIDE (2009).   This is free of charge.   We are showing this to help get a positive dialog started on racial and cultural issues.   There is plenty of negativity in the news today.   Come to the Strand and see a film about tolerance, hope, and trust in people.   While we can’t fix our national life, we can do our part here at home.    If you have seen The Blind Side, then you know it is a good movie.   If you haven’t seen the film, you will be entertained in a positive way.    The balcony will be open.


This past week the Strand received an donation of an electronic keyboard from local businessman Daryl Mollenkoff.   Daryl has been a supporter of the Strand, and this keyboard will be a valuable addition.   Thank you Daryl.


Tour season is in full swing, or at least we feel like it is.  The Strand hosted two tours recently.   The first was a group from Elanco.  This group lead by their department manager Steven Browning (who is also a Strand volunteer!) toured the theater and discussed our efforts towards customer service.   We discussed best practices and operational challenges.   They also spent time working on customer service topic of their own in the comfort of our balcony.   We enjoyed the group.

The Strand also hosted a downtown tour on behalf of our community’s partnership with Rose-Hulman Institute.   We toured the Blessing Opera House (18 on the Square) and the Strand.   Thank you to Paul Dillow for opening up his building for our tour.   At the theater we were able to explore finished and unfinished spaces.   It is important to help these engineering students form a contextual sensitivity to historic properties.   With old buildings, just because a space hasn’t been used since the 1930’s, doesn’t mean it isn’t still usable.   A tour of the upper floors of the Strand Annex proves that.


We still need to have evening work sessions.  If you are available evenings during the week, please reply to this email and we will contact you when our sessions occur.   One of the items on the list is to fix our marquee (again).   While we have the lift, courtesy of Mark Polston, we will remove the old movie posters from the second floor of the annex.   They are too large and have to come out through the window.  The lift will make it easy.    It will be nice to get those wonderful artifacts safe and secure.


This week the Strand received a very kind donation for a group in Washington DC.   This was on behalf of patrons that donated to us through them.    We are honored that people donate to our project.


We have added our fourth 50s/60s Rock and Roll show of the season.  On Saturday November 18, 2017 Dr. Rock and the Rollers will perform at the Strand.   This will be an 8pm start.   Dr. Rock, also known as Darryl Hood, will put on a great show.   


Our lobby is cool!   We think we have the pesky lobby AC unit fixed.   Keep your fingers crossed, but this week so far, so good.


We are still busy with our 2018 season.   It is filling up nicely.   It is shaping up to be a busy year.  That puts us on cloud nine, as that is what the Strand is all about.


Thank you for your support.   We look forward to our films this weekend.   See you at the Strand!

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Aug 18 2017

Strand Theatre Weekly Email – 8/18/2017

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Dear Strand Fan,


Notice the new exterior color?   We haven’t finished yet, but it is taking shape.   The color is very deep on purpose.   First we wanted something that was dark because of the vast amount of dirt that is generated from Harrison Street.   Second, we wanted something different.   It is different!    The paint will require a second and possibly a third coat.   This will be accomplished in evening work sessions.   If you would like to help, please reply to this email with your contact info and one of the Strand’s volunteers will get in touch with you.


We had a trip hazard in our sidewalks.  Years ago the natural gas main was in front of the theater.   When they moved it to the back they abandoned the old valve.   It was a 12” deep hole about four inches across.   We filled that with concrete as well as other bad spots.   It is one of those little jobs that just makes you feel good to have done.    

Finally we cleaned out the lobby storage closet where we keep our marquee letters.    Oh my.   We found items from when we first renovated in 2007!   It was a mess, but is getting better and better.   We finished only about half the job.    That too will be finished in evening sessions.


In the closet we had our cache of old posters.   The Strand keeps everything.   Years from now the anthropologists will sift through our archive tubs like a geologist discovers the layers of sediment.    The posters brought back fond memories of wonderful performances.   The large posters were all rolled.   We unrolled them have the weighted down on stage to flatten them out.   When done they too will be in a stack.  500 posters just isn’t that big of a stack when they are neat.    They will be placed in our archive room in the office attic.   This room was the former electrical room of the original film equipment.   It is very dry, very dark, and not the easiest to access…perfect for the archives!


We have continued to work on our patron wifi.    So far so good.   It is almost ready to go.  (warning, tech talk ahead)  Once someone connects to the correct network, most mobile devices will automatically detect there is a captive portal, other devices will be directed to it as soon as they try to load a webpage.  All our patrons have to do is accept the terms and conditions on the portal page, and they will then be redirected to the Strand website.


The Free WiFi is driven by a new PC based firewall. It has 3 network connections, one connecting to the uplink from Mach1PC, one going to a Cisco switch for the Free WiFi LAN, and then the 3rd connects to the Strand’s LAN.  Again thanks to Mach1PC and Comcast for providing this connection.


The Community Treasure Series Lecture was interesting.  Amy Haacker, executive director of the Blue River Community Foundation gave the presentation.   We learned about all the different types of funds, accounts, and grant opportunities that are available.   The Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary next year!    It was a great lecture.   In September we will hear from Shelby County Tourism.


Again, please reply to this email to let us know if you would like to be notified of our evening work sessions.    It is time to start getting things done!  


Thank you for the support.  We have received well wishes from across the State this week, it is very gratifying and encouraging.   We do this all be because of you.   See you at the Strand!

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Aug 11 2017

Strand Theatre Weekly Email – 8/11/2017

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Dear Strand Fan,

A chapter of our sad saga with the State Fire Marshal’s office has come to a close.


On Wednesday our attorney informed us that at the final conference this week, the State Fire Marshal’s Office agreed that we were in compliance.  They sent us a letter stating that our projects did indeed follow the proper procedures and have dismissed the violations against us.    Thank you to Lee McNeely for representing the Strand in this successful outcome.


These people have derailed our theater for the past year and for the second time their accusations against us are found to be false.  We hope this is the last time we have to deal with this.   Suffice it to say the volunteers of the Strand’s management are relieved.   From here out, the rest is up to others.   


AUGUST 12, 2017

8:30am – Noon

Everyone Welcome!


On to what we should be talking about.   From here on out we are going to do what we do best, focus on the theater.    We have lots planned for the future.   Bookings for 2018 are in full swing.   We have been contacted by a member of Celtic Thunder for a concert in the spring.    Things are looking up!


Have you performed on the Strand’s stage?  Now is your chance.  The Shelby County Players are holding auditions for their production of BOEING, BOEING by Marc Camoletti.   Auditions are Monday & Tuesday, August 14 & 15, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.  They will take place at SCP OFFSTAGE 1416 S. Miller Ave, Shelbyville, Indiana.   Give it a try!  You will be glad you did.


We need your help TOMORROW.  Bob S. has power washed the front of the theater in preparation for Saturday.   Our work session will start at 8:30am and be done by noon.   We will have donuts too!   The Strand will look different once we are done with the painting.     We have several other jobs to do inside too.   It will be a fun day and will hopefully help get us back in the groove of improvements that have been derailed for the past year at the theater.   Digging out the floor of the Annex will be in our future!

Big news!   The Strand will soon have WiFi for our audience.   Mach1PC in conjunction with Comcast provides a connection for our patron’s use.   Cody V. is working to get this integrated into our networks.   We prepared for this last year and are pleased to see it happen!   Thank you Mach1PC and Comcast.


We have our web site back!   As you might recall we were hacked.   It has taken us months to undo what was done.   Thank you to Shane K. our web guru in California to finally solve this issue.   We are in the process of catching the content of our site back up to current day.   


Thank you for your support.  The Strand would like to publically thank all the business, groups, and patrons that have given us encouragement in our quest to do the right thing.   What we were subjected to by the State Fire Marshal no organization, for profit or not-for-profit, should ever have to endure.  It took every bit of motivation we had to keep the doors open.


We are all volunteers and sometimes it just didn’t seem worth it.   Your well wishes kept us going.   Those who truly cared about the Strand spoke up on our behalf and also let us know…thank you!    In the words of Lee McNeely “On with the show.”   See you at the Strand!

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Aug 04 2017

Strand Theatre Weekly Email – 8/4/2017

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Dear Strand Fan,


We got a pleasant surprise last week.   The King, Killer, and the Man in Black SOLD OUT!    In a first, it sold out at the door.   We sold over 100 tickets the night of the show.  That is unusual for us.   As the clock approached 7:30pm we were getting worried as the stack of tickets was getting very small.      It is a great problem to have.   Thank you to everyone who made the evening a success!    


The concerts was fun.   We had many requests to book it again.   We are currently working with Brad McCrady (Elvis) to find a date for 2018!   We still have one “oldies” concert left.   Terry Lee and the Rockaboogie Band will be at the the Strand on Saturday October 21, 2017.    Tickets are on sales at Mickey’s T-Mart, the Skyline Drive-In, and online at


Thank you to our social media volunteers for the great job promoting the concert.   It seemed to be everywhere (Editor’s Note:   The Strand’s social media volunteers are predominantly teenagers!)    It is nice to see marketing work.

Speaking of marketing, our best tool to get the word out is our marquee.   As you know we just changed the lights inside the marquee, not an easy job.   Guess what?   Yep, they are out again.  We have no idea why.   This weekend we hope to find out.   It is a perplexing problem.


The Strand has been busy this week.  Unfortunately the work centered around our upcoming judicial conference with our problems with State Fire Marshal Jim Greeson and the Department of Homeland Security.   We put many hours in fulfilling the requests of our attorney for his meeting with them on August 9th.   This is a total waste of time for our volunteers and is killing our theater.   People like that those at DHS should not be allowed to bully.   Remember, this is all from an inspection on our “work in progress.”  1.) they never inspected the work in progress because as they were informed, there was none.  2.)  this inspection is unprecedented.  The local inspectors do this type of inspection, not the state.  3.) they issued violations from things going back to 2009 that had nothing to do with the current project!   We have code citations that prove we are correct and followed the proper procedures.   We have all the local permits and inspections required for the work.   I guess Fire Marshal Greeson would rather have us using our 1917 electrical panels and 1954 HVAC equipment, he must think that is safer than the modern equipment we have now.  Is this really the person we want as the head of safety in the State of Indiana?   If you don’t think so, please let Gov. Holcomb know.   Ridiculous.


We have several things on tap for the future.    We have just about finished all our 2017 bookings.   DONNIE BAKER will return for 2 shows on December 16, 2017.   Donnie is always funny and a great time.   Tickets will be available soon.   He finishes our fall comedy line up starting with COSTAKI ECONOMOPOULOS on September 23rd and HEYWOOD BANKS on November 4th.   (Yes, we know Costaki’s name is spelled wrong on the marquee).  


We are also looking forward to our week exploring the events around the assassination of JFK.   We will have a lecture on October 24th and show the film JFK October 25th.  Over 3000 documents are scheduled for release by the October 25, 2017 deadline as required in the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992.   “Each assassination record shall be publicly disclosed in full, and available in the Collection no later than the date that is 25 years after the date of enactment of this Act, unless the President certifies, as required by this Act, that continued postponement is made necessary” by specific identifiable harm.”


The Shelby County Players will be back for their 2017-2018 season starting in September.    The Shelby County Arts Fest will hold their annual concert in October, and local Rock and Roll will return Halloween Weekend.


We appreciate your support.   The Strand has going to be a busy place in the fall.  We couldn’t do it without you, thank you!   See you at the Strand.

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